Saturday, September 6, 2008

I have been busy

I have been so busy this week with dh off. We have out and about everyday and I am exhausted..Plus had a Dr.'s apt..
I have a new computer and trying to get use to Vista, which is not bad..I have new software..only one I am not happy with..I use ACDC for all my photos and such..but having to buy one to go with Vista is not like my old one..I have not yet figured out how to make my photos smaller like I did before...the box for the pixel/inches is gone, no more..the only way I so far can a smaller photo is to send it directly as an email and it sends it at 640..which is OK but anyway.
I have not played with my new machine..just have not had time..I printed lessons on 3 classes last evening and haven't even read them...this is not I am totally looking forward to Monday but than the tree cutter probably will be here so there's goes that..I do have apt on the 11th for the arthritis Dr..
With my family is what happened..He does not want me to have my cyst/tumor on my left side of the back of my neck removed..He said it is a fatty cyst..but told him with the pain that is now generating from their I wanted too..he than told me that unless it is for a disk or is a place that takes longer to I asked him if this is a cyst that will have others on my body did..and would they wrap around my neck bone..he said no but it could, if they have feelers and he he did not think so, they would wrap around my nerve..and I would feel it..told I did not want to wait for that kind of pain...well looks like I am..He is checking my potassium count to see what is causing the cramps in both calves when I get up in the about hurting...this hurts..I have been drinking all the water my body can no more please..We find out how good my sugar is next week.
Tomorrow we will go to the movies..than I will have my family over and it has been a long two sons, mom and us..I am making Chicken Kiev, which I haven't in years..
Went to Cosco's for the first time yesterday, boy I could go crazy in this store..we decided to visit this store at lease every other month for the My youngest son added me to his membership.Thanks, Terrance
I finally had my sun glasses taken care of today and do not know when they will return..can't wait till this is done...just think I started this in Dec of last year...for 3 pairs of glasses...I had to two episodes with my eyes last morning, I awoke not being able to see clearly for almost 3 hours..a few days later my right eye felt mussy...very soft and not hard at all Ask Dr Reed what cause it...he did not know..he had never heard this and oh well...
Reed construction and the sub contractor, Norton's never did come and put in the last this still needs to finalized..and done with period.
Have a great Sunday.

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