Thursday, September 11, 2008

my vest values what do you think now

I have changed the left side to turquoise...does it look any better..there is more of the fabric with that purple on it..I am saving it for the front..this is for the back right now..or is the dark purple to much now..I will for sure have to go out and buy some if it is..I think so now that I am viewing it thank you Marilyn, Anne and Ruby for you input, it helps a I need more in put..thank you again, hugs, Lorraine


Anne said...

I prefer the dark purple, the batik and the teal on the left of the picture. I don't like the light purple with it.
Just my preference. They are all great fabrics and I'm sure that it will be great no matter how you decide to do it. :)


Marilyn said...

I like the left version the best.
The teal is a more vibrant colour.

Ruby said...

Yes, the left side with the turquoise. love it!

Ruth said...

Ok Lorraine, I have to say I like the left side too. The colors just seem to flow better and I think they will look great when you wear them, if not, you can always send it to me cause I'd love to wear them *grin*.

LorraineS said...

Thank you Anne, Marilyn, Ruby and teach Ruth...your input means a great deal to me..You won't believe what I have done...I took it all down and started over again..using the dark purple on top and the light lavender on the bottom..probably because it is all cut out where as the turquoise is I guess I am just tired of it right now and will put it away and work on another class and than go it in the middle of the week..I will just have to surprise you all..but you all are sis and dh like the blue on top too...who knows I might end up with a red thank you again, and hugs, Lorraine

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