Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gettin Better-Chat

Hi all,
I am getting better as far as my arm goes. But still painful at times. It all depends on what I am doing. I have pin pointed the serve pain. It is the joint where you shoulder meets your arm. Sometimes it goes down about 2 inches and hurts all the way down. Dh has done a good job of wrapping it..where as the pain is not so bad. When you wrap something the pain is cushioned. How I do not know why. But it works. I also have been taking Alieve which helps a great deal. I was so glad it worked as I did not want to go on pain pills. I have a low threshold on getting hooked on something when it does so At least now I am typing with both hands and slowly, it works for me.
I have received things in the mail but can't remember it all. Boy am I hitting all kinds of codes here, never knew we had I received my extra bobbin case but I haven't played with it yet. Hopeful tomorrow. I have received some beads that I ordered, not much at all, Purple and Lime Green. This pay day my dh will let me order some fuchsia and sage, if I can find them.
I have been working on some clothespin magnets. but the ones I have done is very plain and want to put a photo of the more decorative ones I am going to be doing tomorrow or the next day.
We are still having problems with our awning and this time, we are really going to make them mad. WE are asking for the 3 bundles of shingles that they said they used and the felting. NO new shingles was put up at all. We are reporting the painter. He was suppose to prime and put on two coats of paint and he never did. He put on one coat, a good 20 minutes, ran my door bell and gave me what was left of the paint. What, Am I suppose to put on the second coat or something, I do not think so. If they do not want to give us the shingles than we want the insurance to be refunded the money. We will do what we have to stop this kind of half ass job that we are getting lately. sorry for the nasty word..but that is what I call it. I might even put it int he newspaper..It still leaks like you would not believe..
Still haven't got my computer glasses..yep had to take them back as I could not even see my computer..the receptionist did it all here I go again. lol
I haven't' even done the class I am in now and have two more coming up, one next week and one week after. If this arm doesn't stop hurting completely, I surely will be behind..but done that I really wanted to work along with the class though.
I have nothing in EBay or Etsy. EBay ran out and Etsy I took them I want to do things the right way and need to study things instead of rushing into it..So later on I will. As I have been busy doing stuff for both. My sister had her pin cushions in there and I will do it for her again.
We are trying to get it where on eBay it says' Buy it Now " but do not know how to..We have read everywhere on that site. Sooo till I find out I won't put nothing on but will on Etsy as soon as I get my own Pay Pal account.
There was an article in CPS I got yesterday about Etsy. Over 100, 000 sellers, I might go somewhere else. The article said some are making a living with their sales. I know about 6 people right now that are still waiting to sell their first item..and has been for months. The article also says how much you would get when you where to get selling something for $10. Etsy takes their cut, but forgot to mention the cut Pay Pal gets too... It really is not, to me, be cracked up to be as great as every one said. YOU have to be lucky in selling something the public wants. and hope the price is right too. Even EBay isn't what it says it is. But so far these are a few places that we can sell our homemade items. I will just keep my fingers This is of course my own opinion.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chatting-Arm in sling

I am sorry I have not been on here posting on my blog like I like too. I now have my right arm in a sling and probably for awhile. It hurts really bad. I had hurt it in 2006 when we redid my studio and it never really went away and kept on using and with all this beading and knitting it came to the point where I could not even lift my cup of coffee. So it will be awhile for it to heal..I am not taking pain killers as I sleep to much already..but might have to for a few days. My dh is wrapping it and putting it in the sling. Just letting it hand down is a killer..but every one says I need a rest for what I do.
I have two QU classes coming in March and would love to be able to work along with the I will do as I am suppose to. What will I do with my time, go nuts for sure and probably try to do things with my left hand and
Thank you all for looking at my blog. hugs to all..

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Daffodils

Mother Nature is fooling my daffodils again this year. It is sunny and warm outside but heard we are to have some snow flurries can that be..We have had not a bit of snow this year..but remember when we had that horrible ice storm in Feb a few years ago Here they are in full bloom and along with the weeds and I have other bulbs plants leaves coming up so hope they hide out for
Close up...with the

Friday, February 15, 2008

What I received today and bought

This is from a ribbon exchange in my group. These are from Donna M. We were to send 5 -1 yard to how many we wanted to. Donna sent more because she sent smaller ribbons. Thank you I love them all. We were to send ribbons larger than a 1/4 inch. They are so pretty..
This LIME Green Miniature Rose plant my dh bought me today. We got it at Wal-Mart. Just went there for some bubble Isn't it just AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL! Next week he will by me a plant lamp so I can keep it in the house. I have put a couple of miniature roses over the years and they only made it one year. So this one will stay inside till the weather is warm enough for the deck.
Another view.
The whole plant. It is sitting in a pink plastic pot on the outside with hearts embedded on them. It was on sale for 2 for $ 7.88 and only bought one.
This is a beautiful card sent to me for my Anniversary from Carol M, Birdy, in AZ. Thank you so much for taking the time to make us a card. It is pretty and I love it. I was so shocked to received it today. You are a doll. Again thank you, Birdy.
This is my new yarn for another caplet. I do not want to wear red during the spring and summer. It is call Baraque...Purple to love the color..It is the same yarn as the red one. Mom wants one to and have to find out what color she likes. She fell in love with mine.
I had no intentions of buying these items as it is not in my budget but dh wanted to and than I am thinking I thought we are saving so we can do the things to our home..He told he got back pay in his check..I did not buy all that much but enough. I think..He had a big huge Red Teddy bear with I love you on a heart and when he was not looking I put it back...he did not notice it at all when we checked out...than he said he felt like he forgot something and I told him just him wanting to buy it was enough for I already have a large teddy bear he bought me a few years ago.
Well, I have to take these computer glasses back. I can not see my computer that well. but I can with my old ones. I am about 20 inches away and have to be so I can use my key board. I have to get right on top of it to see it and still not that well. Ohhh I hate this.. I am using my old right now and it is these cost me $200 dollars. So I will have to take them back tomorrow , when I can get back to him, as I do not drive yet..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Well, I am so tired from all the running around we did today. Went to see Amy and Ernest in Munford..and had a great time visiting them. I do miss that. I forgot to take my digital so they had a camera and took some photos. Told them this is for 2008 and see how it takes for us to get together
Have a great waken all.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope your dh or loved one has bought you all some chocolates and some roses. Have a good one!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My son bought both classes

Hooray!!!! My son bought of these classes for me for our anniversary. Thank you so much Terrance Jr. I am a very happy camper right now. Both of them are in March, one week apart..but one is about painting and the other about my embroidery machine so I know I can handle both. well, my dh has to help me the embroidery machine as I still do not know how to use it by Have a great day tomorrow hugs, Lorraine

Mulberry Bark known as Wood Relief new project

This is what came in the mail on Sat. It is called wood relief made from Mulberry Bark. I did not expect it to look like this, as being called wood relief I just it would look similar to I hope I do this project well with this Going to try anyway.
Here is a close up of it. Just click on the photo and it will take you to a larger one..When I am done with my project I put photo on here and point out where I used
I have been so busy getting something else done that I have been working on off and on in between everything else and finally would not go to bed till they were done last night..The time consuming part is done but it is still not finished..
I am making a Cuban Dinner tonight for my sons and mother..I have never made black beans or yellow rice before and so far so good. I am also using a bread maker to make a sweet bread and I think I am ruining it. I do not think or remember it making all kinds of noise while it was kneading it... I forgot to check to see if the little hook thing was pushed in well it sure will probably be embedded in the bread..I did stop it and than it kneaded it I just hope it is not a tough or rubber I have another package that I can use.. Chicken is cooked and now waiting for it to cool to take it off the bones. The beans I had in the crock pot but wasn't doing anything after two hours, still was waiting for it to boil, so took it out of the crock pot and put it on the it is on simmer..I will put it back in the crock pot after two hours of the cooking time and keep it simmer, one thing I hate to eat is hard beans and want mine soft..I should have check goggle to see if they had a Cuban bread recipe but coming on line anymore takes to I have to read all message, and such..
I still trying to play with my machine. I have got it to work with me as far as free motion without the feed dogs up.. it just will not work with the feed dogs down, unless i play with the tension in the bobbin and I won't do that till dh orders my extra bobbin case..Just think my sister had a machine that does all that by itself...boy wish I had one like that..but dh won't pay that much for a sewing machine..oh well do with what you have..and I do.
I see some classes at QU I want to take and dh has told me to both of them..I am going to ask son tonight if he will get them for me. I really want to take them both. One is for my Futura and one is a new teacher, I usually do all the new teachers class but passed up on the the last one. I have done that type of art quilting and just did not want to repeat any more of the stuff even if I knew she probably will have her own way of teaching. Keep fingers cross for that my son will buy them for me...Oh I know I do not need any more classes..but the later one I haven't done two of things she is teaching all the other stuff I I am always in a need to learn more stuff. Have a wonderful day today..
Oh forgot, I have heard from two Lausterer's in a 6 day period. I believe the one from last week is a grandson of my Uncle Walter and the other one is my half brother in Hawaii, now if the keep up with me that is another thing. I have all information on paper and pr oven soooo....I did genealogy for years on line and by snail mail to get what I have and when it came to the countries of our ancestors. I just never went any farther, but I think I will get back into it and see how much the ancestry on line has changed in 8 years.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My wrapghan and my gift from DH

So far on my wrapghan, did not knit last night as it was to hot too. will try to do 10 rows tonight. Hopefully I will be able to use it this I am pretty sure after this weather, like last night, all those tornados that hit around us..What a horrible night, thought for sure we were going to get it..but we were spared. We had one that hit around the corner and the street in back of us in 1986-7 can't remember, a day before thanksgiving. It left peoples toliet and slab and that was all. I heard the train sound and did not know what to do..just waited it out and do not want to go through that again. My prayers goes out to those who lost love ones last night.
My Crystal Wedding Cinderalla Coach. My dh bought it for at the Navy Exchange. Isn't if just beautiful. I collect anything and every thing Cinderalla, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Hoping to one day to give it all to my first grand daughter..but do not think so now. I am over wanting to be a grand mother. Mike said after the divorce, which to me can happen sooner than it is, but not..he will never get married again, my son Terrance is never ever going to get married I do not think. he says he does but that right girl has not come around..where is she..he is for sure a good catch...I am being prejudice but it is true..So I have told myself if and when it does I will be thrilled but if it doesn't it doesn't either.
Got the dress solved for me for my nephew's wedding. I paid a lot of money for the drees for my son's wedding and will wear that one, It fits but loose since I have lost 28 lb since June, nope no more wonder If I do lose more weight I still will wear it but do some alterations on it..whew...even have shoes to go with it..
Again forgive the mispelt words.

Part 2 of my Surprise

My Beautiful Valentine/Anniversary card. We will be celebrating our 35th long hard years together, lol of course I had to put it in
Mary also sent me some purple heart garland, ribbons and pink ribbons. Oh the color of that
Here they are displayed on my side board. I forgot to take a photo of my minature purple shoe pin cushion..
Mary also sent some things that I am going to be selling for her on ebay so I will not put them on here.
Sorry for any mispelt words as it is still not working.

What a surprise from my sister today

I will have to post twice as there is a lot. Here is the Valentine gift for me and my dh. A beautiful Purple Valentine wreath. It is outstanding. I just love it.
A purple fairy, I just love her floppy feet. My two favorite colors are purple and lime green in that use to be RED. I still love red.
A Pink Valentine angel..
A red Valentine ribbon angel.
A Valentine Cermic Pin Cushion. Thank you sissy I love them all, oh but there is next posting..all..

Monday, February 4, 2008

15 pounds of beads and what's up-chat

Two packages I received today. There were laying in front of my door. I had my front door open and Suzie always wakes me up from a nap when they ring the door bell. She did not this time..we think she going deaf. I woke up at 430 and walk right over her and she did not move an inch. Poor thing..anyway, do you know how heavy a 15 lbs
Here they lined in a I have purple, red, orange, yellow, green, lime green, medium blue, dark blue (navy), medium turquoise, light turquoise, copper, dark gold, light gold, white and gray (silver).
Here is the other package. We order on the we got electronically but did not have the right stuff in it and glad it did not cost a lot. This is a lot more expensive but has what I want in it for my PDF files that I am making.
Well on Sat. the construction people came and fixed the shingle and flashing. On Friday the owner wanted me to sign my dh john doe and told him no. For one reason the work was not completed..
I knew it was going to rain this morning so was looking forward to my deck not leaking at all. To my disappointment, it leaked..I have been in a bad mood all day because of this. I can not remember having things done to my home and having to call the workers but for repairs..I remember when we hired someone and the worked was done and you were so happy, not any more. For one thing, from day one, they past the buck on the shingles and flashing from one to another and when the boss called on Friday, he says to me I thought all the work was done but we do have a problem and I said yes, my shingles and flashing..I felt like saying more but did not.
Dh went out there this morning tryng to find out why we had a leakage..for one thing one of pour out sprout did not pour out the rain, it laid where the flashing and that from dh could see it was back up and that is why it leaked. So now I have another damn day to wait for these guys and can do nothing very creative as I just can see myself in that certain creative moment and the than the door bell with the phone I ignore They still have my deductible that I have to give them. I did not know they did not take a credit card, so we had to send for it from our savings in Fl. but they won't see it till I have absouletely no leaks. I will call State Farm and see if I can do this..I may not be able too. We paid for our security door and when the guy ran out of screws to secure the door he said he would come back the next day to finished it. well that has been 2 years and my dh had to fix it..oh Better Business has there number. lol
I have been sewing, beading and knitting and painted or started an oil painting but a 5x7..very relaxing, so will need to do more of this for sure. Just nothing I want to post right now on what I am doing. Have a great day tomorrow.
Sorry for mispelled words the spell checker is not working.

I did post

I did post some photos and some chatting and it disappeared. will try again later.

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