Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My wrapghan and my gift from DH

So far on my wrapghan, did not knit last night as it was to hot too. will try to do 10 rows tonight. Hopefully I will be able to use it this I am pretty sure after this weather, like last night, all those tornados that hit around us..What a horrible night, thought for sure we were going to get it..but we were spared. We had one that hit around the corner and the street in back of us in 1986-7 can't remember, a day before thanksgiving. It left peoples toliet and slab and that was all. I heard the train sound and did not know what to do..just waited it out and do not want to go through that again. My prayers goes out to those who lost love ones last night.
My Crystal Wedding Cinderalla Coach. My dh bought it for at the Navy Exchange. Isn't if just beautiful. I collect anything and every thing Cinderalla, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Hoping to one day to give it all to my first grand daughter..but do not think so now. I am over wanting to be a grand mother. Mike said after the divorce, which to me can happen sooner than it is, but not..he will never get married again, my son Terrance is never ever going to get married I do not think. he says he does but that right girl has not come around..where is she..he is for sure a good catch...I am being prejudice but it is true..So I have told myself if and when it does I will be thrilled but if it doesn't it doesn't either.
Got the dress solved for me for my nephew's wedding. I paid a lot of money for the drees for my son's wedding and will wear that one, It fits but loose since I have lost 28 lb since June, nope no more wonder If I do lose more weight I still will wear it but do some alterations on it..whew...even have shoes to go with it..
Again forgive the mispelt words.


birdy said...

Just checking your blog. Love the crystal. Is that a Swarkski by any chance? I collect that for my granddaughter. At Christmas time gave her cinderella. It was just beautiful had a small crystal shoe with it. I ordered and received the crystal for graduation. It is precious has the mortor board,pin and quill and book with it. She graduates from HS in May. They had it on backorder so I was glad I started ahead of time.
You certainly received lots of very nice mail. Those cards are very special.
Tomorrow I have to take DH to Mesa to change out his nuphfrosity tubes and put in new ones. Have to be there by 6:30 and its a 70 mile drive. YUK. I wish I had some squares done that needed applique on as I have time sitting there waiting to do that but I didn't get any done.
Did you get signed up for that new class? Looks interesting. You have many many projects in the works. Take it easy and get some rest.
chit chat later.

LorraineS said...

No Swarovski wish it was it is from the company called Godninger and it called Shannon Crystal. I have so much crystal that is put away when nieces and nephews where born and now the great ones one day I will put all of them up for display. I bought some wonderful Crystals when I was in Hawaii..they are packed up too You all ought to see my
Please be careful and wish you had something to do to..get a good book..that always comes in a pinch..
No dh won't let me..Finanacially we are strapped to do the roofing and installations so will have to wait on any classes and a few of the things I want but do not I was so spoiled and now he is taking that away from me but will be a good girls but watch out when it all over pay back and not pay We should be neighbors, as I would be able to see your hugs, Lorraine

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