Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chatting-Arm in sling

I am sorry I have not been on here posting on my blog like I like too. I now have my right arm in a sling and probably for awhile. It hurts really bad. I had hurt it in 2006 when we redid my studio and it never really went away and kept on using and with all this beading and knitting it came to the point where I could not even lift my cup of coffee. So it will be awhile for it to heal..I am not taking pain killers as I sleep to much already..but might have to for a few days. My dh is wrapping it and putting it in the sling. Just letting it hand down is a killer..but every one says I need a rest for what I do.
I have two QU classes coming in March and would love to be able to work along with the I will do as I am suppose to. What will I do with my time, go nuts for sure and probably try to do things with my left hand and
Thank you all for looking at my blog. hugs to all..


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
My gosh!!!Now I know why you haven't been on your blog. I thought you were probably busy with knitting, beading and etc.
What a bummer especially with your 2 clases coming up that you wanted to take so bad.
Do not respond to this as you really do need to rest your arm so maybe you can start your classes or at least get in on part of them.
Nothing new here, just the usual. DH started his chemo and he is sooo tired. Sleeps all day. I wonder how he will ever be able to complete 7 more of those. He goes every week. One week he gets two kinds and the off week just one. I was reading the literature and it said it was used in "rat poison" now isn't that a lovely thought and have to take by IV.
I have been trying to make a few sq. of churb dasg sq, but it is going slowly. I should start my bargello but not in the mood for that and I do not want to make any mistakes on it.
Our daughter from Lake Havasu is coming Thurs. and will leave Sat. I am looking forward to that.
You take very good care of yourself. It will get better just hang in there.
Hugs and prayers.

LorraineS said...

How can I not respond. I look forward towards our chats just a little note. It has been a bummer and thought I was going crazy. Dh has wrapped it and it does feel better but it bothers me to death being right at the armpit. lol Prayers for dh and wish him well.. you too Birdy. had no idea what you were talking about on that quilt, now bargello I love and hugs, Lorraine one hand is not easy,, Dh has to get this machine started for me and rearrange everything just so I view my emails and such...

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