Monday, February 11, 2008

Mulberry Bark known as Wood Relief new project

This is what came in the mail on Sat. It is called wood relief made from Mulberry Bark. I did not expect it to look like this, as being called wood relief I just it would look similar to I hope I do this project well with this Going to try anyway.
Here is a close up of it. Just click on the photo and it will take you to a larger one..When I am done with my project I put photo on here and point out where I used
I have been so busy getting something else done that I have been working on off and on in between everything else and finally would not go to bed till they were done last night..The time consuming part is done but it is still not finished..
I am making a Cuban Dinner tonight for my sons and mother..I have never made black beans or yellow rice before and so far so good. I am also using a bread maker to make a sweet bread and I think I am ruining it. I do not think or remember it making all kinds of noise while it was kneading it... I forgot to check to see if the little hook thing was pushed in well it sure will probably be embedded in the bread..I did stop it and than it kneaded it I just hope it is not a tough or rubber I have another package that I can use.. Chicken is cooked and now waiting for it to cool to take it off the bones. The beans I had in the crock pot but wasn't doing anything after two hours, still was waiting for it to boil, so took it out of the crock pot and put it on the it is on simmer..I will put it back in the crock pot after two hours of the cooking time and keep it simmer, one thing I hate to eat is hard beans and want mine soft..I should have check goggle to see if they had a Cuban bread recipe but coming on line anymore takes to I have to read all message, and such..
I still trying to play with my machine. I have got it to work with me as far as free motion without the feed dogs up.. it just will not work with the feed dogs down, unless i play with the tension in the bobbin and I won't do that till dh orders my extra bobbin case..Just think my sister had a machine that does all that by itself...boy wish I had one like that..but dh won't pay that much for a sewing machine..oh well do with what you have..and I do.
I see some classes at QU I want to take and dh has told me to both of them..I am going to ask son tonight if he will get them for me. I really want to take them both. One is for my Futura and one is a new teacher, I usually do all the new teachers class but passed up on the the last one. I have done that type of art quilting and just did not want to repeat any more of the stuff even if I knew she probably will have her own way of teaching. Keep fingers cross for that my son will buy them for me...Oh I know I do not need any more classes..but the later one I haven't done two of things she is teaching all the other stuff I I am always in a need to learn more stuff. Have a wonderful day today..
Oh forgot, I have heard from two Lausterer's in a 6 day period. I believe the one from last week is a grandson of my Uncle Walter and the other one is my half brother in Hawaii, now if the keep up with me that is another thing. I have all information on paper and pr oven soooo....I did genealogy for years on line and by snail mail to get what I have and when it came to the countries of our ancestors. I just never went any farther, but I think I will get back into it and see how much the ancestry on line has changed in 8 years.


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
You amaze me!!!Still cranking out new projects. What are you doing with mulberry wood??? I have some bark that is like velvet I gleaned from some trees in CA. Don't know what kind of tree they were and used it for cardmaking.
Don't kid yourself we could never be neighbors our husbands would be in the poor house with my and your gadget and buying habits.
Hope your meal turns out delicious. Sounds good.
Catch ya later.

LorraineS said...

Well, that is not all that I am doing. I will eventually put them all here is hard to take photos and work sometimes..I do But I like for a few of you to know about it.
Buy the way, this ebay, etsy and website thing is for the birds. By the time they all get there share I will not get an hours time of my work. So I should have kept the website. You pay a monthly fee and can keep it up all year long and only pay pal gets money..not two or three others. I haven't decided what to do yet. Just trying to make some extra buck, so I can take more classes as dh had told me looks like these two that son bought me might be the last till things looks up with fixing this OLD HOUSE!! We have a heater unit that needs to put in before summer, a roofing job and installation in the attic. We want to go metal for roofing but it all depends just how much it is..Oh they haven't fixed the leak in my awning and it it pouring cats and dogs today. I still have my check for the deductible that they won't get till it done right. lol love it when I have something to bargain have a great week and Happy Valentines' day to you and Lorraine

birdy said...

Happy Anniversary, What is etsy???How do I surf it? I know what ebay is and don't get on it very very seldom. Too skeptical on buying anything thru there but I know you have as you mentioned before. Be my luck to get stuck.
Homeownership is for the birds....We will need to get our house painted and I too hate spending that much but I don't have time nor feel very safe on ladders anymore. It isn't so much the cost as the workmanship. We both are perfectionists and that is not good when hiring things done.
For some reason I haven't been able to get on this part of the blog but today it was fine. It was not the computer but I am still on dial up and it must have been something with my provider. I should change over to dirct but don't like the additional cost plus we have an alarm system that they have to put a filter on the line and I don't know how to do that so it would cost $150.00 for the phone company to come out and do it. What a rip off. Our alarm is hot wired in the attic instead of being just plugged in or I could do it myself.
Good luck on your projects and etsy site.
Catch ya later.
Happy Valentines day and hope you get to do something fun on your anniversary.

LorraineS said...

Birdy, just click on the URL and you will go to my stuff, same as ebay.
We are not doing anything today but he took off tomorrow so he can take me out to lunch and go visit some friends we haven't seen in over a year. Pick up my computer glasses I hope. its been since before
Its all the labor my dear friend..labor...
I do not know nothing about an alarm. Suzie and I are the alarms around I will fight anyone trying to break into my home. I have weapons..and also the ones that goes bang bang..too, lol I do hope you have a great Valentine's day too. thank you and hugs to you..
Dial up..oh my. I do not know what I would do if I had to go back to dial up, probably give up on compute ring for sure. It was so slow..

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