Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wonderful Wonderful Awning is Up

No gutters, The guy, son of the contractor who does awnings, said instead of given us gutters he put up a long thing with a hole in it..sorry do not know terms for all this. Because of our trees and leaves, he said it would be easier for us to clean it. You can kinda see a hole at the end of that pipe.

We received a better awning and also put up much better than our other one. I am very happy with it..the other day the electrician was here so that is done and he put up a double light system than what we had..very happy for that,
Tomorrow the guys the fixes the roof and put up flashing will be here..They were suppose to do that today, especially the flashing but could not as the roof is not fixed with shingles..
I have not done much this week but knit. I am a bit more half done with my wrapghan. I added 20 more stitches and will add 20 more rows. as dh is taller than me and he might want to us it.
Since I did not sit at the dinning room table, beading, were all the noise was or living room, knitting..I finished up 2 swaps and one exchange, a ribbon is fun doing these little things that require not more than a few minutes of your time to do them. Now I am done for swapping for awhile.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Chat, glasses

Went to the dentist for my 3 month check up and every thing is fine. than went next door to the eye Dr to pick my two pair of glasses and came home with one. they have to send back the computer ones as I could not see a darn thing with it..The receptionist did not put down computer glasses and last time they had the bifocal part on the bottom. I told her it had to be all bifocal and they sent the with the far side of back it went'
I love my transitions, but not getting dark as I wanted to them to do it but it might take some time so will give it 30 days. But I can see and love it..Also got glasses that are larger and a bit of purple on the side and little on the was going to go with lime green but than you would only see glasses and I did not want so here I go again and have to go back and now have to make an appt with my eye specialist and on the 13 my regular md..than start all over again in 3 months..I will eventually put a stop to
I have been on thread mill every day and the last two days when I get to up to walk around, my legs fill like they do not want to carry the top part of my body, like it it too much for them. so I do not know what I am doing wrong here..oh well, this is, I guess what you call getting

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yarn for Wrapghan

I bought these from my yarn shop here in Memphis about 5 years ago. I got them on sale. The green was Fr. Rick's favorite color, so the lady help me pick out the other colors to blend with it. He got sick and I never did get around to making his Afghan for him. So now I am using it for my wrapghan. I bought 18 skeins, 6 each and had the receipt with yarn shop lets you return what you do not I always kept the receipt..It cost me about $104, getting them for 7 dollars a skein instead of $ 10,50. Have to support your yarn shop or they will close on us.. The colors are Chestnut Heather, Mushroom and Forrest Green Heather. I had about 12 skeins rolled and left 6 unrolled in case I had to take some back..but I do not think so now. lol Not sure just how much I am going to use..I just hope I have enough, but if not I will pick up stitches on the bottom and top and get a solid color to blend I think I do though.
Here it is. Not much but been knitting almost constantly for the last few days. I have to now wear a brace so I can knit. I did find a wonderful pattern for a sweater on one of the sleeve and another not need either, but afghans make wonderful Christmas gifts..I have to have something in my knitting basket. the one my Mom gave me at Christmas is perfect too..

Here is a Sunrise for you

My dh was leaving for work just as the sunrise was coming up..I could not resist getting my camera out and going out there to take a few photos..The colors of the sunrise had more of a pinkish color than orange..I think that is why is it so pretty. Click on it to see it larger..It was still a bit dark. Also about 19 degrees..I got cold with just socks and not jacket but it was worth it..Mother Natures always has such wonderful surprises for us, doesn't' she?
I only waited 15 minutes and look at this one..I say art quilt, but I am going to use this to get back into my oil painting..I might just do a series of sunrises in the early morning..8x10 sounds good..Than when they have a Starving artist in downtown I will join them, its been a long time but oh what fun to among other Starving
This is what I am going to try and get to do today. Do not know just yet what I am going to use with..but found it so pretty. I am going to do a layer cut around the flowers to bring out the bottom..not purple but lilac with
I guess from reading my posting yesterday I was a little depressed..could not figure out why. Than it dawn on me..I guess when you save money and then you have to take it out, it hurts me..We have dipped into our saving quite a bit in the last month..and still have too, before we know we won't have any left. We have a allotment going in there every month but once a month does not add up very quickly either..So I have to call in for more today to pay our deductible for the awning, ouch..
Here is a list of things my dh said has to be done this year..
Roofing, new heater unit, water heater , new installation up in the attic (after having our attic down in '87 and living here for over 21 years, we never even thought about it shrinking, it is now about 4 NO WONDER my house is cold...) and new steps in the front porch..sounds like a lot to me..but if we do not, it will fall apart..and keep my fingers cross that the older appliances do not give up. So this year started bad for us and for many people..but I am going to make it better for us the best way I can. It is going on 8 am and I am not usually putting things in my blog so early but have a lot to do and glad my depression did not last to long..I knitted most of the day and did some sewing so got a lot of soul searching done and it does on good to do that. I can usually pin point what is wrong with me..Of course dh coming home in a good mood, helped a lot to..I even tried making our own Mocha coffee, it was pretty good too. I have not drank coffee since last Jan when I got sick and stayed sick for 7 weeks. Coffee just tasted terrible so I went back to tea. Well I was so cold the other day and made a pot of coffee and it tasted good, so I might be back to drinking it, not sure..My dh hasn't drank coffee for over 10 years and had a couple cups with was nice.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


No photos yet for today.
No one has called about the awning so looks like I will have a free day to do as I want. I wish I could say the freedom of art quilting is gone for now. I have so much to do and can not fine the peace to go with it right now..I just wish dh was here to handle all these house stuff.
My new glasses still haven't come in and its been 5 weeks all total. My eye specialist called and I canceled the I wanted to see him with the new glasses but they told me they could get me in a weeks time, he is the one that wanted me to change over to we will see about those..but would love to get my new computer glasses as I am so tired having to put tape on the ones I have now. they are so old and somehow became allergic to metal and it breaks me out in a rash, so on goes the tape.
Mike has informed that his to be ex-wife moved out last weekend..You know what I say, Merrier for all, but of course he said he wasn't.. She did a quick deed name change to Mike but still in her I just hope he is okay as I worry about him a lot.
Well, seems like family members are being laid off and I know it hurts..wish I had lots of money to help them all.
I haven't been to church since Fr. Rick has been sick but once to light candles for my family and friends last weekend..It felt good but not sure if I am ready. I still pray a lot and do my rosary but something is missing..I missed my friends, Fr. Rick and Donna a lot.
What is on the to do list today. Well, no knitting for sure, my left wrist is sore from knitting all day yesterday as I was not going to get into anything with them here working on the roof..A lot of hammering and who could think anyway!! lol
I played with my new toy and sewed a little bit. But my mind was not on that so I stopped. I think I need to do some soul searching again..I have had this feelings before and it can take a toll on you creativity in your I do not like to do today I think I will mess around the house and see what I can do.
Oh the check came in for the contractor. over $6,000 and you won't believe some of the stuff on there..For one thing the painters had charge our insurance for 4 hours of work and was here for 20 minutes and did not caulk the molding that the guys did not get right I will mention this and also the molding they had on the list is not what they put up. They cut a piece of wood and mine has a decorative this too will be mentioned..may be minor but if I was to sell my home I want it to right. and after all my insurance company is paying for it..I will not give them the check till it is done correctly..My awning is going to cost over $3,000, but if I remember the guy told he was going to put up a better one than I had..I like this.. They had a figure at the end and another figure on the check..of course, it was minus the $500 deductible we have to pay..I am keeping my fingers cross that nothing else goes ca put!! lol Well you all have a great day today. The sun is shining but boy it is cold out there and in my house

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Painting done looks so good

Painting is done. They took less than 20 minutes..there were two of them painting..Looks like my old house again. They gave me the rest of the paint and it felt like it was full to the dh will have paint to do the outside.
My brick has always received compliments from people..The owner of the this house had a sealer put on it when she moved here in this home in 1972 when it was a new home. The contractor this morning said he wish he get his hands on some of it. He has his own contractor business and was having a hotel being built in Bahalia, Ms..He told his home of 7 years burnt down last year..right after they renovated their kitchen..and of course claiming everything had deferred prices on them..I felt for my twin had her home burnt down in 1987.
Now I am going to take a nap and wait to see when the guys come to put up the awning...Maybe they will let take photos of them putting them

Contractors here, one at time

This morning at 8:30 the knock on the door and woke me up. It was the guys that did the damage wood pieces..and that was it...Here are three photos. After lunch, the painter will be here to paint it.. The the shingles and a strip of flashing will go up..Than another day or whenever the awning will go up. From what I am gathering it will be all I can not get done what needs to be I bead, knit and so on..but no sewing..always something..
He did tell me are ready for new shingles ..we knew that and to hire someone to get the rest of leaves off the roof, so it will hold out till we do..If I could do it, it would have done already..

Look at the leave and thickness of it..and that tree that is growing on my roof...I think it is growing it sure looks like it..dh may have brushed the leaves of the awning but he did not on the roof..

I am happy that the work is going to be done.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here's two photos so far, not sure

I ended up after cutting flames, all shapes and sizes with the fabrics below only not to use them..they were just to bright even when I tried a cut out layered look. So I ended up using the silk fiber I made especially for this quilt..that should have told me something from the start...was trying to make harder on myself..sometimes we artist do that. This one I just pinned two dragon flames on the bottom to even out the color.. Do you like it?
Here is looks so but I have added a third flame on top..but I think I prefer the two. I had more flames shooting out of the dragon's mouth but I like just the it won't be overlapping the binding, that is OK..I still haven't sewn anything down..I want to make sure of what I want first..who know next week I might do something If I stay with this, I will put some tiny ribbon embroidery where the brick walls are on the side of them to bring some color to the viewpoint area..and of course some beads after the all has been quilted..I am thinking and what do you think..on the tile do a spider looking web, very thinning to give it some oomph..with paint. Once the machine quilting is done the border will be just great..Haven't decided to do a flame pattern quilt or just all around meandering..we will see. Which one do you like?
I use spell check as much as I can, as I am getting to the point I can not spell very good anymore or the word just does not register in my brain at all, lol ..but what gets me is why does ok always has to be

Monday, January 21, 2008

UFO and New lamp for sewing machine

This is what I was suppose to be working on for the last 3 days, but never got further than what you see. I will have tamed that metallic yellow I have a sheet of silk fiber, crinkled red satin, you can see through this one, and orange organza..but probably will find something else to put on there..
I have been so busy helping dh and doing other more pressing priorities..I did try and sew on the the other dragon but with the LED light I just could not see very well.

So DH went and bought me this lamp, Dimensions Hologen Wall Fixture W6, Hologen Gimbal Cylinder Head. In case anyone is interested...Worked just great. You can go brighter to dim. It is, of course, mounted to wall. I was looking for one that maybe you could stick it to the machine but this will do fine.
Closer View.

Chat: Dh went up into the attic again and saw a live raccoon living up there..He was up there for the longest time yesterday and never saw it..He thought he was looking at a dead one today but than it moved..It, he says, has been up there since the awning fell. He just could not get out. He tired to today but there was nothing for him to jump we put the a ladder up for him, I just hope his friend doesn't show up..that is all we will need..for sure. The have already ruin my ceiling in my kitchen by peeing in a certain area and is now showing through..and have poop in different areas up there on top of the installations..I knew it but dh would not go up and check it out..earlier... He said it looks like the raccoon has been living off Styrofoam..but what about water..I just do not know..I was hoping he got a photo of it but did not.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caplet and pattern for Mom and me

My Caplet is done and it fits perfect. I love the color of the yarn but threw the paper away so can not remember the name of it..and Wal Mart did not have any more glad I made it.
Here is my pattern for what I will wear to the wedding. Haven't decided what type of fabric I will either make or buy. The other one is my mom's skirt. She had a pretty blouse so I do not need to make one. Camisole I will have to make one for her and buy her heels to wear.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Next Knitting Project and Challenge

Almost done with my caplet/scarf and when done I will knitting the Wrapghan below!
A little note about knitting. I have been knitting for 40 years now and have challenged myself with everything in knitting. So when something like this caplet/scarf comes along it is gratifying to do something simple. The wrap below will be too. I did change my caplet a bit but it is to suit me. I might with the wrap too. I have taken knitting project that people give me and have cut them up, yes cut them and make something completely different.
Next Challenge: I am going to challenge myself with fabrics. I have done smaller works of making my own other words, sewing layers together of different fabrics and making something out of it. My mom and I are going to need something fancy to wear to a wedding in June. 12 bridesmaid..a huge one..for my nephew's wedding. It is going to take me a very long time just to sew the fabric together using a meandering quilting on the top with different metallic thread. I have not found the dress pattern for mom. I am thinking of designing it myself with her measurements. I have already designed the top for me..and not sure if I will wear slacks or a long skirt..i have psoriasis so no short skirt..I am looking forward to this..but first will have to buy me some heat pads for my hands as they will probably be pain..for awhile..saw one advertised on TV..I will buy lots of it..I think Mom's will be a pale pink or a powder blue..I will use either silk or satin and metallic and sheer fabrics to do this..she might need a yard..she is so I will work with hers first.
I received my Creative Knitting magazine today and boy did I find something that I like a lot. I will do this as soon as I am done with my caplet/scarf. I was going to buy some lime green variegated but decided I will use up the 30 skeins of taupe, burgundy and Forrest green that I bought to make Fr. Rick a very large afghan but never did get started before he left this earth. It takes 3 different colors of yarns. It uses a size 10 needle and I will use a large needle. It has only two instructions for it and that is it. If you notice it has buttons, how neat.

Well, my glasses that I had to turn in last Sat did not come in so no new glasses..So I will get an early start with my son's quilt as I am joining in with the girls in the Finishing School for our UFOs..unfinished quilts..Having 3 days to work on it will help me get closer into finishing it..hope I will be doing the ribbon embroider on Monday. But with the flames not sure on how I am doing it yet..I though of another design for it, I knew

I am feeling so much better.

I played with my new toy and did the normal sewing and everything was just fine. So I figure it was time for the feed dogs down, top stitch needle and my darning foot..well I was just sewing and got the tension right and walla, the darning foot snapped right I went running to dh to see why..this is a metal darning foot as I have already broken 2 with the plastic and it is universal..well, I have it in there now, dh put it I will play with it course I have to run as fast as I can to see what it does and that is when it pop out..The only thing I do not like it the light it is not as bright as all the other machines I have, and with my eyes I need a bright light. I think my dh said it is a LED I will see what I can to fix this problem..but not bad with just one

Have a wonderful 3 day holiday for those here in the United States..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mary and Art putting

Here is Art putting, he has taken up golfing, watch sis you will now become a widow to
Here is Mary putting herself..I tried it a very long time ago and the guy that was teaching us ladies in Hawaii, told me I need special irons made for me as I was short..I tried to use what they had and I did not have any fun. I wonder why some of the snow birds live down there half of the year, to golf of course..can't golf in the snow or cold

Mary, Joycelyn and Philip, my twin's family

I love this photo of Philip. He is going to be 14 in April, 7th) same as my dhs..
This is Joycelyn and Philip. Now I have all of my family members on my blog
This is Mary, grandma, and Philip. He is now taller then Mary. wow this photo too. I hope you do not mind me putting it up. I want to put the one where you are putting golf balls can I? lol

Sewing Machine and Suzie

My new sewing machine, Singer Electronic 7468..So far so good, Have been practicing with it most of the evening. Has things I never had with other machines and plan to put them to use. And stitches too.
Closer view of my machine.
This is my Suzie, she will be 14 in March. She is waiting for a treat from I have all my family members on my blog, and Suzie is my family..I have photos of her when she was a puppy and through the years..what a treasure to have.
She has so much gray on her. poor baby, we think she is getting blind and hard of hearing. A fire truck went by and she usually shakes and runs and she did not this time..Only time she barks now it when the door bell or knocks on the door..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here is what's up and chat

I received these lovely angels from Carol Mindrup from AZ and I just love them. One the left is a hanging angel, ornament, and the one on the right is a pin..for sure will wear it and I just might put a pin back on the other too..She said I am an angel, Carol you are an angel..It made my day yesterday. Was a rough one but got over it. Thank you so much.
LOOK! No tree...oh could not wait to get it down..but think it got the best of me. My son brought my chair back last night and I had dinner ready for him..I love cooking for my sons..When I know ahead of time they are coming I will try my best and see what I can make. If they can not stay and eat, I make them take it home..We had chicken breast, one of his favorite meats. We both love pork, any our favorite meat..I know it is not suppose to be good...but I do not care for beef as it does not like me..If I eat to much in a week I end with spasms in my stomach and that hurts. So I hardly eat beef.
I was in such a hurry to get the tree down so that dh could help put it away, my ornaments where just piled every where and not in order like I usually this was not fun when it came to packing them up..even the bottom ones..
The breakables on my chair..had to remind myself not to sit there, it was a constant reminder too as this is where I
I have been struggling with my fire for my dragons on my son's quilt to shoot out of there mouths. This is probably the 5 or 6 th time I have drafted a design. I think I like this one so now to the fabrics and techniques to use. I always put these to on my draft in case I can not get to right away.. If I know me I probably will re draft it but will try and stay with it as I want to get this quilt done before May, 4 years ago I started this
I was rudely awaken but a very loud pounding on my door yesterday morning. by the contractor for the awning and roof..Now I did not feel good so I stayed in bed, pondering and thinking, I was cold so being in bed in with my electric blanket fit me to the tea ...So with Suzie barking her head off and the door pounding, I had no choice, had no idea who it I go to the door and it is the guy that been calling for an appt to look at the he has no appt but took it upon himself to just come over. I guess he thought he could just go to the back yard and check it way, All my gates are locked from the backside..Well, they have to come in through the house to get to deck..I let him and show him where the damage is and he can not wait for me to get everything opened..we have sliding glass doors and have extra protection too there..He is trying to help , but remember he got me out of bed!! lol On my sliding glass doors are my stain glass butterflies my girlfriend that died last May bought me from Pa. Well he pushes the to the side so hard 3 of them fell off and other hanging things..I told him he did not need that much pressure if he had waited for me to opened it..Anyway when he raised his arms I can tell you I was fully awake from his body order, thought he was going knock me I stood back and watch him opened the door..and let him do his thing. One of the hooks of one the butterflies is broken but the rest made as they fell on the rug that is at my back door. WHEW!! He can not get over the damages..It is as clean as I can get the deck. I even went out and swept the few leaves that fell of the roof recently for the electrical people this morning, at least they called again for an He can not get over the damages, either..A lot of work is going to have to be I do not know where we stand..but the guy from yesterday told me we are covered and we will get a new awning and the roof fixed..he said that is why I have insurance..that took a load of me for sure.
We have a new fridge, a CD player, and a new sewing machine.. so now we just need our awning to be fixed..
I have been working on the a new class that I will be teaching and almost done. Dh loaded word for me..though the whole time I was working on dahhhhhhh I had it already but now it is the newer version. He also put a new Outlook Mail in and love it. I can do tasking, calendar and all sort of things, when I check in the morning it there for me to print it out. You can do by days or it. I am glad everything is almost over here and I guess it is time for this chat to be over too. thanks for listening...I hope my stomach feels a lot better tomorrow as I spent most of the day in bed because of it..I hope it is not a not know where it came from...keeping fingers cross..hope tomorrow will be more productive.
Oh, I have an eBay name, deleted my website, the extra blog so I feel refreshed on these areas for the new year.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Singer Electronic 7468

DH just bought this machine for me for our 35th Anniversary coming up on February 14th, yes Valentine's Day..does this mean my marriage was a lot of roses and champagne..No way!! lol No dreamy eyes wish
This the Singer Electronic 7468..I have looked it up and all I know it it is the second top to the of Singer Electronic series...which is grouped with the Quantum's..the 7470 has 73 more program stitches and that is the only difference..he bought it online at EBay..(the second machine he has surprised me After we looked at others with higher price the Janome These are touch and sew machines..well we will see how I can handle this type of machine..I hope it can work like my other horse of a machine..I could put any metallic thread on it..If I can not work metallic looks lil sister will have a new

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bra Bracelet Exchange/digital frame

My Digital Picture Frame is installed and have what photos that I wanted on there installed too. This just happens to be my Dad when he was 18..He sure was a handsome man and with the prettiest deepest green eyes anyone could see. You are now my guardian angel. I would like this on my entertainment center but till all the decorations gets put up, it will have to be on my end table.
This is from Donna in my group for the bra exchange we had. She had some really pretty button on it but they were broken. When sending something with buttons I always add a sheet of bubble wrap over them to protect it. Very nice job..thank you.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Working on my Snow Babies

I had quite a bit of snow babies done up to the facial features done in Sep and Oct for my website..I received an order last night and wouldn't you know I did not have these with the ornament hooks but without ..but had them in reserve to finished them up for sale. I really did not have all my snow babies on my website, as I had to do all that and I was loaded a lot of work. You can see the facial features are done and one snow baby
Here they are both snowed..When I was selling snow babies in my shows. there would be others selling them but dots for eyes and no snow on them..just glitter..I put ice on mine after the snow process. These will go out on Sat. the snow has dry over night before adding the glue, watered down and than adding the ice crystals.
I slept most of the day away as I was really not feeling good at all but better tonight and will go to bed after this posting. It rained so bad today and being in bed all cuddled up with my electric blanket felt so good. Did not know if I was going awake with a cold bed or warm bed, as the electricity goes off a lot during these storms..
I will play with my Janome machine again tomorrow and hope I have better luck or I will hook up the one I retired and struggle with at least I know it loves metallic threads..some machine just don't like them and if the Janome doesn't Mom will end up with yet another new

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Being Productive

A friend (Birdy, thank you) made a comment about being very productive, I am. But sometimes I wish I could sit and just watch TV and do nothing and I can that is why I do so much. I also have a mind that does not stop thinking of art I can create. I usually do not use patterns but I have the couple of times..but I end up changing the patterns to suit
Right now I have 4 project going so when I tire of one I pick up one of the others. I have my beading and painting in my dinning room for now. to cold in the wet studio to paint there. I have my sewing in here, I have my knitting in the living room. So it all keeps me busy from one to Then of course I have my computer, to blog in and also read emails and check out QU Student Lounge every keeps me happy.
When I was laying down in the bed the other day, I thought it would be nice if I could bring some of those projects here and work, but I tried and let me tell you beading for sure is a NO end sleeping with loose beads that you lost and could not Than when I tried to knit I ended with a kink neck..forget painting I won't even try So I just lay there to get rid of the back and arm pain.
I have ordered 3 books from that guy Kevin something or other..about cures for you body, I surely hope someone has used these books as remedies for their aches, pains, diabetes and so on and it has worked. It is suppose be herbal..well that will take care of the medicines that are costing me a lot. 2 of the books were free and of course, the weight lost had to get for 15 plus postage, so total came at 19 dollars..not bad..but do hope it does work. I would love to be cured of what is wrong with me and get my body free of pain too.
Thank you all again for visitng my blog, I love comments so if you can it would be great..hugs to all..Lorraine

Sale item I bought and chat

Look what I bought on Sunday at the NEX on the Christmas sale rack. I just love it. I love anything to do with shoes..but really love sandals It has jelly beans in the bottle and when they are gone I will figure out what to put in them. It has a necklace but it is not painted and think I will do something with it.
What I have been doing lately, well a lot of sewing and getting my class ready for it to go on line. It takes a lot of time taking photos while you are doing the class. I am doing what I would have loved to be in a lot of classes that I have taken. Some had a lot of photos, but sometimes it seems the one I really would have love to see is not I am doing every step of the way. Thank goodness I was able to do it by myself..I thought I would not because of using both hands..but not so. Some are really great photos but others could have been better if I had better lighting but they will do. No photos on what I am working on, sorry.
I also have been sewing a lot of different items to sale on line at eBay, yes you heard me right. My website is not doing well at all.. I do not know how to advertise it and my son has his problems and can not seem to keep up with it will be deleted, does it bother me not really. what is nice is that all the hard work is done for eBay already and think I will be better of there than waiting around in Esty, or a website. I have so much of the supplies to make any thing I want and will do so now.
I deleted what I have posted. Do not want to add to the fire already.
I have retired my old machine and going to have it fixed. I am now using my Jamone Harmony that I had bought about 2 years ago. I am or did have trouble with the tension on the bobbin and do not like to touch the screw till I know I have another bobbin case, which it is on its way here from the UK. so I can move the screw to fix the tension..I have played with all day yesterday.
Well the adjuster inspector for our claim came this morning for our roof when the awning fell in. The contractor gave State Farm their draft on our roof and it was denied so out comes out the so we will see what happens.
My sleeping hours are off again but than I do not work out of the home and can do what I want when I want so no big deal. lol It never bothers me but when family members call I am always asleep some of the message I get I have to laugh at..My mom will say, "Are you asleep again.. lol

Friday, January 4, 2008

What I have been up to lately

I have been knitting off and on the last few days this really pretty scarf. It is not going to be the normal scarf size as I want it larger in width so it will go a bit lower on my back. Also not going to have all that hangs down and does nothing but get in the way, lol..I just want it to keep my neck and some of my back warm..more like a caplet I guess. It is a very pretty pattern but off course me using larger needles, 13 I believe and funky yarn, you can not see it. The pattern is worked so it designs the edges of the scarf..
I also been dabbling a little with my cross-stitch but that is going to take some time as I will have make it on the dinning room table, just can not do it sitting on my chair in the living room.
I have been also working on a class that I will be teaching and boy never thought it was going to take so long. I will give more info as I know it. This is exciting.
Hope your few days for the New Year has been a Happy one.
I just found out my son is getting a divorce and I have nothing to say till it happens. Two years.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone

Well, we did not even get to see the ball come down, first time in over the 34 years we have been married..we got involved in something and did not even see the new
My youngest son called and ask if I was having dinner today, which I usually do, told him no..that we have plans to go to the matinee movie and eat out.. He said he friends that wanted him to come for dinner and told him to go and have a good time.
I took two naps yesterday as I was trying to finish some loose ends before the new year and accomplished very well. So I was up till late and decided I wanted to some baking. This time it was because I wanted to and not being pressured because I had to make some for Christmas..I still have bake the cookies but did managed to make a lemon pie, peach coffee cake and mochika, a Filipino custard dessert..but not time to do the cookies but the dough is in fridge and I just have to baked them..It felt good to things when you want to and not because you have to.
I do not do resolutions for New Year and I think I might have to start, maybe I will get more done in a year.
My first and foremost resolutions will be get those UFOs done this year. I have over a dozen of them and maybe I will have room, I did get the purse done and that was on my
My second one will be to make all the designing patterns that I have rolled up and make them also, have about 8 of them but a few are really large.
My third, well this is a challenge for me, is try and do some traditional quilts too, as I do not like them, they are boring sitting there sewing a piece after another piece..but I do love the results every one gets from
my fourth and last one is try and keep a cleaner, dust bunnies, home this year..Put things away as I used them even it is and can be distracting from what you are doing and then I won't have a mess when I get done with a this is going to Well, Again, Happy New Year and hope it is a properest one.

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