Friday, January 25, 2008

Here is a Sunrise for you

My dh was leaving for work just as the sunrise was coming up..I could not resist getting my camera out and going out there to take a few photos..The colors of the sunrise had more of a pinkish color than orange..I think that is why is it so pretty. Click on it to see it larger..It was still a bit dark. Also about 19 degrees..I got cold with just socks and not jacket but it was worth it..Mother Natures always has such wonderful surprises for us, doesn't' she?
I only waited 15 minutes and look at this one..I say art quilt, but I am going to use this to get back into my oil painting..I might just do a series of sunrises in the early morning..8x10 sounds good..Than when they have a Starving artist in downtown I will join them, its been a long time but oh what fun to among other Starving
This is what I am going to try and get to do today. Do not know just yet what I am going to use with..but found it so pretty. I am going to do a layer cut around the flowers to bring out the bottom..not purple but lilac with
I guess from reading my posting yesterday I was a little depressed..could not figure out why. Than it dawn on me..I guess when you save money and then you have to take it out, it hurts me..We have dipped into our saving quite a bit in the last month..and still have too, before we know we won't have any left. We have a allotment going in there every month but once a month does not add up very quickly either..So I have to call in for more today to pay our deductible for the awning, ouch..
Here is a list of things my dh said has to be done this year..
Roofing, new heater unit, water heater , new installation up in the attic (after having our attic down in '87 and living here for over 21 years, we never even thought about it shrinking, it is now about 4 NO WONDER my house is cold...) and new steps in the front porch..sounds like a lot to me..but if we do not, it will fall apart..and keep my fingers cross that the older appliances do not give up. So this year started bad for us and for many people..but I am going to make it better for us the best way I can. It is going on 8 am and I am not usually putting things in my blog so early but have a lot to do and glad my depression did not last to long..I knitted most of the day and did some sewing so got a lot of soul searching done and it does on good to do that. I can usually pin point what is wrong with me..Of course dh coming home in a good mood, helped a lot to..I even tried making our own Mocha coffee, it was pretty good too. I have not drank coffee since last Jan when I got sick and stayed sick for 7 weeks. Coffee just tasted terrible so I went back to tea. Well I was so cold the other day and made a pot of coffee and it tasted good, so I might be back to drinking it, not sure..My dh hasn't drank coffee for over 10 years and had a couple cups with was nice.

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