Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caplet and pattern for Mom and me

My Caplet is done and it fits perfect. I love the color of the yarn but threw the paper away so can not remember the name of it..and Wal Mart did not have any more glad I made it.
Here is my pattern for what I will wear to the wedding. Haven't decided what type of fabric I will either make or buy. The other one is my mom's skirt. She had a pretty blouse so I do not need to make one. Camisole I will have to make one for her and buy her heels to wear.


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Your cape looks lovely and your next knit project looks interesting. WOW 12 bridesmaids. I hope you take pictures and post. The most I ever was called on to make was 8 and 6 were common,. Your dress will be beautiful. Hows that new machine going? You will have the smoke rolling out of it.
Take care your self and get some rest so you don't get down sick. You have so many projects all going on at once.

LorraineS said...

Hi Birdy, I have been meaning to email you but just get on enough to do what I have to do..will tomorrow..
Thank you, and wore the caplet all day today..I have even two spots where if I wanted I could stitch so it has arms but like it the way it is..
I started the wrapghan today..while resting my aches and pains from dh going into the attic and me having to retrieve what he hands me from the attic..gee I though I had become a I decided to do the thread mill and did 5 minutes and no knee far..yeah..I thought rayon on both would be I have lots of time..too much for my dress to make my own fabric, it would take me all year for that and hugs, Lorraine
ps..haven't been on it since I played with it..going to look for that light tomorrow or dh is..I am going to work on my son's quilt all day and nothing

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