Thursday, January 10, 2008

Working on my Snow Babies

I had quite a bit of snow babies done up to the facial features done in Sep and Oct for my website..I received an order last night and wouldn't you know I did not have these with the ornament hooks but without ..but had them in reserve to finished them up for sale. I really did not have all my snow babies on my website, as I had to do all that and I was loaded a lot of work. You can see the facial features are done and one snow baby
Here they are both snowed..When I was selling snow babies in my shows. there would be others selling them but dots for eyes and no snow on them..just glitter..I put ice on mine after the snow process. These will go out on Sat. the snow has dry over night before adding the glue, watered down and than adding the ice crystals.
I slept most of the day away as I was really not feeling good at all but better tonight and will go to bed after this posting. It rained so bad today and being in bed all cuddled up with my electric blanket felt so good. Did not know if I was going awake with a cold bed or warm bed, as the electricity goes off a lot during these storms..
I will play with my Janome machine again tomorrow and hope I have better luck or I will hook up the one I retired and struggle with at least I know it loves metallic threads..some machine just don't like them and if the Janome doesn't Mom will end up with yet another new

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