Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here's two photos so far, not sure

I ended up after cutting flames, all shapes and sizes with the fabrics below only not to use them..they were just to bright even when I tried a cut out layered look. So I ended up using the silk fiber I made especially for this quilt..that should have told me something from the start...was trying to make harder on myself..sometimes we artist do that. This one I just pinned two dragon flames on the bottom to even out the color.. Do you like it?
Here is looks so blahed..lol but I have added a third flame on top..but I think I prefer the two. I had more flames shooting out of the dragon's mouth but I like just the two..so it won't be overlapping the binding, that is OK..I still haven't sewn anything down..I want to make sure of what I want first..who know next week I might do something different..lol If I stay with this, I will put some tiny ribbon embroidery where the brick walls are on the side of them to bring some color to the viewpoint area..and of course some beads after the all has been quilted..I am thinking and what do you think..on the tile do a spider looking web, very thinning to give it some oomph..with paint. Once the machine quilting is done the border will be just great..Haven't decided to do a flame pattern quilt or just all around meandering..we will see. Which one do you like?
I use spell check as much as I can, as I am getting to the point I can not spell very good anymore or the word just does not register in my brain at all, lol ..but what gets me is why does ok always has to be OK..lol

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