Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sale item I bought and chat

Look what I bought on Sunday at the NEX on the Christmas sale rack. I just love it. I love anything to do with shoes..but really love sandals It has jelly beans in the bottle and when they are gone I will figure out what to put in them. It has a necklace but it is not painted and think I will do something with it.
What I have been doing lately, well a lot of sewing and getting my class ready for it to go on line. It takes a lot of time taking photos while you are doing the class. I am doing what I would have loved to be in a lot of classes that I have taken. Some had a lot of photos, but sometimes it seems the one I really would have love to see is not I am doing every step of the way. Thank goodness I was able to do it by myself..I thought I would not because of using both hands..but not so. Some are really great photos but others could have been better if I had better lighting but they will do. No photos on what I am working on, sorry.
I also have been sewing a lot of different items to sale on line at eBay, yes you heard me right. My website is not doing well at all.. I do not know how to advertise it and my son has his problems and can not seem to keep up with it will be deleted, does it bother me not really. what is nice is that all the hard work is done for eBay already and think I will be better of there than waiting around in Esty, or a website. I have so much of the supplies to make any thing I want and will do so now.
I deleted what I have posted. Do not want to add to the fire already.
I have retired my old machine and going to have it fixed. I am now using my Jamone Harmony that I had bought about 2 years ago. I am or did have trouble with the tension on the bobbin and do not like to touch the screw till I know I have another bobbin case, which it is on its way here from the UK. so I can move the screw to fix the tension..I have played with all day yesterday.
Well the adjuster inspector for our claim came this morning for our roof when the awning fell in. The contractor gave State Farm their draft on our roof and it was denied so out comes out the so we will see what happens.
My sleeping hours are off again but than I do not work out of the home and can do what I want when I want so no big deal. lol It never bothers me but when family members call I am always asleep some of the message I get I have to laugh at..My mom will say, "Are you asleep again.. lol


birdy said...

Your purchase is a blast. Before you go to ebay I want to buy a couple of your snowbabies. I stumbled onto your shop while checking out those headings at top of your blog. I will go back and look at your shop and order. Needless to tell you that divorces are so ugly. Love turns to hate in a hurry.
I use to have lots of inspirations while sleeping when I designed wedding dresses and childrens clothes and those where often my best designs as well as sellers.
All I get done as of todate is Dr. appointments. I had planned on going to the Road 2 CA but have to cancel off as I can't leave DH home alone. He is not doing very well at all. Got home from hospital last Thurs. and by Sat eve was running a temp of 102. I should have taken him back but didn't want to drive the 74 miles at 2:00 am.
My Qu class starts this Sat. with Ruth B but will probably end up just auditing it.
Hope things get better for you. Keep in touch.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Isn't it a blast, lol. I am afraid I have it on my window seal and probably will not be able to eat those jelly beans, with the sun hitting it..but looks good there.
Thank you for you order, I really appreciate it.
Haven't heard from son in 2 nights, so I do not know what is going on now..I guess I will call tonight to make sure he is OK. Thanks for your comment. hugs..

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