Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here is what's up and chat

I received these lovely angels from Carol Mindrup from AZ and I just love them. One the left is a hanging angel, ornament, and the one on the right is a pin..for sure will wear it and I just might put a pin back on the other too..She said I am an angel, Carol you are an angel..It made my day yesterday. Was a rough one but got over it. Thank you so much.
LOOK! No tree...oh could not wait to get it down..but think it got the best of me. My son brought my chair back last night and I had dinner ready for him..I love cooking for my sons..When I know ahead of time they are coming I will try my best and see what I can make. If they can not stay and eat, I make them take it home..We had chicken breast, one of his favorite meats. We both love pork, any way..lol our favorite meat..I know it is not suppose to be good...but I do not care for beef as it does not like me..If I eat to much in a week I end with spasms in my stomach and that hurts. So I hardly eat beef.
I was in such a hurry to get the tree down so that dh could help put it away, my ornaments where just piled every where and not in order like I usually do..so this was not fun when it came to packing them up..even the bottom ones..
The breakables on my chair..had to remind myself not to sit there, it was a constant reminder too as this is where I knit..lol
I have been struggling with my fire for my dragons on my son's quilt to shoot out of there mouths. This is probably the 5 or 6 th time I have drafted a design. I think I like this one so now to the fabrics and techniques to use. I always put these to on my draft in case I can not get to right away.. If I know me I probably will re draft it again..lol but will try and stay with it as I want to get this quilt done before May, 4 years ago I started this quilt..lol
I was rudely awaken but a very loud pounding on my door yesterday morning. by the contractor for the awning and roof..Now I did not feel good so I stayed in bed, pondering and thinking, I was cold so being in bed in with my electric blanket fit me to the tea ...So with Suzie barking her head off and the door pounding, I had no choice, had no idea who it was..so I go to the door and it is the guy that been calling for an appt to look at the damages..now he has no appt but took it upon himself to just come over. I guess he thought he could just go to the back yard and check it out..no way, All my gates are locked from the backside..Well, they have to come in through the house to get to deck..I let him and show him where the damage is and he can not wait for me to get everything opened..we have sliding glass doors and have extra protection too there..He is trying to help , but remember he got me out of bed!! lol On my sliding glass doors are my stain glass butterflies my girlfriend that died last May bought me from Pa. Well he pushes the to the side so hard 3 of them fell off and other hanging things..I told him he did not need that much pressure if he had waited for me to opened it..Anyway when he raised his arms I can tell you I was fully awake from his body order, thought he was going knock me out..so I stood back and watch him opened the door..and let him do his thing. One of the hooks of one the butterflies is broken but the rest made as they fell on the rug that is at my back door. WHEW!! He can not get over the damages..It is as clean as I can get the deck. I even went out and swept the few leaves that fell of the roof recently for the electrical people this morning, at least they called again for an apt..lol He can not get over the damages, either..A lot of work is going to have to be done..so I do not know where we stand..but the guy from yesterday told me we are covered and we will get a new awning and the roof fixed..he said that is why I have insurance..that took a load of me for sure.
We have a new fridge, a CD player, and a new sewing machine.. so now we just need our awning to be fixed..
I have been working on the a new class that I will be teaching and almost done. Dh loaded word for me..though the whole time I was working on works..lol dahhhhhhh I had it already but now it is the newer version. He also put a new Outlook Mail in and love it. I can do tasking, calendar and all sort of things, when I check in the morning it there for me to print it out. You can do by days or time..love it. I am glad everything is almost over here and I guess it is time for this chat to be over too. thanks for listening...I hope my stomach feels a lot better tomorrow as I spent most of the day in bed because of it..I hope it is not a virus..do not know where it came from...keeping fingers cross..hope tomorrow will be more productive.
Oh, I have an eBay name, deleted my website, the extra blog so I feel refreshed on these areas for the new year.


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Boy you have a lot on your plate. Hope you are feeling better. There is a lot of yuk going around. Most start with sore throat and then have a terrible hack along with the usual aches and etc. I hope I don't get that.
I went to my quilt class in town today and it was a surprize for this first one. We made the neatest place mat. It turns into four. It is the way it is folded and sewed. You can just flip and you have another pattern. You cut out four pieces of the same size and they end up all sewed together so that they just flip to each side.
Tomorrow you get your new "toy" right? Hope you are feeling great to give it that test run. It looks like a really nice machine.
You have lots of ornaments right. I have several big boxes as I use to collect ornaments but since we moved here to AZ. and a smaller house some of them I haven't used. I use to put a tree in every room as we had a big house in Ne. This year since he was in the hospital so close to Christmas I didn't put up my tree that I have ornaments on. I just put up 2 small ones. Not much to take down. I missed all the decorations though. I have a plant shelf in the living room and I usually decorated that and it just didn't seem like Christmas without all the decorations.
I still have the snowbabies out as I think they are so cute. The facial expressions are what really make them special.
Last night I had to cancel my airline ticket to Road 2 Ca quilt show. BOO Hoo!!! No way could I have gone. I think DH is probably headed back to hospital. He keeps loosing weight and his labs aren't good. My son is coming here Tue. from Ne. and will stay a week. That will be nice to visit with him.
Get some rest so you can play with your new toy.
Take Care.

LorraineS said...

Birdie Thank you for your comment..I always seem to have to much on my plate lately and when I start to wonder what I am doing and where I am heading, than I need to cut a bit..or just relax a bit when not laid up..Feeling a lot better tonight..I hope it stays with me too..lol
I am so sorry about your dh and I am praying very hard for him and you and your family. It must be so hard and hope you keep your spirit even when things look gloomy. There will be next year for the Road to Ca..look forward to that. You have to let me know about this pattern, I used to make all my own napkins and placemat..but haven't in years..
You also sound like me..I use to decorate every thing in 5 rooms..every thing came down and Christmas went up..a lot of work and time but boy it sure was pretty when done..one day we both will be able to do this again.
My snow babies are up all year around..on a shelf with glass frame. I am in anticipation already waiting for my machine and they did tell dh that is was going to be here tomorrow and it better..lol I will let you know when it is here and of course take a photo of it..lol..love, prayers and hugs, Lorraine

birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Yes, I thought of you on those placemats as I wondered if you could sell them on ebay. I have another one also that the back comes around and forms the binding with the center in front.
Give me some time and I will send samples on how to do both. It will be awahile though. I made several of the self binding ones for Christmas. I made designs in the middle and they were nice looking.
I haven't touched my machine since doing those mats. I need to start on the QU class and now my local quilt class. These Dr appointments are getting in my way. By the time I get home I am out of the notion to do anything. The appt. today was better as his labs came down a little and he gained 2 lbs. Have appt. tomorrow with cancer dr. and then next day with other dr.
Hope you continue to feel better and enjoy your new machine. Excited for you.
Take care.
Hugs CM

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