Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Being Productive

A friend (Birdy, thank you) made a comment about being very productive, I am. But sometimes I wish I could sit and just watch TV and do nothing and I can that is why I do so much. I also have a mind that does not stop thinking of art I can create. I usually do not use patterns but I have the couple of times..but I end up changing the patterns to suit
Right now I have 4 project going so when I tire of one I pick up one of the others. I have my beading and painting in my dinning room for now. to cold in the wet studio to paint there. I have my sewing in here, I have my knitting in the living room. So it all keeps me busy from one to Then of course I have my computer, to blog in and also read emails and check out QU Student Lounge every keeps me happy.
When I was laying down in the bed the other day, I thought it would be nice if I could bring some of those projects here and work, but I tried and let me tell you beading for sure is a NO end sleeping with loose beads that you lost and could not Than when I tried to knit I ended with a kink neck..forget painting I won't even try So I just lay there to get rid of the back and arm pain.
I have ordered 3 books from that guy Kevin something or other..about cures for you body, I surely hope someone has used these books as remedies for their aches, pains, diabetes and so on and it has worked. It is suppose be herbal..well that will take care of the medicines that are costing me a lot. 2 of the books were free and of course, the weight lost had to get for 15 plus postage, so total came at 19 dollars..not bad..but do hope it does work. I would love to be cured of what is wrong with me and get my body free of pain too.
Thank you all again for visitng my blog, I love comments so if you can it would be great..hugs to all..Lorraine

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