Friday, January 18, 2008

My Next Knitting Project and Challenge

Almost done with my caplet/scarf and when done I will knitting the Wrapghan below!
A little note about knitting. I have been knitting for 40 years now and have challenged myself with everything in knitting. So when something like this caplet/scarf comes along it is gratifying to do something simple. The wrap below will be too. I did change my caplet a bit but it is to suit me. I might with the wrap too. I have taken knitting project that people give me and have cut them up, yes cut them and make something completely different.
Next Challenge: I am going to challenge myself with fabrics. I have done smaller works of making my own other words, sewing layers together of different fabrics and making something out of it. My mom and I are going to need something fancy to wear to a wedding in June. 12 bridesmaid..a huge one..for my nephew's wedding. It is going to take me a very long time just to sew the fabric together using a meandering quilting on the top with different metallic thread. I have not found the dress pattern for mom. I am thinking of designing it myself with her measurements. I have already designed the top for me..and not sure if I will wear slacks or a long skirt..i have psoriasis so no short skirt..I am looking forward to this..but first will have to buy me some heat pads for my hands as they will probably be pain..for awhile..saw one advertised on TV..I will buy lots of it..I think Mom's will be a pale pink or a powder blue..I will use either silk or satin and metallic and sheer fabrics to do this..she might need a yard..she is so I will work with hers first.
I received my Creative Knitting magazine today and boy did I find something that I like a lot. I will do this as soon as I am done with my caplet/scarf. I was going to buy some lime green variegated but decided I will use up the 30 skeins of taupe, burgundy and Forrest green that I bought to make Fr. Rick a very large afghan but never did get started before he left this earth. It takes 3 different colors of yarns. It uses a size 10 needle and I will use a large needle. It has only two instructions for it and that is it. If you notice it has buttons, how neat.

Well, my glasses that I had to turn in last Sat did not come in so no new glasses..So I will get an early start with my son's quilt as I am joining in with the girls in the Finishing School for our UFOs..unfinished quilts..Having 3 days to work on it will help me get closer into finishing it..hope I will be doing the ribbon embroider on Monday. But with the flames not sure on how I am doing it yet..I though of another design for it, I knew

I am feeling so much better.

I played with my new toy and did the normal sewing and everything was just fine. So I figure it was time for the feed dogs down, top stitch needle and my darning foot..well I was just sewing and got the tension right and walla, the darning foot snapped right I went running to dh to see why..this is a metal darning foot as I have already broken 2 with the plastic and it is universal..well, I have it in there now, dh put it I will play with it course I have to run as fast as I can to see what it does and that is when it pop out..The only thing I do not like it the light it is not as bright as all the other machines I have, and with my eyes I need a bright light. I think my dh said it is a LED I will see what I can to fix this problem..but not bad with just one

Have a wonderful 3 day holiday for those here in the United States..

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