Thursday, January 24, 2008


No photos yet for today.
No one has called about the awning so looks like I will have a free day to do as I want. I wish I could say the freedom of art quilting is gone for now. I have so much to do and can not fine the peace to go with it right now..I just wish dh was here to handle all these house stuff.
My new glasses still haven't come in and its been 5 weeks all total. My eye specialist called and I canceled the I wanted to see him with the new glasses but they told me they could get me in a weeks time, he is the one that wanted me to change over to we will see about those..but would love to get my new computer glasses as I am so tired having to put tape on the ones I have now. they are so old and somehow became allergic to metal and it breaks me out in a rash, so on goes the tape.
Mike has informed that his to be ex-wife moved out last weekend..You know what I say, Merrier for all, but of course he said he wasn't.. She did a quick deed name change to Mike but still in her I just hope he is okay as I worry about him a lot.
Well, seems like family members are being laid off and I know it hurts..wish I had lots of money to help them all.
I haven't been to church since Fr. Rick has been sick but once to light candles for my family and friends last weekend..It felt good but not sure if I am ready. I still pray a lot and do my rosary but something is missing..I missed my friends, Fr. Rick and Donna a lot.
What is on the to do list today. Well, no knitting for sure, my left wrist is sore from knitting all day yesterday as I was not going to get into anything with them here working on the roof..A lot of hammering and who could think anyway!! lol
I played with my new toy and sewed a little bit. But my mind was not on that so I stopped. I think I need to do some soul searching again..I have had this feelings before and it can take a toll on you creativity in your I do not like to do today I think I will mess around the house and see what I can do.
Oh the check came in for the contractor. over $6,000 and you won't believe some of the stuff on there..For one thing the painters had charge our insurance for 4 hours of work and was here for 20 minutes and did not caulk the molding that the guys did not get right I will mention this and also the molding they had on the list is not what they put up. They cut a piece of wood and mine has a decorative this too will be mentioned..may be minor but if I was to sell my home I want it to right. and after all my insurance company is paying for it..I will not give them the check till it is done correctly..My awning is going to cost over $3,000, but if I remember the guy told he was going to put up a better one than I had..I like this.. They had a figure at the end and another figure on the check..of course, it was minus the $500 deductible we have to pay..I am keeping my fingers cross that nothing else goes ca put!! lol Well you all have a great day today. The sun is shining but boy it is cold out there and in my house

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