Saturday, February 28, 2009

Its snowing and heavy too

It's been snowing for over 3 hours and it gets heavier and heavier with each hour..You can not see the snow falling in these photos but it is..My mom called us to tell us..we had not even stuck our head out except when the mail person came earlier with packages...Now all I want to do it watch it snow..who would have thought on the last day of Feb..but it has snowed in March here is Memphis, but it has been years since it is also cold so you know knee is constantly with heating pad and rice pads..the humidity is what makes my arthritis flare up...
I did download the photos from when my brother came down but will put them into print master and put them on line tomorrow. What is the weather like in your area? Lots of hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Checking In

Hi everyone,
Just letting you all know I am still living!!! lol..the pain has been tolerable lately..still having trouble with knee cap and where the incision where the cut the cartilage, hurts now and them..still am told no cane yet..till the knee cap stops buckling under me..
I have loads of photos to put into my blog..but I have do it a little at a day I will be back to normal..when I wish I knew..
But the good news is that I am sewing, serging and knitting..not just knitting..I have made 20 napkins, 7 satin pillow cases and one pillow, satin..all with the serger so I have to hem them on the sewing machine, except the napkins, I will leave them the way the I did not do a rolled hem like I should have, I was having so much trouble with threading the darn left the serger just where it I bought 4 satin type table runners and 2 dish cloths, with silver and gold..cut them up to sizes for napkins for Christmas next now I will have napkins..for only a dollar each item, I made up like a charm.. Today I will hem what I can till I tire..than hopefully load the photos in the computer and put them on the blog..My youngest brother surprised us with his presence on Sunday..what a trilled that was...told no one..will tell the story later..what fun..Oh and shopping on Saturday was a ball in and out of the rain, with dh having to cover my walker with a what life brings us have a good day and hopefully I will be online tonight with some photos..also have flowers popping out too..lots of hugs to all, Lorraine

Friday, February 13, 2009

No Photos just some catching up to do

Hi Everyone,
Its been the longest I have stayed off line..I have had a few weeks of not doing to well with my knee..but now I think I am on the good mending part.
I have kept myself busy but just haven't taken any photos..anyway I just made hats to match the scarves I made and vice versa. of course those leggings..I am knitting a beautiful shawl with the VooDoo is going to take a lot the skeins but being buying them on eBay and stashing I guess you can see I just this yarn, too bad they have discontinued it..but it is till the right places..I have bought hundreds of dollars of yarn, all different types and I now have huge stash that almost equals the other stashes of stuff I get involved in..not one could ever get that much yarn, or can they? lol a closet full!!
I am doing well in therapy. The girls cannot believe how much I can bend my knees..I told them I do practice since I am either in bed or sitting..I do try to walk around the house..tried with the cane but not doing good on that note..they told me yesterday no still on the caddy knee cap has been hurting pretty bad and yesterday I asked them if we could concentrate on that..she said it is scar tissue and we do have to get rid of it before my arthritis starts to come back and cover the scar tissue, I would be in more pain..not much but enough..she massage the area before I went home and told me to let my dh know how to do it and I can not be in a sitting position or I would do it before this it was the pain, burning fire and throbbing, on the inside of the knee...and off course having problems getting more pain pills..when all is done. I am writing my insurance company, my family Doctor and Tri care to let them know what I had to go through for the 3 weeks I have been in severe pain..and like the Dr told me on the 2nd week after surgery, with dh there, that is was going to be a long recovery..than I have problems getting med for this..NO ONE THAT HAS HAD SURGERY SHOULD EVER GO WITHOUT PAINS PILLS NO MATTER WHAT THE EXCUSE IS..IF THE DOCTOR IS NOT AROUND SOMEONE OTHER DOCTOR SHOULD BE THERE TO HELP OUT..WE DO PAY FOR OUR INSURANCES AND THEY SHOULD KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON..ON THE OTHER NOTE, BECAUSE THERE ARE ABUSERS OF MED WHY SHOULD WE PAY FOR THAT!! GIVE ME A BREAK..DOCTORS YOU ARE NOT GOD..I FEEL SOME DO FEEL LIKE THEY ARE..ALL MY OPINIONS BUT PLEASE DO REPLY WITH A RESPONSE..I AM NOT SAYING ALL DOCTORS BUT SOME...OFF THIS CASE FOR NOW..LOL
One thing good about going to therapy, is that the pain is still there but yet it feels good..sounds kinda crazy but I think you all know what I mean..Also my dh get to take mom where she needs to go two days out of the week, so she does not have to walk any where..I would go and stay with her but it a long day for me..and I just might one day..if I was on the cane every thing would be so much easier..
Saturday is our 36th Anniversary and dh has asked me where do I want to go for dinner..I told with the walker I just do not know..I would love to go to Red Lobster, haven't been there since they moved over 10 years ago to the other end of Memphis..every thing is there now..the guys and gals at therapy told me to go any where and take my walker..and make the best of it..they are right..we will
I now have lost 21lbs..since January 15th..told you it has been a bad not want to gain it back but do know might with a few of the lbs when I can eat properly. But I do feel a lot better today..
I have a pattern, that dh bought for me online, for a knitted shawl or scarf with fabrics..I know I have one from long time ago but would not know where to start to look for takes 6 yards of fabric cut on the bias and I can not stand that long to do cut, wish one of my friends, you, where here to help I would have that made in no time...
How has it been for all of you all. I do miss sewing but did get to sew a couple of the rice pads and they work so much better than the heating pads..and I have 3 of but I will before getting back to making quilting make a couple with Velcro for my wrist while will feel just great.
Oh we have a new JOANN'S store opening the 19 and sales till the21st..Christopher Lowell, i used to watch him will be here on the 19 if people want to met bad dh is but I love my Hancock's and it is closer..yes they move Joann's further then the other stores, so it might take us 40-45 mins to get there depending on traffic..I don't miss something I never had before..but will be nice to go to another fabric store.
Have a great day and yes, I chatted your ears lots of love and hugs, Lorraine

Friday, February 6, 2009

Leggings and chat

Here are my leggings..kinda on the large sized...use the hoop for the children's size and I think it is to large and I remember comments made where I got the pattern that they also mentioned it and baby's loom is too small so I have two patterns to knit with needles if I decide to make any more..I tried these on my arms and they kept them warm I tried to get dh to try them on and model them for me and he would not..
I have been to the therapist and she was surprised that I was not given any exercises to do after surgery..but like my Dr said I really tore my cartilage so..I am doing just fine I did some that I remember from 3 and half years ago...she said I did just fine..when I got home I was in more pain..all around my incision area..she told me it would be like that because it has no were to go...I graduated from the walker without wheels to my Cadillac walker with wheels..she does not want to see me on my old walker..I have to wear shoes which I do not like to wear..did yesterday, I did feel the difference but also felt the weight of the shoes when I walked..did not put them on Have a nice weekend..hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lil Gwendolyn in her hat and scarf

Lil Gwendolyn in her hat and scarf that I made her..isn't she a doll..she look great in them too. thanks for sending the photos for me to post Aunt Lorraine

what I have done lately and checking in on progress report of knee

I am glad these two sets came up first..I finally made me a lime and purple set. The purple has a specialty yarn called purple mountains mixed with Purple tones yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby..the specialty yarn I bought online.
I have fun fur mixed with the edges of the brim of hat and scarf. I wore this to the Dr's the other day and got 3 comments on it..I have to admit I was a little leery of wearing such a bright color but it did look good on. Warm too!!

Gwen's and Patti's red hat and scarves..

My son's god children's hat and scarf.

Voo Doo black hat not enough to make a scarf..but still searching for it..This type of Paton's yarn has been bad it is such classy yarn for scarves and hats..
I am making my last one for others mom's navy blue hat..and now I will play around with different types of stuff to knit..bought out books that are over 20 years old and will have to figure out what type of yarn I can replace the patterns I have pick to make..A rug, two different type of with a hood..some legging..and a basket weave scarf for my son Terrance.
I went in on Friday for my check up after was 2 weeks from surgery..the Dr was not there for a week and the first apt was too soon after surgery..
First thing I asked Dr. Fly is why am I still in much of it..It has not gone away at all..only with pain killers, when I finally found one that worked. He grabbed my hand and told me it has only been 2 weeks and you will have pain for awhile. I have gone through 4 different pain pills..the first one..I was allergic too..and the others did the last one was lortab, generic for vicodin..and told him one was not helping and he told me to take worked, it knocked me but when I get up the pain is there..I get to the point where I want to scream, hit someone and you name it...I keep the heating pad on my knee at all times that I am up..I have two of them, one in my bedroom and one in the living room and will get another one today for the dinning room...It is so hard when no one is around trying to carry all that I need to be comfortable..I can not stay in one place when I am up..I have used crutches and a walker..I am on the walker for now and will be for awhile.
He told I have really cracked the cartilage really good, a long one..told him I had twisted my knee a day before Thanksgiving and two days later and this one my dh had to help me walk as I could not.I also felt it do something. He cut it off and sanded it and than remove what he could under my knee cap with the arthritis...My knee cap feels better,. I am going to start therapy next week far both insurances will do 3 weeks with 2 days only..we will take what I can have and not pay for is costly!!
This is the second time I have been online and do not know how many times I will come on..right now the pain pills are working but I also heading straight for bed when done here.
Something I have noticed since I have made the scarves and hats for family and friends. I usually thank someone either by card or a phone call..received two by email..this I was so shock..told dh I did not like it but he said that is today..I guess I will make something for someone and take a photo and send them the email and show them what I made them.. and than maybe an email is accepted..everyone has my phone number...or do we have new etiquette rules on making gifts or buying them and emailing is now accepted for thank yous.,.what about wedding and shower gifts..just venting a bit..I put a lot of time and special love in making these..oh we do live and learn do we not!! Have a great week and hopefully I will have something other that hats and scarves to put on my blog...

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