Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Checking In

Hi everyone,
Just letting you all know I am still living!!! lol..the pain has been tolerable lately..still having trouble with knee cap and where the incision where the cut the cartilage, hurts now and them..still am told no cane yet..till the knee cap stops buckling under me..
I have loads of photos to put into my blog..but I have do it a little at a day I will be back to normal..when I wish I knew..
But the good news is that I am sewing, serging and knitting..not just knitting..I have made 20 napkins, 7 satin pillow cases and one pillow, satin..all with the serger so I have to hem them on the sewing machine, except the napkins, I will leave them the way the I did not do a rolled hem like I should have, I was having so much trouble with threading the darn left the serger just where it I bought 4 satin type table runners and 2 dish cloths, with silver and gold..cut them up to sizes for napkins for Christmas next now I will have napkins..for only a dollar each item, I made up like a charm.. Today I will hem what I can till I tire..than hopefully load the photos in the computer and put them on the blog..My youngest brother surprised us with his presence on Sunday..what a trilled that was...told no one..will tell the story later..what fun..Oh and shopping on Saturday was a ball in and out of the rain, with dh having to cover my walker with a what life brings us have a good day and hopefully I will be online tonight with some photos..also have flowers popping out too..lots of hugs to all, Lorraine


Genie said...

Look forward to seeing your photos. Hope you feel better soon.

LorraineS said...

thank you Genie, I had a rough time today, ran out of pain pills and usually take one before therapy, plus they surprised me and took off the one pound weights and added the two pounders...hard but did what they wanted me too..I cried when they told I might be with my walker for about another 3 to 6 months, as I was hoping for better news than that...I have so much I want to do but I am a determined woman who wants to do better than have a wonderful afternoon and thank for visiting my blog, Lorraine

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