Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guess what I am doing now

I am ironing bought some to use to make burp cloths and bought the wrong ones..they are flat and large..its been so long didn't even bother to look at the size...than I can start to cut them up and sew flannels to the back and front and sew..but will put some wording on it and did some sketching last hope I haven't forgotten how to satin Have a great day all. hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hi Been a very long time

I have had this for a long time and it a quilted snuggle up.

Patterned I received from one of my sisters or my mom..

Butterick 5220 discontinues in 2001. bought it on ebay and I do have another one from another site coming in..probably today or tomorrow.

This is what I am going to knit for my grandchild. I can't wait..

This is the fabric Kim and Terrance picked out for the curtains..the walls will be a blue color..I saw swatches but they want the fabric first as it would be so much simpler to pick the color of the wall that way..

Hi everyone,

First news I have is I am going to be a grandmother. My youngest son, Terrance got married in Sept to Kim Armstrong. On Easter Sunday, they handed us wrapped presents we had to open. In them was books one is for a grandma and the other one for a grandpa..I just looked at Kim and said am I going to be a grandmother..she said look in the book and there was a scan of of the baby. They are not going to see what it is going to be. They want to be surprised. She is now 4 months pregnant..We are going to make curtains and I am going to in the years to come teach her how to sew clothes for our
I typed this is first and the photos ended up being on top..its been awhile..hugs to all, Lorraine

Right now I am getting fabric and what ever I need to make bibs, burp cloths and etc.

I have chosen out patterns of what to knit and patterns that has so much to choose from to sew for a baby. Here are some of the photos:

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