Saturday, August 14, 2010

Twiste Ribbons class

I had forgottent to add the 4th fabric..I had misplaced my lesson when picking out fabric and when I found them it said four fabrics..this is for me to play with making a sample for my quilt bedspread..there are yummy..if worst comes to worst, I can always dye my fabric..the green is all I had and it is one of my dyed fabric.. the second one would a be a challenge as it a batik and I have and love to do batik dyeing but not sure on this Now I will send to my teacher..hugs and have a good day..
I had my 3rd injection yesterday and it always gives me the flu I took some benedryl last night and this morning and seems to working and not making every bone in my body now I will lay down and than practice ont his later..Lorraine

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michelle and kids when visiting me in July 2010

LOL Nathan and his smile for us..He starts or have already started kindergarden..I hope you love it Aunt Lorraine
Michelle and Abby..took Abby a long time to even give me a big hard hug but she did before she left..beautiful little girl..can't wait to see you all Aunt Lorraine

Now this is picture perfect, lovely photo, thank you Michelle and kids..Nathan and Josh the bear, Michelle and Abby Stonebarger..July you all, Aunt Lorraine

Twisted Ribboin scraps I will pratice with

These are the 3 fabrics I chose to practice with for lesson 1 is suppose to be a long cabin so I hope I can do this..haven't done one yet..I probably will regret using these colors as I love them and won't, not even close, to have enough of these fabrics to make this but might be able to make maybe a small art quilt and do something on afterwards..what do you think of the colors..thank goodness the bedroom is not painted yet..have a great day, hugs, Lorraine

Monday, August 9, 2010

Twisted Ribbons with Ruth Blanchet

This is the class I am taking right now with Ruth Blanchet..her website icon is on the lower left on this page..check out the classes she is offering.
I am having a hard time finding my fabrics for this as I am going to try and make my second queen size quilt for our master bedroom. We are painting the room a lavender the the truth these colors are perfect for them but do not want to copy Ruth's color theme... The last queen size quilt I made in 2003 for my late Fr. Rick and my very first quilt to it was hard and it took me like 7 months to is a memory quilt, when I find a photo of it I will put it up.
I am also involved in acrylic painting and have quite a few canvases to gesso before I can start and will put photos up later on..just an update. have a great day every one and hugs, Lorraine


Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am back I hope sorry for not posting here in long time

Hi everyone,
So sorry for not posting in a long time but nothing new or creative is happening and hoping that this will change with the jell injections I am getting in my knees.
I was emailed that I was missed a QU student lounge as I used to go there and chat with the girls a lot I will try and keep things at least updated
Both of my son's were out of work..but youngest is starting a new job on august 30th..thank you God..My oldest is moving to Mississippi and going to be living (not sleeping) with a woman and her 2 daughters to help each other out..It is below Archer Bulters Lake and it is a farm house in the boonies..but has a wonderful lake..I am excited to see this place as it sounds like a place I would love to live away from the world that I am in There is suppose be a place opening up and hiring people so he is hoping he can get a job down there.keeping fingers cross for him and he will be missed in my household knowing he can't just visit me..but that is life.
That picture of the dog in the last posting is not my dog..we woke up one morning and the neighbors took all 3 dogs with it had to belong to one of them..but they sure did not feed them..he was cutie pie but a bad dogie for tearing up my screen in
Well this will be it till next time..hugs to all and please keep cool..hugs, Lorraine

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