Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Pumpkins by Rick Johnstone

These two pumpkins were carved by Rick Johnstone, my brother in law, my youngest sister, Patti, husband..Rick does such wonderful work on pumpkins..I have seen many of them before.
We all wish you all a Happy Halloween and hope the weather holds up for all the children. Kudos for you Rick. Wonderful carvings..

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh so Spooky...this looks awesome, just awesome..thank you, hug Lorraine xxoo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone

This card is made by sister, Patti Johnstone. She and all of us wish you all Happy and Safe Halloween..You did good sis..I am just not able to sew..we had a swap together but had to opt out..due to my health issues..but be sure to come back for Christmas and your eyes will feast of some awesome Christmas cards..for sure..I love Christmas and who does
Oh do you know anyone that reminds you of this witch...I think we all enjoy from Patti..and me..hugs, Lorraine

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reunion photos from a week ago-Oct 2009

These are grouping of the photos of our reunion with Patti, Rick and Parker, when they came from Florida. I haven't seen my sister in 6 years. My brother, Don, came down from Indiana and she hasn't seen in "16 years!!".. My niece, Michelle came from Nashville with Josh, her dh, and two children, Nathan and Abby.. The gathering was with my brother's children, Leah, Jason and Christopher and their families..Patti stayed at Jason's..Michelle at Leah's and Don divided his time with Leah and mom..We also sang Mom "Happy Birthday, even if it was early..we had dinner at my home and decide with her 3 children, me, Patti and Don..with Michelle and her family and Leah..why not surprise her..I had baked a Red Velvet cake and made Fried Rice with shrimp and pork..well, I cut the vegetables and made the son Terrance put it all together..It was so much fun. A lot of photos were taken at the cook out at Chris's home on Sat.and a few from the Bonfire on Friday evening and a few from my home. These photos came from Patti and Rick..also I got to met my great nephew, Parker (Patti and Rick's grandson), great niece Abby (Michelle and Josh's daughter) and met Jackson, Leah's youngest son..he was just a doll, and always smiling..and he is a big baby..weighting in at 21 lbs at 6 months, I think..can't think right now.. There is not any notes on these photos or I would be here forever and a day getting it on my blog..just enjoy looking at them..Please click on the photos on top and below to make it larger and you can see them better, oh, two photos missing, one with me and Leah and my fat butt in the air..I saw Rick trying to get a photo and had to be my hot spa..and one of Terry and me at the table at the BBQ at Chris' I had to be chauffeured around as dh was not feeling very well but did come to the BBQ and of course at my home..we both did not feel too good..Enjoy..

I haven't received any more photos...OK Josh where are they..waiting for them..wish I could have been there for all of it and than I would had my own...too..when we were all at my home, I did take a few but they came out just horrible, batteries were dead....
Chat: for family and is personal stuff so you might want to skip this..for those on FB.
I haven't been here on my blog as I haven't done much of anything. I somehow got acute bronchitis..really bad..First bout, they gave me penicillin and something else with some cough gel meds...than went in last week Friday..and I was even worse so they gave me some Tussinex, which has hydrocodone, that I was taking for my the cough I had to go off my dorvaset..which I am glad as it was not reliving all my pain..but this sure does..make me dizzy too. My Dr's wife, Rita, called me on Wednesday, the first ever for me for any Dr...I could not get over it and ask her if she was calling me because I wasn't going to take the antibiotic they had prescribe for me..she said no, that they was wanting to know how I was doing as I was very very was nice and told I knew I was going to best dr in Memphis!! I have been going to them since the base hospital closed in 1996.. a long time and medical history with them
Patti was sick all the way something was for sure in the air..not what we hoping you are better..
I also feel again...but catching my fall with my hands..I was playing with Suzie..and with this cough med..I got a little dizzy bending I used my hand, or shall I say my fingers, to catch my fall..It looked like the ring finger on the left hand got the worse of was sore but I did not realized how bad till I took a nap and the pain was shooting through both the pinkie and ring was very very painful..could not bend them at all...when dh came home we found splits, metals ones...I had to use many years ago when my fingers were crooked and had to were them for almost 6 months..the pinkie is still a bit crooked..could not find the small one so he taped the little finger to the ring finger that had the splint and it worked like a charm...anyway I could not do hardly anything and one was typing in this till yesterday...Dh is getting better too,oh my son Mike was really sick and had to go the emergency room and they took him right away,, even if he did not have insurance..he still has not found a job, and now live in Walls, Ms with some friends..he is homeless now.. Just a brief, lol, of whats been going on with me.. How are you all doing? email me and let me know..
I have signed up for 6 classes and all of them were of course this last few weeks so I haven't done any of will last a whole need to get this one done and caught up or i won't be able too. We are on block 2 and have 8 more to go..videos and printed lessons come with it..acrylic paining on canvas..and have all the supplies just need to get better so I can..the others are online quilting classes.. I will for sure put them in here as get to them and also the other 7 quilts that waiting for me to machine quilt which are already spray basted...I have my Bargello autumn on the sewing machine..what I working on when I got sick..tried to sew a few stitch in the ditch last night but fingers are not well to hold on to the quilt..also dying to get to use my Janome machine poor it waiting for me...
I also am having fun with my games on I can't do anything else but read..I now enjoy these games..Fish World, Island Paradise and Calvin's Island..all these game does not take much time playing them..but now I do..and love it..Fish World, I love re decorating my tanks with different themes..they have all sort of themes..can not wait for the Christmas ones..Island Paradise we get to steal crops from our neighbors..and we grow a few crops..not like the two big ones that I got out of..I was spending time on these and did not like it and anyway I am a city girl who does not know how to take care of a So for now this is what I at least it keeps me from getting to bored...knitting had not spark any interest for now...but see myself getting back into it soon.. Have a wonderful weekend and don't get bored....take a risk at something you have been wanting to just might like it..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take a preview look at the ArtforAutism site
On the left they have a list of the artist, just click on a name and view their work. If you like something on the left Claudine has a link to contact her..Auction starts on the 4th of October. hugs, Lorraine

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