Monday, March 31, 2008

Chat about psoriasis-glasses

No photos today, as I am designing and making pattern pieces and not ready to share yet without my copyrighted info.
Psoriasis, how many of you have psoriasis? I do and have for over 17 years. All the meds, ointments, creams and now AD ointment..just keeps it from itching but never gets rid of it..Guess what.
In our newspaper, The Commercial Appeal. we have a Dr that gives out information about whatever a person ask. My dh brought this article home and I read it and now I must say, my psoriasis never look or felt better. A woman wrote to the Dr thanking him for the article about using banana skin, inside. He dh tried to 3 days and it was gone..and only used it once a week to keep it clear. He has psoriasis for only 2 years. I started this a week ago and you should see my calve, knees and elbows..It is close to seeing my skin again. I now have dh eating a banana a day..I use twice as mine are thicker than most people. I scrub it every night and did all the treatments and it never look this good. Every morning it looked it grew, yew get thick and crusty sometimes if I am not able to put something on it all day. I only wear long skirt during the summer and slacks in the winter when I go somewhere and long sleeve or 3/4 inch shirts or blouses..It is ugly to look at and do not want anyone to see it..When I first went in to the Dr's in June of last year..she was shocked to see what she saw and asked me what it telling a Dr it was psoriasis..give me a
I forgot to take photos to show the before and after, because I would love to send them to this Dr.
When putting the banana skins on your psoriasis, it will sting for about 5-10 minutes and it is messy, do I care No it works..there is cure and they, medical field, knew this more than if this can help someone save money and wastes time putting all these creams and ointment..I hope so. Of course I would love to show you all photos but I won' I am embarrassed having psoriasis..Good luck anyone that does try it.
My glasses came in the now have to find the time with dh working to pick them up. Well I better get something done this evening as all I have done today is mess around..scan my patterns pieces and try to buy supplies from Dick Blick and still haven't push the confirm Have a great evening.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bubble wrap and Paint stick techniques done

I did two different color ways for me to use on post cards background with this Bubble wrap technique. I was suppose to stamp a print on it and than detail it but forgone that.
Paint sticks..I love this technique since I learned about it over 3 and half years ago in Linda Schmidt"s Element class. Every thing was new to me than and haven't stop investigating new and found techniques with new products that comes up. I used all but the metals colors in this one.
I did try doing some discharging with my dye bleach pen and the gel and neither one worked..I of course had to paint a piece with Dyna flow to see if it works..and heat setting it before doing the discharging..I was not going to get involved with all the other things used..done it before.
I did the bubble wrap thing last year but with printer was more intense in color that fabric paints..and probably always will be.
I detailed all the fruits and just waiting for the weekend when I will have some cherries and grapes to add in front of the few rows that looks kinda off, like fruit flying in the air. I will than use chalk to fill in around the fruits and vegetables will different colorways around them. I will that add a strip of fabric to the lines about an 1/4 inch and thank proceed on with fibers. Than will add borders, binding and maybe use ribbon with binding..Than machine quilt it and add my beading last. It for sure will not look anything of what is it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Fruit and Vegetable Painting Quilt

I worked on this all morning and afternoon. When I finally started the detailing in black, I got very sleepy so went to take a nap and haven't worked on it since..but will every day till the detailing is done. You can see a few on the upper right side..just a black detailing to bring up the fruit to is most. only the outside. I have quite a bit to get this one right. I plan on using chalk, paintstick, and what ever is need to make it something special on my dinning room wall. It looks great there right now. It measures 26x30. I started out with measuring where I wanted everything, so I drew very faint lines with a ruler and then mask it off when putting the paint on the fabric with the it would not get so out of line. I knew I wanted the a purplish larger cabbage at the made sure I had room for those. I use fibers and of course beads to bring out the insides of the fruit..I really can not wait till the detailing is done..

New photos of lil Gwendolyn Adorable

Gwendolyn Pretty in Pink is 10 months old..ohh when I saw these I wanted to hold her so you..
Lil Gwendolyn with Daddy, Chris Lausterer, my brother's Don, oldest son.
She loves her walker her mom said..
MMMMM and sweet potato

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My graduations of fushsia dyeing

I let the dye sit for 24 hours, every so many hours, like 8, I would add another piece of fabric in the pot. This is my motted fuchsia. Oh so much prettier in person.. Stuff and dump on the darker side of pink/fuchsia.
Another stuff and dump..all those different pinks..awesome.
Here they are all four, but actually did 6 but giving sis the others and part of these..I do not carry much pink in my stash..maybe because I did not have any but now I should have enough to play with for a bit.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Wet and Dry Studio-Chat

Now that the awning does not leak, I put my thread mill on the deck by the sliding glass doors..maybe I can get or want to get out more. This is what you see when you look into the room, where the thread mill was. This cabinet will be covered with an old table cloth, vinyl, for my painting and dyeing. How neat this is going to be..I really can wait till all molds are out of this room and off the shelves.. My designing board that will be made to slide from one side to the other side. That way I will have two here.
This is the corner view where both the cabinet and table meets giving me a L shape. and in the corner there are still mold on the flooring and I stack a few empty boxes there.
Here it to the right of the door when you walk in. This table is front of a large shelf area with a little bit of molds on it. The table that gets used a lot and was most of the time a storage lol
These shelves use to be my green ware shelves but not holds my storage boxes and now have my itty bitty table and chair so I can do some other type of work.

My opt. called me today. The people who are suppose to make my glasses can not find my glasses at all. Dr. Reed and staff have looked all over their place to see if they still had it even if they had a receipt saying it had been mailed. So now I have to choose over the phone another pair of glasses to be made.
The Satellite people came to re hook up our dish. We thought we were paying for this service all along..well, we are only paying for not getting the signal and they come out to re do the signal. So it was going to cost me either 97 dollars or 50 cash..I paid it saved us 47 but I know what these guys are doing, but not complaining, just glad I had the cash on hand. Dh gave that to me to spend on something I might want..a class or some supplies..and I did not use it..had to almost two getting good about spending money..he will give it back to yeah..

My Fruit Painting Play Time

These are vegetables. celery stalk, cabbage, green onions..leaf of the celery..
Lemons and bananas.
Larger area of the cabbage, carrots and tomatoes..I want more different colors on my quilts so I will throw in other colors to a fruit or vegetable to make more fun.
This the larger cabbage also but over lapping over other colors..really pretty.
These are the vegetables I use for the above. they are now in the fridge and I will do my larger quilt piece tomorrow.
All the fruit..
Apple and tangerine.
Kiwi above left, peaches, avocado and pears..need more
Orange, kiwi, apple same on bottom and banana in the middle. What I will do for my quilt is put all the fruit in the middle and have the vegetables on the sides and tops..Paint in between all veg and fruit with a contrasting color that make them popped out I do not want whiter or a muslin color background..I already have done the measurements for my dinning room..When done will put it here.
I am dyeing fuchsia and almost done..let it set for 24 hours..and also every so many hours have adding another piece of fabric hoping to get a nice graduations..Will post tomorrow..
There is so much of this and hope you all like viewing them, as this will be boring for others, sorry about that..

My New Roof

Left side of my home.
middle section of my home.
Right side of my home. The gray really does more for my home than the white. They said after a few very warm days they lay flat and melt to each other. Those large lefty things you see all over is the leaves for the Surprise Lilies that blooms in then we have mowed and mowed over them because they start to look terrible..than in August you just a stem with large Pink Lilies..very odd but pretty.
One of the photos you can see how much those Narcissus are blooming.. Tomorrow morning I will water them all. they are very use to lots of rain and need to keep it that way or all my flowers with looks very neglected..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dyeing Projects today

I dyed this today and started very early so that I could just let them sit for about 10 hours and rinse and put them in the dryer...My teal did not come out the blue teal that I wanted..did it 3 so more blue less green next But got my lime and purple and turqoise..did not feel like working with any red or fuschia today next week sometime..
I am getting some dyes ready to dyed Mom's 4 t shirt..wish she likes tie-dye but not so..she wants solids so I will have to keep on adding and stirring but she is such a tiny person it won't take long..she is making the potato salad for dinner tomorrow, so I do not mine..She will be able to take them home tomorrow..really do not fell like mixing more dyes but hey that's life, lol Make do for others..
I also will be doing my fruit and vegetable dyeing. dh just went to get a carrot and a lemon..I must have..see now if I drove and had my car I could get it myself and not wait around for day at a time..I will get there again!!
Well, I now have a new roof..It looks great. We paid off the other guy from the insurance as my awning was still leaking and he wanted to remove my old shingles, and put on new ones..we know why make sure he got the leak..not necessary. we hire someone who has been in the roofing business for over 20 years and got a discount..100 dollar lest for the whole roof compare to only a half a roof...Yeah..We also got a grayish color instead of white and it matches the house so much better..tomorrow a photo..I was taking a nap when they finished..boy I was out there constantly removing the shingles, from the tips of the house they cut..from my flower garden some on top my poor flowering Reason for the It felt good to good some bending and bending and more knee felt it a bit but all is fine.
Glasses did not come in again..another week..When I call Monday and if it is not in I think, now think, I will ask for my money back. we are going back to Dec before glasses..boy..Can not wait till all this is done.
No TV..they had to disconnect it to put up the we have tapes many dvd from pay tv so we will put them tonight and all day strange to have only the local channels and I hate them except when the CSIs come on CBS that is all I
Happy Easter to all of you from my family to yours!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sun Printing for class most of the day

This is stuff and dump in a cup with 4 colors..than put outside to dry. front
This is the back side isn't it wonderful. just as nice to use as the front.
Sun printing with magnets, egg shells, acrylic beads and buttons.
Second one with about the same thing but a change in colors.
Another stuff and dump technique.
Back side.
just mixed colors for sun drying.
Back side just as nice too..
Red to pink and wrinkled it a bit, for Sis who need these colors.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Memory of my Uncle Donnie

Donald Harvey Lausterer March 8, 1935-March 3, 2008.
My uncle Donnie was the father we never had for us 5 siblings. He use to babysit my twin and I when he was 13 and going to school. He would run over to our house to babysit us when Mom had my brother, Bob. during his lunch hour to feed us and make we were fine and than go back to school and after school. I love talking to him on the phone, he always had me cracking up with laughter..but it has not happen since late last year..when I called he was always rushing me off the phone..I did know he was getting his cancer back as he did not let us know. He was such a kind and wonderful man. We all are very deepen with sorrow. I still have my brothers to call. My youngest brother, Donnie, was names after him. He would always ask how he was doing and always would say, my name
I have this photo trace on tracing paper and muslin as I was going to a portrait of him 3 years ago and never did finish it..It is time that I do for me. I am going to try and do a fabric painting of him also. May not come out as good.

Here is another photos of Uncle Donnie with my Dad, on the right. This was a long time ago and have no date..but probably in the 90's. Now he is with his two other brothers, his mom and dad. too. I will have another guardian angel to watch over me and my siblings. I will miss your laughter over the phone and I know you did not receive my birthday card which you would have had a big kick out of.

My Uncle Roger, in Indian, is as off now having lung cancer surgery, He almost did not make it last year with colon cancer. I am praying for you Uncle Roger. I could not understand why my letters came back to me when I wrote you to your ex wife's address where you were staying, but than found out she had died. Aunt Lorraine told me you are now living with your daughter..I did get her address and phone number from a if you are going to read this..maybe Ruth Ann, your daughter will.

I am the only one out of 5 siblings that did meet any of our Uncles. Only one Uncle I did not meet and that is Uncle Walter in Maryland. And I never have met my Aunt Lorraine. one day, there is still time. There were Ballard, my dad, Walter, Vernon, Donald and Roger for the guys and Aunt Lorraine, the only girl. Uncle Vernon lives in Mexico..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I received today

My twin sister, Mary Adkins, sent these two beautiful dress form pin cushions. The blue on top is a large one and the purple is a smaller one. They were a joy to receive and I love them both. I now have 4 of these. She also sent me a purple fairy, like my green on she sent awhile them. She made stick pins which is on the dress forms.
Today I finished all the dolls that I have been beading for a long time now. Hair, I mean real hair on a few of them, and doll's hair on the rest..Talk about have a bad hair day..Hair is harder to put on than anything I do with these dolls but does not take a long as the beading or painting the faces.
The copyright place has downloaded my blog so now I just wait and see what I have to do next. My dh wants me to get a patent but I do not thing that is necessary, as it also cost a pretty penny..but if he does insist and willing to pay for I will.
I made my sister her yellow one today, I made it with my real hair and even put glasses on her. My dh got a big charge of it. I will put the face on here but the not the whole doll. Not until I have the copyright logo on any of the dolls.
I made one for my younger sister, and she ended up looking Hawaiian, wasn't suppose to but did and love it. Now on to beading newer ones. I love doing and my dh notice that I really have fun with it..I told him I miss my art in ceramic, oils and etc. but the way my arm is there is no way right now.
My son is having problems with his U KNOW WHAT..I have quite a few names for but than thought it might really be an insult to I will have to come up with a duzzie one. She is what she is..Her true colors are coming out..But there were a few times I saw the look in her face..No wonder no one could bond or be friends with her..I never did see anyone that cried a lot or was so sick all the time..yet they could never find anything wrong with her..Is her therapist helping her, I do not think any one can help her now she is beyond helping..
I remember taking depression pills and being very depressed about 5 years ago. but I did not accomplished anything. I was sleeping my life away and thinking about how depress I was all the time to me was not healthy at all. I took control of my life by was hard but I did it and happy for it. No one is worth the worry, trouble or pain when it does you, yourself, harm. I learn this the hard way. I am not saying do not care for others..but do not dwell on it. You can not do anything but be very supported. I will help my son financially as much as I can, and be there when he needs someone to talk to but I will not dwell on it..I will rant when I want to and get over it..till something comes up do the same old thing again. I would not be where I am now if I did not take control of it. Sometimes it is very hard. Yes, I will worry about my son probably through out the day in random thoughts as he is my son..that is mother nature..for all of us..enough Have a great day tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My second scrunch piece

Here is my second scrunch piece. I see a lot of possibilities in this piece. I see the sky in this one. I never did move this one around and if I had I might had more of coverage. I will be dyeing fabrics instead of painting. I need some lime green, teal and purple.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Chat

I have been approved for my copyright for my dolls that I am making. whether for classes, selling and etc. Was pricey to buy. Now I have to wait for the federal express guy to come to bring me my papers..Than I send them all that I want copyrighted on them. I have made over 50 different styles and techniques since especially is what I want these on. It took a total of 5 days of sketching, beading, removing and than doing the hair and face..a lot of work and do not want any to take that away from me and I know these people are out there, I have only experience once with a part of my own designed quilt which no one has seen yet..never did post it but in a class. Not even can I have permission was asked. So after sharing so much of my work I now have been very careful. I hate to do this..but this protects me.
Dh is outside mowing the yard with his new electric lawn mower. He was trying to hard to buy a motor for his old one and twice now at the very last minute some gets it for a dollar So he thought he would go and buy a new at the exchange for their cheaper for $170 but they did not have any left. He called me and we discussed a 300 dollar one and told him yes go ahead and get it..mind you it was last on our priority list..after the water heater..I can not wait till next year when all this done and gone and we can say Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
We got a call on our roofing from the guys that still has not fixed the leaked on our roof. They want to take off the old and start fresh..but the old is just fine, with no wrinkles or curling, dh thinks they are doing this so the can get rid of the leak once and for all, but we end up paying for there mistakes
My computer glasses are not in yet and its been going 3 weeks this Sat. I told them today that I am a very unsatisfied customer. I started out 2 weeks before Christmas and got my regular, Transitions, in the middle of Feb and now it is the middle of March and still one pair to go. What service we get now. I wish I could do the roofing and make my own this point

What are these Yellow flowers

Dh took the lower photo and it is blurry so I picked one and took it. Isn't it pretty. Are these Narcissus? I had white ones but they haven't bloomed in 2 maybe they turned yellow..Hope someone can help me..I have out of gardening for over two years, I use to know my flowers and plants and now they all seem to escape me.
You know I am not one to use a lot of yellow or orange in my quilts only when I have to. But do keep hand dyed ones on hand. But they sure are pretty in a garden bed..
Here they are growing like

Very Happy with colors of the paint

Here is my mono printing and love the vibrant colors here. Of course they look a lot better in person than on the computer.
I love what I had here, till the red glob fell onto and decided to put it all over my green piece..This sometimes hey they could be a red bush or some red flowers, using your My other piece still is not dry. I probably won't do any more till next week. I have so much of sun printing and other practices that I have had a chance to use and wanting to delete some of stash, this playing time does not help out, but could always give it to sis.
Found out the purple plant is a weed with a white ball on top. Someone in my painting class told the name and forgot to write it down.

My Painting for class for now

Here is my wash. It is already done and ironed. I love mixing the variety of colors to see what I will get. I did not use Seta Paints or Jacquard Textile paints but decided to something I have had on my shelf for awhile and only had use a few jars. When I buy paints I buy at least a dozen at a time..I used Jacquard's Dyna Flow ...right out of the bottle..I will be doing this through the whole class.. One done..How's the arm, making by..but can not sit still with painting. A few of the project I will not do at all as that would hurt my arm more but still can play a little. The sun is shining and I might go play outside later this afternoon with more sun printing and see if this paint will work, it should..
This is my mono printing, wet, so we will see how it looks when dry.I did use my fingers to do just a squiggly lines down to bring the other colors together and see what happens. It did separate on the glass, not sure if it is suppose to but stayed wet for the longest did not have to worry about it drying on me. I have magenta, orange, yellow, teal, a light green forget the name and purple.
The upper left hand corner is a wet one with wipes from hands or the I save everything and use in dyeing and painting. the upper right is my first scrunching and than did another one in front. The green will be good for mountain and valleys for an art quilt. I used a quarter of yard for all my painting as I can not use an 8x10. It just would not go that far for me if I wanted to do something with it. Also I always like to send sis half of what I do. I only have a shelf in my closet of just fabrics full of hand dyed and painting
This is a paper towel and another wet one with the paints on them. I need to iron them when they are dry. Of course for another project in the

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