Monday, March 17, 2008

What are these Yellow flowers

Dh took the lower photo and it is blurry so I picked one and took it. Isn't it pretty. Are these Narcissus? I had white ones but they haven't bloomed in 2 maybe they turned yellow..Hope someone can help me..I have out of gardening for over two years, I use to know my flowers and plants and now they all seem to escape me.
You know I am not one to use a lot of yellow or orange in my quilts only when I have to. But do keep hand dyed ones on hand. But they sure are pretty in a garden bed..
Here they are growing like


Michelle said...

They look like daffodils to me. About the time of year for them. Very beautiful!

LorraineS said...

I think they are Narcissus. They are much smaller blooms and the inside are quite different than my daffodils. I still have them blooming. I had white Narcissus but they did not come up last year or the year before and wondering about the color changing, have no idea. I will look up a photo of it and see. You see I have so many of these now that my green lust grass and these lovely yellow and my yellow daffodils my yard looks great..with hardly any work at all. love it..thank you anyway and will post when I find a photo. hugs, Lorraine

LorraineS said...

I am to be corrected.
Narcissus is in also called sometimes a daffidils..but the larger flower are the daffodils. That trumpet looking ones are called Narcissus and another name after that that started with a J.. this is what mine looks like. lol forgot it already.
Also found out that Narcissus is also a Greek hero if you forget to put plant after the flower..Something new I learned today, well two thank you again, Michelle. hugs, Lorraine

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