Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Chat

I have been approved for my copyright for my dolls that I am making. whether for classes, selling and etc. Was pricey to buy. Now I have to wait for the federal express guy to come to bring me my papers..Than I send them all that I want copyrighted on them. I have made over 50 different styles and techniques since especially is what I want these on. It took a total of 5 days of sketching, beading, removing and than doing the hair and face..a lot of work and do not want any to take that away from me and I know these people are out there, I have only experience once with a part of my own designed quilt which no one has seen yet..never did post it but in a class. Not even can I have permission was asked. So after sharing so much of my work I now have been very careful. I hate to do this..but this protects me.
Dh is outside mowing the yard with his new electric lawn mower. He was trying to hard to buy a motor for his old one and twice now at the very last minute some gets it for a dollar So he thought he would go and buy a new at the exchange for their cheaper for $170 but they did not have any left. He called me and we discussed a 300 dollar one and told him yes go ahead and get it..mind you it was last on our priority list..after the water heater..I can not wait till next year when all this done and gone and we can say Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
We got a call on our roofing from the guys that still has not fixed the leaked on our roof. They want to take off the old and start fresh..but the old is just fine, with no wrinkles or curling, dh thinks they are doing this so the can get rid of the leak once and for all, but we end up paying for there mistakes
My computer glasses are not in yet and its been going 3 weeks this Sat. I told them today that I am a very unsatisfied customer. I started out 2 weeks before Christmas and got my regular, Transitions, in the middle of Feb and now it is the middle of March and still one pair to go. What service we get now. I wish I could do the roofing and make my own this point


Anonymous said...

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LorraineS said...

thank you so much for looking and liking my blog. I put everything and anything in my I will check out your blog. again thank you, hugs, Lorraine

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