Sunday, March 16, 2008

Been Busy and chat

Sorry my blog is boring as I am only beading now and some painting. I am taken 3 classes now and can not do none of them. But am going to do some mono printing tonight..and maybe some other fabric painting. I did everything in this class but use real fruit..I usually eat my so will look forward to it, last lesson more than likely. lol Not much discussion as she only comes on line once a day and not on Sundays..This class is for beginners, but if they want to really get into some serious painting, they should take Michelle Scott's and Marjie McWilliams painiting classes.
My embroidery class I can not do as it is traditional and I do not do that so I am going to use a whole cloth to do this, next weekend as my arm is very tender right now.
My other class is from another area and it started about 3 weeks ago..for sure a no no..but i can do it later on.
Can anyone out there tell me what the name of this plant is? We have never in the 21 years living here seen this come up and all of sudden there it is. It has bells and I am wondering if it the Bluebell plant. We also have another flowering plant coming up. It is yellow and it is all through my flower garden, these never came up before. I am just wondering with all the rain and such that is was buried so deep it made to the I will post a photo of it as it blooms more. I have Narcissus and haven't seen them come up yet. They are white. Maybe these yellow flowering plant is my missing

This is the back side of my Ma-ling Oriental Empress doll, I got them mixed up. The bottom is my front side. I just painted her face yesterday and bunch more. Did some vases today, I realized how much I miss my ceramics..but know I can not do them on a regular basic. Well, till my arm is taking care of..

Faces and vases I painted yesterday and today. The vases are dry brushing and left the black because it showed up so much more than another color would have. Made two orange-yellow, one each for my sisters, and one burgundy to pink is mine.
Till next time have a great week.

My stuff is copyright by me so please do not copy them. thank you. Lorraine


jac said...

Your flower is a grape hyathinth...I think. I can't grow them where I live, as the deer dearly love them....jac

LorraineS said...

Thank you Jac..maybe I get some deer in my front yard. I was told it was a weed, Is Grape Hyacinth a weed? Looks like there will be more of them..
I am putting in the other plant maybe you can help with them. lol hugs, Lorraine

jac said...

We don't consider this flower as a weed in the northwest. It's just another beautiful spring flower. The deer do not eat daffodils, so that is my only spring flower I can grow.

Your fabrics are looking really good. I'm really enjoying this class....jac

LorraineS said...

As I looked at the flower, I am thinking how can this pretty flower be a weed. It is so pretty. We took more photos and will keep I love them.
Now I do have some purple weed cover wanting to come up, now that's a weed.
I can do any more painting, my arm just can take it..but I have done all this before, so I do not feel bad..but waiting for the fruit thank you for visiting my blog. hugs, Lorraine

LorraineS said...

Jac, you are like my twin, I started her on her blog last March and she still has not put anything up..I went and saw you haven't either..Do you not like blogging..I mainly do for my friends and family. That is why I chat a hugs, Lorraine

jac said...

I just recently started reading blogs, this is all new to me. I do follow your blog each day and am disappointed when you have nothing new. I just don't think I'd have the patience to keep a blog going and interesting to others, but it is something to think about......jac

LorraineS said...

Jac, a blog is for anyone whether they can put up on posting a month or like I do. I love doing it. If you need any help at all I will be glad to help you.
It is so fun when a friend, like you, or a family members sends you an email about it. Or even others saying they like your blog. I put my family, my rambling thoughts and anything else. It is like a journal for me and at the same time my works.
Thank you so much for visiting. I had to take another nap with some pills. My arm is just not I did work on my butterflies with wings for the doll body this morning..
Now I think I am going to work and show the girls in my group how to go about making a journal love and hugs, Lorraine
ps. we could keep this going on and it..

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