Friday, March 7, 2008

Tara Root that we make Poi from-And SNOW

OK family members, sons, nieces, nephews and cousins..if you haven't seen Tara root that we use to make poi, here it the way I did not make it, Mom did. We five siblings use to eat this for our baby I did laugh when mom told me..They have this at the commissary ever so often and never bought it and did this time. I will boil it like a potato and eat it with some butter on top. My youngest son, when in Jacksonville (he was born there) we use to go to a field where they grew it and would buy some just for not think he remembers..I will call him tonight and let him know that I have some if he wants any.
When I went back to Hawaii, they sold poi in a can and a milk carton. I did not like the can at all but the milk carton one was alright. I am not sure if I will make poi out of Hard as rock too. probably have to boil it for an
We are expecting snow!!! Yesterday I was out talking to the guy that will be putting the new roofing up, in my t-shirt. A little chilled but not bad..just getting over the flu too. We will see if we get any. At this time I prefer not too. I want some warmer climate!! Who doesn't about
I have been busy beading and have been for 3 months. I have not put any of what I am doing here as not sure what I am going to do with my projects. I am hoping I can sew on the machine with my I can start on my son's quilt again. Well keep warm and chat later..
OH I found out the other night watching the news that Patrick Swayze has Pancreas Cancer..My prayers will be for you, Patrick. You have brought me many fun times with Dirty Dancing and Ghost..I wish you well. I have a huge 6' poster of him that my younger sister sent me and never did put it up as I am not into posters like this.. I also have his video on how to dirty dance, and another one can not remember it..and of course Dirty Dancing and Ghost in a video, need to get one on a

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