Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bubble wrap and Paint stick techniques done

I did two different color ways for me to use on post cards background with this Bubble wrap technique. I was suppose to stamp a print on it and than detail it but forgone that.
Paint sticks..I love this technique since I learned about it over 3 and half years ago in Linda Schmidt"s Element class. Every thing was new to me than and haven't stop investigating new and found techniques with new products that comes up. I used all but the metals colors in this one.
I did try doing some discharging with my dye bleach pen and the gel and neither one worked..I of course had to paint a piece with Dyna flow to see if it works..and heat setting it before doing the discharging..I was not going to get involved with all the other things used..done it before.
I did the bubble wrap thing last year but with printer was more intense in color that fabric paints..and probably always will be.
I detailed all the fruits and just waiting for the weekend when I will have some cherries and grapes to add in front of the few rows that looks kinda off, like fruit flying in the air. I will than use chalk to fill in around the fruits and vegetables will different colorways around them. I will that add a strip of fabric to the lines about an 1/4 inch and thank proceed on with fibers. Than will add borders, binding and maybe use ribbon with binding..Than machine quilt it and add my beading last. It for sure will not look anything of what is it.

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