Monday, March 17, 2008

My Painting for class for now

Here is my wash. It is already done and ironed. I love mixing the variety of colors to see what I will get. I did not use Seta Paints or Jacquard Textile paints but decided to something I have had on my shelf for awhile and only had use a few jars. When I buy paints I buy at least a dozen at a time..I used Jacquard's Dyna Flow ...right out of the bottle..I will be doing this through the whole class.. One done..How's the arm, making by..but can not sit still with painting. A few of the project I will not do at all as that would hurt my arm more but still can play a little. The sun is shining and I might go play outside later this afternoon with more sun printing and see if this paint will work, it should..
This is my mono printing, wet, so we will see how it looks when dry.I did use my fingers to do just a squiggly lines down to bring the other colors together and see what happens. It did separate on the glass, not sure if it is suppose to but stayed wet for the longest did not have to worry about it drying on me. I have magenta, orange, yellow, teal, a light green forget the name and purple.
The upper left hand corner is a wet one with wipes from hands or the I save everything and use in dyeing and painting. the upper right is my first scrunching and than did another one in front. The green will be good for mountain and valleys for an art quilt. I used a quarter of yard for all my painting as I can not use an 8x10. It just would not go that far for me if I wanted to do something with it. Also I always like to send sis half of what I do. I only have a shelf in my closet of just fabrics full of hand dyed and painting
This is a paper towel and another wet one with the paints on them. I need to iron them when they are dry. Of course for another project in the

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