Monday, March 24, 2008

My Wet and Dry Studio-Chat

Now that the awning does not leak, I put my thread mill on the deck by the sliding glass doors..maybe I can get or want to get out more. This is what you see when you look into the room, where the thread mill was. This cabinet will be covered with an old table cloth, vinyl, for my painting and dyeing. How neat this is going to be..I really can wait till all molds are out of this room and off the shelves.. My designing board that will be made to slide from one side to the other side. That way I will have two here.
This is the corner view where both the cabinet and table meets giving me a L shape. and in the corner there are still mold on the flooring and I stack a few empty boxes there.
Here it to the right of the door when you walk in. This table is front of a large shelf area with a little bit of molds on it. The table that gets used a lot and was most of the time a storage lol
These shelves use to be my green ware shelves but not holds my storage boxes and now have my itty bitty table and chair so I can do some other type of work.

My opt. called me today. The people who are suppose to make my glasses can not find my glasses at all. Dr. Reed and staff have looked all over their place to see if they still had it even if they had a receipt saying it had been mailed. So now I have to choose over the phone another pair of glasses to be made.
The Satellite people came to re hook up our dish. We thought we were paying for this service all along..well, we are only paying for not getting the signal and they come out to re do the signal. So it was going to cost me either 97 dollars or 50 cash..I paid it saved us 47 but I know what these guys are doing, but not complaining, just glad I had the cash on hand. Dh gave that to me to spend on something I might want..a class or some supplies..and I did not use it..had to almost two getting good about spending money..he will give it back to yeah..

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