Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My poor gazebo..the snow got it and snowy photos

It was about 630 when these were taken so they are kinda dark but did the best I could..Here is my dh, Terry, scraping off snow on his poor sick truck..lol
My neighbor's trees, not looking forward to those gumballs when they start falling it seems we get more than they do...not fair..lol but pretty

Snowy yard..

I took another one of my gazebo at a 8 am so it was light outside..it has collapsed from the weight of the snow and ice..now all dh had to was take it off after work but he not that type of guy, now he has to buy me another one and if don't I will and it will be larger this one...for sure I will..He said if metal bars aren't bent too much he might be able to fix it..but he doesn't get the snow of it tonight it just might collapsed..I would do it but I can't even reach it and of course I don't want to end in bed the rest of the year either..lol
A bit of chat here:
Was so excited I got to watch Pierce Brosnan on the late late night show with host Craig Ferguson..he still looks as handsome as he did with Remington Steele and with the touch of gray..like fine wine..ages very well, I use to say that about Cary Grant ooooooh.lol ok enough
I am doing so well without the pain but it takes so long for me to do anything as I haven't done any of this but in spurts over the last few years..yes my dh did not dust we did dust before my sister came up and it was ridiculous too..he vacuums when he pleases and I am always using my feet to clean the floor in the kitchen and bathroom as could not bend because of the pain..but I am happy that I can do this slowly..I can stand and cook for about a half hour and have to sit..my calves gives in on me, not enough exercises but I am working on them.so I am happy to have my life back.but still haven't sewn a stitch or anything in the creative world that I love..
I still play a few games on fb..but don't know how long, Fb has a new page and it is just horrible to work and a person put something up and I think she is right..with fb acting up and not getting around very well, it is a message to get of the computer and do some sewing but I will be dyeing or painting, as Marjie has discovered a way to paint with our dyes...smart lady she it and a lot of fun..but going at slowly as the studio 2 is very very cold and that itty bitty heater is not keeping me warm..I put on sweats but I think I am allergic to them because when I take them off I have a rash all over my body, very tiny, it doesn't itch but makes one wonder.. I do not normally wear sweats at all..
Anything else going with you all..oh we are celebrating 37 years of marriage on Valentine's day, i have for the last 2 years been saying 38...lol must mean something too long with one person..when I was younger and did not know any better I always told my friends that I was going to get married every 5 years to a different man..by now I would have broken Liz Taylor's record.lol something to ponder though.lol
FB people just ignore this as this is for my friends and family who do not have fb..or a blog and like to keep in touch with me..I will one day revamp this blog...it needs something different..lol lots of hugs and have a great evening and week..Lorraine
Click on the photos and it will be bit larger..Thank you for visitng my blog, sorry I am not here enough and I do miss it..

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