Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thought I would check in

Hi everyone,
I finally made it to the computer. I am still in pain. Dr Fly said he scrapped the arthritis under my knee cap..sometimes I feel he did not put it back in the right place..knee cap sometime makes be buckle.. The tape is still on one of the incision..it has always taken me a long to heal.
I go in on Wednesday morning for my visit, it will be 12 days since surgery. I know I will not be able to do the therapy as I won't pay for it..
Friday the day of the surgery, we ended up at the wrong hospital..oh I just thought this was just horrible and thought it to be a bad omen..crazy me..any way we did get to the right hospital but a half hour later. they still took me..well pain in my knee is going to stop me from continuing on..I am on the mend...lots of hugs, Lorraine
PS..still knitting away..I have made 4 sets of scarves and hats...but won't be able to put them up..Two red sets for adults..for Gwen and Patti.. 2 children's set for my son's godchildren..purple for Sidney and camouflage for Marcus.. A purple hat for me, Finished the scarf for my fancy fur hat and made a black voodoo hat but added the bill in front..very challenging..
I have started a lime green set and a long scarf for my son, Terrance, It is called basket weave and it is really a great pattern, he wanted navy blue and have done the pattern of 18 rows already. I will make me a cherry red one..as I gave Mary my red scarf with out the silver.I removed them..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More hats and scarves for family member done

White hat for Betty Bridges..see saw Mom's and wanted a white..told her from now if she sees a type of yarn and color to send it to me and I will make it..
3 more hats for me..the purple one I will have do without a scarf as I only had enough for a hat..wonderful and think yarn to work with..the upper right is Fancy Fur Black stain glass..I love working with this yarn..I am working on the scarf and did not finished it and probably won't get done till after my recovery..The bottom is an expensive hat..it is 13.95 a skein and I bought 3 of them..it is light and feels wonderful on.

Leah Duggar's hat and scarf..while working with this color and type of yarn, it made me feel really great..how can a pretty color as this which is called Cotton Candy..not do so..

Nathan's and Abby's scarf and hat sent it out today..going to Nashville.

Lil Gwendolyn's hat and scarf..I asked Gwen what color does Chris and Tracey put on her and they said a lot of pink..did not have any but this yarn and just added some fun fur on the brim and edges of both to bring out the pink in the yarn.
Surgery tomorrow:
It is after midnight and I can have any food or water till after surgery tomorrow..I did get an okay from Dr Gordon, my heart specialist, but I do have a problem with my EKG but for type of surgery it is just fine..whew..I do not know if I can lay and sit around any more..so hopefully a week from now I can do a bit more..but on my last surgery I wasn't but if you had to go to therapy the very next day and every other day for 3 weeks..you would not heal like me..but I believe the pain is my arthritis under the knee caps..I do not have to do any therapy for a week and he will give pamphlets on what to do..I am not going to them for it..as my Tri Care did not cover it 3 years ago and ended up paying $695 for that..not this time.
I was not told not to smoke after midnight but choose to do so as I am going to try and see if this is the time I will quilt..if not I will continue to try this year..Dr Gordon told to quit smoking as then other million people has lol but I will do my best..wish me luck..
I have to be there at St Frances hospital out patience at 1215 and surgery is at 2 pm..I do not know how long it will take by dh is taking me..we had to get my car back from my son who has been driving it for almost a year now..I can get up on the truck at all and will not even try. I will bring my fancy walker in case I need it buy believe I am wheeled right to the car and straight home and to bed....
I did finished all that I wanted to knit for my family in making the scarves and hats..I even have my mom wearing them..I was thrilled.
Oh, today I got the best compliment from one of the nurses of Dr Gordon..I told her I was a bit nervous because Dr Fly told me when you are between the ages of 60-70 you bones star to get soft of something like that and she ask me did you say 60..I said yes turn 60 in August..she told me that I have carried my age very well and she did not think I was over 45..Yeah!! but all my siblings and mom are always told that we do not look our age..but just haven't heard for awhile..lol It made me feel like a million bucks!!
Have a great weekend all, hugs, Lorraine

Friday, January 9, 2009

A few more hats and scarves-surgery date

This hat and all hats are made from the knitting looms for children and adults. If I was to knit them on the double sided needles I might have finished about 4 of them..This is for my mom's friend Gloria Reed..she had heart surgery before the holidays began. Isn't it pretty..I looked at this and saw Gloria wearing it.
I took this photo when the sun was shinning through the window, so my voodoo ruby hat is not as pretty as it is in person. on the top left. the upper right is Patton's suede yarn, ecru color. I love it is so soft but it breaks when tying it off..so you have to be careful not to make it to tight. Bottom is Katie's scarf,..

This is my twin sister, Mary Adkins' hat and scarf made with Lion brand Fun Fur. I used Vanna's black with Lions black fun fur together for the trim and brim on the hat.
My surgery is schedule for Friday of next week on the 16th at 2PM and have to be by 12:30..no drinking, eating and smoking after midnight..told her I was diabetic and she said they would monitor me..what about when I am at home till I arrive at the hospital..we will see what happens..told her I wanted it earlier..than I had to make an apt to see the Dr a week later and the best date was 5 days after surgery..this is on the 21st..at 9 am but all this will depend on the my heart specialist says as I see him the day before surgery...my EKG is abnormal..
I hope you all have a great weekend..

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008 A very wonderful family time

I have combined family photos of our Christmas of 2008. Yes, I am even in them..Mom saw this she would kill me...but life is what we are today. If you click on the photos groupings, a larger photo will imerge..Hope yours was as good as our was..hugs, Lorraine

A hat and my scarves for me -some chatting

This set is done in fancy yarn and it is not cheap. I love the softness of it and took two whole skeins to make it..I love the color..claret
This is scarf is like Tara's but in Ruby color. it is the voodoo yarn and had to end up buying the rest for my hat online on eBay..so this for sure is an expensive scarf and will start the hat tonight but going to try something different..I have a scarf a long time friend gave to as a Christmas gift in 1973...I still have them both, scarf and hat. The hat has a cap in front, well not sure what you call it but I know when I feel it, it is cardboard..I love the way it feels on the head.. It took 7 skeins to make this scarf and I have about 8 skeins to work with the hat..it should be plenty...at $4 dollars a skein, on sale too, it is going to be the most expensive scarf and hat I have...lol
so you all can see I have been busy knitting since the last time I posted. I have 6 projects going at a time as I realized I was getting bored with colors I do not care for..also I bought red heart yarn for the children except for Katie's..as kids lose things and did not want to use an expensive yarn on them..I know from experience with my son's when they were young children.lol
I go in to the Dr's tomorrow for an EKG and hopefully they have a bone density machine. Dr Fly said since Dr Brody is a diabetic Dr he should have one.
I am thinking that maybe I will wait and see what my heart specialist says..I have an apt along with dh on the 15th..in case he wants to run more test. I just want to take some special measure to ensure a great surgery and recovery for me..we will see after tomorrow morning. I have a 9:30 am apt.
My son, Terrance is coming home from his vacation in Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, we are feeding his cat who has diabetes also and has to be feed twice daily..so dh does the morning feeding before work and after work. He celebrated New Year's Eve done there..
My son Mike still has his job but they laid of another 1,500 people last week here..boy it is looking terrible..a lot of stealing going on..I just hope and fingers cross that he has this job for awhile....any job is better than nothing.
I called all my friends online, far away and here on New Year's eve day and it was so nice to chat with them all.
Birdy I wish you and your dh the best and I have kept you both in my prayers and thoughts...
Marjie, It was so fun chatting with..Marjie is a teacher at QU and my friend also...she is so funny..we laugh a lot with each other...
My girlfriend, only one left from church, has lung cancer, Bonita I miss you since you moved away to Mississippi...and I do hope every thing goes well for you..since your line was busy I will call again this week. and the list goes on...Happy New Year!!
Well, do not faint..buy I do not make resolutions as they are breakable..lol I am really good for breaking them the very first day!! But I decided this year was going to be heath year for me..yes, I am going to do my best to quit smoking..but you all know I started when I was 14 and it is going to be hard...no patches as my skin is very sensitive, no gum, as I break out...in my mouth..and no pill as I do not want any bad stuff that you can get taking it..so it is going to be cold turkey...I will try over and over again till I have done it..all I can do is try..if I do not succeed I will try again next year..I did try the other day, lasted a good 2 and half hours..maybe wrong timing worrying about surgery...oh I know another excuse..but I have also said they are my tranquilizers..lol
I had not been in server pain for about 4 days and than I go and decide to do some walking to strengthen my left knee and leg..as this is the reason I am on the cane...well, I ended taking a pain pill after not taking them for 4 days..I hurt now and have not taken one..I am going to ask my Dr for that shot he gave me on the 9Th...it was good and worked on me for a day and half..
So not sure when surgery will be and not sure what I am going to do about all this till I go in tomorrow. Have a wonderful week all..much hugs and love to all, Lorraine

All the children's hats and a set of what I am making them

These are the hats that are all done and now making scarves to match. I put fringe on the girls and no fringe on the boys.
From the top, mixed pastel, goes to Abby Stonebarger and the camouflage goes to her brother, Nathan. Red hat goes to Katie Duggar, Hailey's older sister.. purple to Hailey. On the right side. little Gwendolyn Lausterer, camouflage to Parker Larsen and brown and black to little Daniel V Lausterer Jr in Orlando.. My sister is making her grandchildren theirs so I am not..
This is one set done. This goes to Hailey, my great niece from Leah and Bill Duggar, their second child and also expecting that boy they have wanted. Hailey's favorite color is purple also..

For Betty Bridges Mom friend at the retirement home

I made this set of a scarf and hat for Mom's friend Betty Bridges. The walker, which I call the Cadillac of walkers is what Betty gave me. It all started of course with me knee..I know I need a walker and I have one but it is a plain metal frame..She offered me the use of this one as it was a spare..brand new and she paid $99 for at Sam's it cost more elsewhere...I told her I would love to use it..It has wheel, brakes, a seat and under the seat a storage area..it is wonderful. I have used it once. Well Mom called me one day to tell me that Betty wanted to talk to me about something, Mom knew but would not tell me..Betty did call but I missed her phone call so with caller id I called her back and told her that Mom said you wanted to talk to me...she said yes, she wanted me to have the walker and I was so surprised. I told please let me give you something for it and she said she wanted a dollar for it and she did not like it anymore and was going to get another one...well, my first thing was to find out if she like hats and scarves...mom said she wear hats all the time and I asked Betty what her favorite color was..purple..a person after my own heart and told her that was my favorite too..so I gave her this set yesterday and she loves them both..now I have to make me a purple set too..lol Thank you so much Betty it will be put to use right after surgery and for awhile after...I love you and hugs, Lorraine
My new Cadillac walker..lol


I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and sorry I haven't bothered to before..just did not come online that much..
I do have a lot of stuff to put up and will through out the day today..
I have been busy knitting scarves and hats for all the great nieces and nephews..almost done..just have the scarves to do...and should be done by tomorrow night..
I have used and spent a lot of money on yarn..a lot...and still practicing on them..well, not now I need to get these children's stuff done and than I can play again...Oh I have dabbled here and there.....I will put these up soon. lots of hugs, and may the New Year be safe, loving and a happy one for you all..I know it will be for me as it can not get any worse than last year..lol Lorraine

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