Friday, January 9, 2009

A few more hats and scarves-surgery date

This hat and all hats are made from the knitting looms for children and adults. If I was to knit them on the double sided needles I might have finished about 4 of them..This is for my mom's friend Gloria Reed..she had heart surgery before the holidays began. Isn't it pretty..I looked at this and saw Gloria wearing it.
I took this photo when the sun was shinning through the window, so my voodoo ruby hat is not as pretty as it is in person. on the top left. the upper right is Patton's suede yarn, ecru color. I love it is so soft but it breaks when tying it you have to be careful not to make it to tight. Bottom is Katie's scarf,..

This is my twin sister, Mary Adkins' hat and scarf made with Lion brand Fun Fur. I used Vanna's black with Lions black fun fur together for the trim and brim on the hat.
My surgery is schedule for Friday of next week on the 16th at 2PM and have to be by drinking, eating and smoking after midnight..told her I was diabetic and she said they would monitor me..what about when I am at home till I arrive at the hospital..we will see what happens..told her I wanted it earlier..than I had to make an apt to see the Dr a week later and the best date was 5 days after surgery..this is on the 9 am but all this will depend on the my heart specialist says as I see him the day before EKG is abnormal..
I hope you all have a great weekend..

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