Monday, January 5, 2009

For Betty Bridges Mom friend at the retirement home

I made this set of a scarf and hat for Mom's friend Betty Bridges. The walker, which I call the Cadillac of walkers is what Betty gave me. It all started of course with me knee..I know I need a walker and I have one but it is a plain metal frame..She offered me the use of this one as it was a spare..brand new and she paid $99 for at Sam's it cost more elsewhere...I told her I would love to use it..It has wheel, brakes, a seat and under the seat a storage is wonderful. I have used it once. Well Mom called me one day to tell me that Betty wanted to talk to me about something, Mom knew but would not tell me..Betty did call but I missed her phone call so with caller id I called her back and told her that Mom said you wanted to talk to me...she said yes, she wanted me to have the walker and I was so surprised. I told please let me give you something for it and she said she wanted a dollar for it and she did not like it anymore and was going to get another one...well, my first thing was to find out if she like hats and said she wear hats all the time and I asked Betty what her favorite color was..purple..a person after my own heart and told her that was my favorite I gave her this set yesterday and she loves them I have to make me a purple set Thank you so much Betty it will be put to use right after surgery and for awhile after...I love you and hugs, Lorraine
My new Cadillac

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