Monday, January 5, 2009

All the children's hats and a set of what I am making them

These are the hats that are all done and now making scarves to match. I put fringe on the girls and no fringe on the boys.
From the top, mixed pastel, goes to Abby Stonebarger and the camouflage goes to her brother, Nathan. Red hat goes to Katie Duggar, Hailey's older sister.. purple to Hailey. On the right side. little Gwendolyn Lausterer, camouflage to Parker Larsen and brown and black to little Daniel V Lausterer Jr in Orlando.. My sister is making her grandchildren theirs so I am not..
This is one set done. This goes to Hailey, my great niece from Leah and Bill Duggar, their second child and also expecting that boy they have wanted. Hailey's favorite color is purple also..

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