Thursday, January 15, 2009

More hats and scarves for family member done

White hat for Betty Bridges..see saw Mom's and wanted a white..told her from now if she sees a type of yarn and color to send it to me and I will make it..
3 more hats for me..the purple one I will have do without a scarf as I only had enough for a hat..wonderful and think yarn to work with..the upper right is Fancy Fur Black stain glass..I love working with this yarn..I am working on the scarf and did not finished it and probably won't get done till after my recovery..The bottom is an expensive is 13.95 a skein and I bought 3 of is light and feels wonderful on.

Leah Duggar's hat and scarf..while working with this color and type of yarn, it made me feel really can a pretty color as this which is called Cotton Candy..not do so..

Nathan's and Abby's scarf and hat sent it out today..going to Nashville.

Lil Gwendolyn's hat and scarf..I asked Gwen what color does Chris and Tracey put on her and they said a lot of pink..did not have any but this yarn and just added some fun fur on the brim and edges of both to bring out the pink in the yarn.
Surgery tomorrow:
It is after midnight and I can have any food or water till after surgery tomorrow..I did get an okay from Dr Gordon, my heart specialist, but I do have a problem with my EKG but for type of surgery it is just fine..whew..I do not know if I can lay and sit around any hopefully a week from now I can do a bit more..but on my last surgery I wasn't but if you had to go to therapy the very next day and every other day for 3 would not heal like me..but I believe the pain is my arthritis under the knee caps..I do not have to do any therapy for a week and he will give pamphlets on what to do..I am not going to them for my Tri Care did not cover it 3 years ago and ended up paying $695 for that..not this time.
I was not told not to smoke after midnight but choose to do so as I am going to try and see if this is the time I will quilt..if not I will continue to try this year..Dr Gordon told to quit smoking as then other million people has lol but I will do my best..wish me luck..
I have to be there at St Frances hospital out patience at 1215 and surgery is at 2 pm..I do not know how long it will take by dh is taking me..we had to get my car back from my son who has been driving it for almost a year now..I can get up on the truck at all and will not even try. I will bring my fancy walker in case I need it buy believe I am wheeled right to the car and straight home and to bed....
I did finished all that I wanted to knit for my family in making the scarves and hats..I even have my mom wearing them..I was thrilled.
Oh, today I got the best compliment from one of the nurses of Dr Gordon..I told her I was a bit nervous because Dr Fly told me when you are between the ages of 60-70 you bones star to get soft of something like that and she ask me did you say 60..I said yes turn 60 in August..she told me that I have carried my age very well and she did not think I was over 45..Yeah!! but all my siblings and mom are always told that we do not look our age..but just haven't heard for It made me feel like a million bucks!!
Have a great weekend all, hugs, Lorraine


Mary said...

lorraine they are just beautiful...aren't these fun to

LorraineS said...

Yes sis they are..sorry but I haven't come on line but once a week or more..depends on my knee..I haven't done nothing but take inventory of my yarns that I have bought since Christmas..a lot I have to say and all so different and pretty...I will lots of stuff to knit..more by needles than the lots of love, Lorraine

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