Monday, January 5, 2009

A hat and my scarves for me -some chatting

This set is done in fancy yarn and it is not cheap. I love the softness of it and took two whole skeins to make it..I love the color..claret
This is scarf is like Tara's but in Ruby color. it is the voodoo yarn and had to end up buying the rest for my hat online on this for sure is an expensive scarf and will start the hat tonight but going to try something different..I have a scarf a long time friend gave to as a Christmas gift in 1973...I still have them both, scarf and hat. The hat has a cap in front, well not sure what you call it but I know when I feel it, it is cardboard..I love the way it feels on the head.. It took 7 skeins to make this scarf and I have about 8 skeins to work with the should be $4 dollars a skein, on sale too, it is going to be the most expensive scarf and hat I
so you all can see I have been busy knitting since the last time I posted. I have 6 projects going at a time as I realized I was getting bored with colors I do not care for..also I bought red heart yarn for the children except for Katie' kids lose things and did not want to use an expensive yarn on them..I know from experience with my son's when they were young
I go in to the Dr's tomorrow for an EKG and hopefully they have a bone density machine. Dr Fly said since Dr Brody is a diabetic Dr he should have one.
I am thinking that maybe I will wait and see what my heart specialist says..I have an apt along with dh on the case he wants to run more test. I just want to take some special measure to ensure a great surgery and recovery for me..we will see after tomorrow morning. I have a 9:30 am apt.
My son, Terrance is coming home from his vacation in Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, we are feeding his cat who has diabetes also and has to be feed twice dh does the morning feeding before work and after work. He celebrated New Year's Eve done there..
My son Mike still has his job but they laid of another 1,500 people last week here..boy it is looking terrible..a lot of stealing going on..I just hope and fingers cross that he has this job for awhile....any job is better than nothing.
I called all my friends online, far away and here on New Year's eve day and it was so nice to chat with them all.
Birdy I wish you and your dh the best and I have kept you both in my prayers and thoughts...
Marjie, It was so fun chatting with..Marjie is a teacher at QU and my friend also...she is so funny..we laugh a lot with each other...
My girlfriend, only one left from church, has lung cancer, Bonita I miss you since you moved away to Mississippi...and I do hope every thing goes well for you..since your line was busy I will call again this week. and the list goes on...Happy New Year!!
Well, do not I do not make resolutions as they are I am really good for breaking them the very first day!! But I decided this year was going to be heath year for me..yes, I am going to do my best to quit smoking..but you all know I started when I was 14 and it is going to be patches as my skin is very sensitive, no gum, as I break my mouth..and no pill as I do not want any bad stuff that you can get taking it is going to be cold turkey...I will try over and over again till I have done it..all I can do is try..if I do not succeed I will try again next year..I did try the other day, lasted a good 2 and half hours..maybe wrong timing worrying about surgery...oh I know another excuse..but I have also said they are my
I had not been in server pain for about 4 days and than I go and decide to do some walking to strengthen my left knee and this is the reason I am on the cane...well, I ended taking a pain pill after not taking them for 4 days..I hurt now and have not taken one..I am going to ask my Dr for that shot he gave me on the was good and worked on me for a day and half..
So not sure when surgery will be and not sure what I am going to do about all this till I go in tomorrow. Have a wonderful week all..much hugs and love to all, Lorraine

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