Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mom's Dutch Girls for Abigail

Here is a full view, that dh is holding up for me. She is now hand quilting Lil Gwendolyn's and than she will finished mine, for my future
Here is a close up of her work. Mom hand appliques the girls and hand quilts. She sews the the boxes to the border and the bias, which she cuts the fabric on the bias..I have never done this..but will try it on a future quilt of mine. hugs, Lorraine
click on the photos and it will bring you to another page so you can view it a lot better. thank you for being here on my blog.

Blogger will not let post photos

I am trying to post my mom's quilt she made for Abigail but it won't let will try again tomorrow. She has made 3 and this is the first one done so far. The old fashion Dutch girls. very pretty. hugs, Lorraine

Friday, March 13, 2009

Finished Shawl

I finally finished my shawl last evening. It is made with the Voodoo yarn by Paton's, which is discontinued..I ended up buying mine from eBay..This patterned took 13 and half skeins. Mine measures 78 x is supposed to be 68 x41 without fringe..I will not use fringe. I think because I used a very bulky yarn is why the measurements are off, but I am short so it is perfect..thick too.. I have washed it with the hand wash cycle and now am air fluffing it and than will block it..if it needs it.
Now I will start cutting my fabric for the shawl pattern my dh bought me. It is not in a V shape but rather a rectangular one..I have never owned a shawl and know that is what sometimes I need instead of a they will come in handy. I am going to make another one like this with a lighter yarn and in beige's, tans, off white and white mixed in layers. not now though but have all the yarns for it. hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Knitting stuff and fabric I will knit a shawl with

this is my new fabric, I bought at Hancock' is embroidered as you can see, I will make a halter dress out of it for the summer.
Pictures are this is the back of the fabric that I will cut into the bias at 1/2 inches..I need 6 yards but bought 10, only if I had a coupon for 40 percent off..and I did..

Here is the front but it has more colors that what is presented here..the reason I chose this fabric.

These are the last of the knitted scarves and hats I made. all from Paton's yarn called Voodoo...I found these other colors on line on eBay. I love this yarn..I have 7 rows to go on my ruby red shawl in this yarn and I put the photo of it when done,
I will hopefully finished sewing the hems of a dozen satin pillow cases this afternoon. for my mom, sister and mom's friend...
I am still with the walker and till the buckling stops I probably will far the buckling has gone done a only 5 times so with me walking on the carport area 10 times for about 3 times day will help the muscle to loosen still hurts a little the knee area..but getting better. I have lost now 24 lbs..and want to try and lose another 5 or 6 before I see my Dr on the 23 of March..
Note on psoriasis..I have using olive oil since I came home from surgery and putting it on my areas with the incisions was not..I can not believe how much my leg is improving. the growth is no longer growing..and it is getting smaller in size. My elbows are almost gone. It also help get rid of the few toenails that had fungus in..tried every thing and it works..So you all might want to try olive oil, I use what you cook with but there is suppose to be something for medical purpose I think but I will stick to what I am using..
Joann's: I was not that impressed at all. Hancock's had more of a variety of fabrics. They have this store in the rich area and they had more fancy fabrics and about 3 full rows of novelty fabric..which I can care less...on the other hand, my mom loved it.. I did not know they pick numbers when you cut fabrics, my mom stood in line for the longest time waiting her turn, than I heard a number being called and sure enough, not one of those sales clerks told my mom to get a number and let me tell you they got a few words from me all of them. When I check out I did not get half of the fabric because it was on sale, I told her take the sale off and give to me for 50 percent off, she said they do not do that, well, my Hancock's does!! I was only impressed with was the beaded area, now they had lots of different beads..but have to many now and of course it wasn't on sale, nothing in the store was 40-50 percent off, only 30, but I know it being 45 minute drive I will not be going to Joann's that much like Garden Ridge, another craft store here.
Hubby is not being that much helpful anymore..I can do more yes, but my leg does hurt at times and this morning I had asked to get me a cup of hot tea before he left..he grumbled..I got it myself..than when he left I crushed all his chips!!! Maybe next time he will help me..I know it has been hard and I do feel so guilty for him helping me and he has been
I have been online to long and now I know when I get up I am going to I will go and take a short nap and put the heating pad on it for a bit...thank you for visiting my blog..Have a great evening, hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photos sent to by Tara and Mike in Gainesville, Fl my niece

Parker and friend.
Parker and dad, Mike

Parker in the tree..

Tara and Mike Larsen..all very great photos..thank you me
I am all caught up with photos and now will slowly take photos of what I have been making and doing..thank you for visiting my blog, hugs, Lorraine

When my brother was here

Just click on the photo and it will bring you to a larger photo. I did this in Print Master so I did not have a long line of photos as there are plenty of them.
The first part is photos of Jackson's new room waiting for his is so cute...We had a great time Don and Kat...thanks for the you, Lorraine

We had 8 inches of snow

This is what we ended up with . It quit about 2 pm in the morning..some parts of Memphis got 12 inches..It is still on the ground and was still cold today and cloudy but if the sun was out I think we would have lost it all..It was such a pretty site and when going to therapy yesterday and just seeing how pretty it was, was awesome..glad it happened over on the weekend.
I did my last therapy on Monday and did really well. I did as much as I could...some I even made it up to 100 and I did not hurt when I got home but when I woke from my nap...I did hurt in the back of my knee..always do..I am still getting the buckling on the right knee and they told me no cane till I stop and also hear it from the Dr..which I will make an apt tomorrow. lots of hugs, Lorraine

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