Friday, March 13, 2009

Finished Shawl

I finally finished my shawl last evening. It is made with the Voodoo yarn by Paton's, which is discontinued..I ended up buying mine from eBay..This patterned took 13 and half skeins. Mine measures 78 x is supposed to be 68 x41 without fringe..I will not use fringe. I think because I used a very bulky yarn is why the measurements are off, but I am short so it is perfect..thick too.. I have washed it with the hand wash cycle and now am air fluffing it and than will block it..if it needs it.
Now I will start cutting my fabric for the shawl pattern my dh bought me. It is not in a V shape but rather a rectangular one..I have never owned a shawl and know that is what sometimes I need instead of a they will come in handy. I am going to make another one like this with a lighter yarn and in beige's, tans, off white and white mixed in layers. not now though but have all the yarns for it. hugs, Lorraine

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