Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brooch-Pin swap

Here they all are in a metallic they look better to me..I hope the girls like what I did. It was hard trying to figure out what to do when I had to add felting into making a pin..whereas I had no trouble coming up with ideas that did not included another
I use red felt, a Christmas fabric, laid two different colors of red of roving and red Angelina fibers. I felted the whole thing..Than took that same Christmas fabric, metallic sheer and tulle and added these layers to make more petals for the poinsettias (over lapping the layers) and sewed it on the machine. Than I added (glued gun it) the face, gold beads around the face with over lapping it. Green was missing and when I tried to add more to it. It was just too thick so I added green ribbon over the middle part where the golden beads were. It took most of the day to do 5 of these today..but glad they are done. I knew I wanted to do a holiday scene.. I will mail them out Sat so the overseas people can enjoy wearing them now. You can not see the bottom layers at

Monday, October 29, 2007

Post card and ATC Something old ATCs-chat

Received these yesterday from Sue and Lily in another group for ATC something old swap. Sue used an old silk tie and Lily used old fabric, lace and buttons..thank you girls, they are lovely.
I received this lovely and elegant Victorian PC from Phyllis M for my group swap. Thank you Phyllis it is so lovely..
Received the ATC from my sister, Mary A for another group's swap for something old..thank you sis it a great atc.

I haven't done much but make items that I am going or try to sell on line. Where have the foggiest idea. Every where I go if my friends and family members want to view them they have get an account.. One of the items I have already sold 3 and make some money. The other items well I have really showed anyone yet, and will not till I post them to sell. It is tedious as I always do tedious work that so much time to do...but that is me. They are very pretty.

I am still trying to heal my left hand as I hurt it again. I have a feeling I did some damage to it and will have ex rays done on the 14th of Nov when I go in and see the dr. If I have to have surgery I will do it in Jan....hope not.

I now have to take a break and do up some of the swaps I am in. I have some brooches/pins, 5, pin doll, atcs, charms and post cards for the holidays. so this will keep me busy for awhile. I will post them as I get done with them.

On the bottom of my blog I have a new thing called Neo Planet..really neat if you want to click on it and watch as we closer to earth and all the lights that are blinking is who ever has visited my site since I put in the neo things..I love enjoy the view.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Received ATC, FP, inches and jewelry today

Received these inches from Suz in the Embellisher Square group swap for Orange. I love the way she attached them to the the cat one...thank you so much.
Received this from sis, Mary Adkins, from a group for ATC Asian swap. It is soooooo pretty sissy, love the purple them you did with them and the beads and butterfly just added more dimension to the atc. thank you so much.
Received these two pretty Victorian ATC from another group from Mary Adkins and NoeLani Flanagan from another group. I have received many different themes for this theme and they are just so pretty. thank you so much both of you.
Received this Victorian PC from Donna M from my group..lovely machine embroidery card, thank you so much.
Received this from Donna M from my group for a jewelry swap. I love bold jewelry and just loved it. thank you so much Donna. It was a fun swap to do.
I have post all these here instead of where I usually do, to lazy to go and find the right place for
Getting Christmas fabric and fibers out to really get ahead of myself and make family and friends their cards..I hate to disappoint anyone this year at Christmas as they do look forward to these fabric cards. I started this before joining any groups in 2005 but had been making the ones that you mail in envelopes with batting in the been at it and have done just about every technique to a card. lol
I have sent hundreds of people their first fabric post card and have been told they still have them displayed. I remember receiving my first card. The joy in my heart was overfilled..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Under the weather-chat

No photos of what I have done lately, not much. After a bout of what happen to me on Sunday night, it has taken 4 days to recuperate. I do not know what happened but it was really strange. I do not think I had a mini stroke but some freak thing. I had a wonderful day with my mom, sons for her birthday. I took a very hot shower, bl owed dried my hair and went to bed. about 1150. I laid down and I started to shake and jerk really chest was very tight, when I took a breath, it hurt in my lungs. After doing this for what I thought was about 10 minutes I holler for my dh husband. I was really shaking and jerking this time. I told him I was so cold and can not get warm...I asked what time it was and he told it was it was after one..well I was really scared, I told I better take my blood pressure. My pressure was 296 over 194 and pulse was 105...I told him I should go in to emergency that there is something wrong with me and he said he had just got through looking up seizures and that I did not have them and that I was just cold. He said my body was shaking and jerking because the insides of body was trying to get heat..went back to bed and all this time I am still doing all the those funny jerks and shaking..well I finally did warm but I still did not feel right. Anyway, when I did wake up, the bottoms of my feet hurt, my knees, my back, shoulders and hands. I guess when you shake and jerk, you do not realize what you are doing to your body. My family members think I had a mini stroke and for me to call the my Dr so we can find out. I did not. OH my sugar was just fine but was running a fever of 101.07..So I will when I go into to see my Dr in Nov and tell her all about it. It has taken this long for me to feel better and all of those aches and pains to go away. On Monday and Tuesday I was very very fatigue and stayed in bed or sat up and did nothing and this is very unusual for me. but I also did not feel like doing nothing either.. I am just glad I am better today and already starting to jump into making and doing

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What 2286 Fabric Post Cards Looks Like

This is what 2286 fabric post cards looks like on a 6 ' by 4 ' dinning room table as of today. I need room in my second studio and the 3 boxes that these cards are in has to go up in the attic or in the shed one. One box had 1600 pc and very heavy. I had collected in 13 months almost 2100 cards..That was from January 2006-February 2007..the rest is has been from then on. I wasn't intending on collecting so many but I love doing them so much that at one time I was in 13 groups and doing all the swaps..I love them. But now I am not into them as much but still do a few. I do miss doing them but I really do not have room for them. I used to put all of them all over the house but that was way too much work when I had to finally "dust: a dirty Maybe if I have exchanged with you, you will see your card here. I thank everyone who I exchanged cards with. I do love them all but something has to go. One day about 10 years from now I will review them and smile.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

2nd round robin I am working on now

This is what I sent to the girls to work with in the second round robin. It is called My Deck
I satin stitch the whole thing. Again it is a 10 by 10

This is what Peggy S, who got carried away, she added the tree, waterways, the cat and the squirrel and could have added Raven E-added her name sake the Raven, Chris P-added a waterpaper throw over the railings, and Laura C -added Adirondack chair . I just love it. Now I will add my own things to it. I am going to put a bench on the left side, with a throw-knitted or crocheted, an umbrella just barely on the right side. I will also add pots of flowers around. When done with this I will add borders and than add my sliding glass doors as it is how I see my deck. A lot of work.

I could not finished my other quilt as my left hand just won't let me machine quilt or bead right it will not be FINISHED, I guess I have done enough for today with my hand. At least I finished one, my Mom's mini quilt.

Round Robin quilt top done

This is the first round robin I was in. Finally getting around to finish it.
The bottom is how I received it when it was return to me. I liked everything but the black tree. It just took away the free spirit of life and flow. When you looked at the quilt all you saw first was the tree.
The above quilt I took 5 different colors of chalk and change the color of the tree. Than to add more life to it, I added 3 different sizes of leaves..sometimes when I see others trees with leaves, the leaves are all the same size..needs perspective..
Jenny W received my quilt that was just the Rainbow Hair Goddess and she added the metallic threads in the hair. Than Karen A added the wonderful blue fabrics to add to the freedom of this quilt. Chris P, added the tree, the ground and the stars and Raven E added the pot of gold with stars and hearts sequins. I finished off the other sequins yesterday. I also added gold sequins and beads to the pot of gold .
Today I did the borders and binding. I know you are saying purple borders..well yes. I have tried every color for the borders and binding and this is what I it brings out the purple in her hair anyway.
My problem now is that I am not sure how I am going to machine quilt it. I might just use clear crystals beads for the quilting part...I will put it in here when completely done.

This is how I received my quilt. the above is what it will look like today.

Mom's Mini Dogwood quiltlet and chat

This is Mom's mini quiltlet I just finished for her. It measures 11 1/2 by 5 1/2. I am thinking of putting a tiny ribbon on top so she can use it to hang it by. I used sheer fabric with shinny gold and silver glitter things on it to cover over it. Than use lime green and pretty one too, for the borders. For machine quilting I use rayon and Yenmet, green/gold metallic thread in the same needle..what fun it that..
Not sure if she use horizontal or vertical. It is up to her. Her birthday in Sunday, Oct 14, (she reminds every one that her and Roger Moore were born on the same day and that it is also President Eisenhower too) and she will be 79. This is the other half of her birthday, I made a mistake and told I had something really pretty for her birthday and you do not get away with that so I had to give it her early..she wouldn't leave me alone till I she does not surprises if you happen to open your big mouth like I did, lol This the second part and do not know about it.. Remember that huge dogwood quilt that I started for awhile back and she did not like it as it reminder of a so I took it all apart and redid it...
This is what I am doing lately, finishing up some well deserve UFO, Unfinished Quilts. I am working now on my Rainbow Goddess I did in a round robin and had to redo some of what was there as , well you see tomorrow, I plan on putting the borders and binding on it. Not sure how to machine quilt it as with a round robin when sequins or beads are added it is hard to quilt by machine..I am not a hand might just do some simple designs or use beading as my source of quilting it, to keep in tact.
Had my left side of my teeth done yesterday and got another buzz, no more. Monday I go in to have them polish, I will for sure have some pearly whites to smile Than my dentist will fill the 3 little cavities on the 25th and Nov 1st..I am just glad I got to save my teeth..all of them..
I have had my hand on a brace for over a week. I am not wearing it now as it interferes with my sewing machine and typing on this key board, all kinds of screens come up and might do something wrong and than no computer and we can't do that now can we..I can not live without one, well, I could but you would not to be around here totally a

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Received tags yesterday

Received these pretty tags yesterday for a swap in my group, FabricPalsPC_N_More from left, Donna Mcroy-beach scene and Mary Adkins-flower I have tags to put on my things..thank you girls..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

My sister mini quilt

I took this over some pins of another quilt so it is showing very crooked..This is from an embroidery flamingo I did in my Embroidery class. I added a black frame, lime green border one, than black border two..than the binding is of a orange yellow with some pink on it to finished it off. I machine quilt it two threads in the needle, topsitch, with rayon, lime green, and Yement green/gold metallic thread, so when you look at it is has a shine. The inside scene is all felted with my HuskyStar ER10. Than I couch lime green fibers around the green and black borders. I did all this yesterday and today for an UFO in the Finishing School at Every time I join the girls something comes up and can not participate and believe me I have quite a few UFOs. lol So with one hand I thought I do it anyway..trouble problem is when I started to machine quilt this..but not the greatest as I had a palm tree pattern to use but ended up being whatever meandering I could do. Sis I do hope you like it.
Beaded Sun rays.
Embroidered Flamingo oops I think she needs an eye. lol..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Making Gourd Dolls book received today too

This book is awesome. It is a great read and funny to see what others have done with their gourds. The Artists of this book is Ginger Summit and Jim Widess.

Ring Sizers

When the door bell rang I knew we had a package or two. My dh ordered these for me and did not even tell me. He knows I have been searching for them. Even went to two jewelers but no sale for them. I was so thrilled. I am taking a long time just to post this, I have hurt my thumb muscles and pointer fingers some how and I can not even open a package of splenda for my tea. For sure using the spell

My Spirual pendants Lesson 3

With only one hand to work with all day yesterday I did get to finished these..I had to make two molds and use them for these. The white glob is my face from a mold of a magnet I had..came out pretty good too, it is for next lesson. there is a face there just a bad scanning job. I made the bluish purple one a lot larger than the others..I just wanted a larger one with my colors.

Friday, October 5, 2007

My Jewelry Swap for my group/and theirs

I received these lovely purple earrings today from my sister Mary Adkins for our jewelry swap. You did great sis, I love them and the extra stuff you sent. thank you so much
Received this set from Phyllis M from for the jewelry swap. It is machine embroidery using soluble and than rinse out. sure wish I was good on my machine..but I can't seem to use unless dh is But do now use the regular part of the It is bit to small but Phyllis said I can add more rings to the necklace..But also though I could take on the earrings and add to it..It looked good when I tried it..we will see. Thank you Phyllis, they are very dainty..

These are the jewelry I made for my group swap. There were 5 of us. I finally have a chance to put them here as they all have received them. I hope you all enjoy wearing them and can wait to post yours in my blog.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Laurel Burch tote bag

My mom's friend's daughter was giving away her purses and totes..this is one of them. I got this , a SAK purse, a tote with thermal, a blue and while leather with canvas bag and a silk bag..I loved them all but mostly this one tote...It is a little wear but not bad at all. But boy is it
On the handle their are two wooden cat motif on them and so cute..

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bag and wood look stones

These two photos are from my second lesson with a class I am taking. The stones/tiles we try to make a wood look feel to them. This is Kato gold and boy it was harder to work with than polymer clay, but worth it. The pendant is below.

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