Thursday, October 18, 2007

Under the weather-chat

No photos of what I have done lately, not much. After a bout of what happen to me on Sunday night, it has taken 4 days to recuperate. I do not know what happened but it was really strange. I do not think I had a mini stroke but some freak thing. I had a wonderful day with my mom, sons for her birthday. I took a very hot shower, bl owed dried my hair and went to bed. about 1150. I laid down and I started to shake and jerk really chest was very tight, when I took a breath, it hurt in my lungs. After doing this for what I thought was about 10 minutes I holler for my dh husband. I was really shaking and jerking this time. I told him I was so cold and can not get warm...I asked what time it was and he told it was it was after one..well I was really scared, I told I better take my blood pressure. My pressure was 296 over 194 and pulse was 105...I told him I should go in to emergency that there is something wrong with me and he said he had just got through looking up seizures and that I did not have them and that I was just cold. He said my body was shaking and jerking because the insides of body was trying to get heat..went back to bed and all this time I am still doing all the those funny jerks and shaking..well I finally did warm but I still did not feel right. Anyway, when I did wake up, the bottoms of my feet hurt, my knees, my back, shoulders and hands. I guess when you shake and jerk, you do not realize what you are doing to your body. My family members think I had a mini stroke and for me to call the my Dr so we can find out. I did not. OH my sugar was just fine but was running a fever of 101.07..So I will when I go into to see my Dr in Nov and tell her all about it. It has taken this long for me to feel better and all of those aches and pains to go away. On Monday and Tuesday I was very very fatigue and stayed in bed or sat up and did nothing and this is very unusual for me. but I also did not feel like doing nothing either.. I am just glad I am better today and already starting to jump into making and doing


liz said...

Lorraine that sounds awful, hope you are OK now.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Yes, Liz I am better, I think it was one of freaky things that happens when you get older..also when your body is falling Thought I was doing pretty good..losing 21 lbs and keeping my sugar down..but I do not know now I will expect the thank you for caring. hugs, Lorraine

Amanda said...

Poor you, have you seen your doctor yet? It sounds really unpleasant. Amanda

Lorraine's Stuff said...

No Amanda, I haven't and do have an appt. on the 14th but since than it has happen twice but would lay down on my back and take deep breaths and that seems to get rid of it..did promise my twin that if it happens again I will call for an appt. Thank you for caring, hugs, Lorraine

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