Monday, October 22, 2007

Received ATC, FP, inches and jewelry today

Received these inches from Suz in the Embellisher Square group swap for Orange. I love the way she attached them to the the cat one...thank you so much.
Received this from sis, Mary Adkins, from a group for ATC Asian swap. It is soooooo pretty sissy, love the purple them you did with them and the beads and butterfly just added more dimension to the atc. thank you so much.
Received these two pretty Victorian ATC from another group from Mary Adkins and NoeLani Flanagan from another group. I have received many different themes for this theme and they are just so pretty. thank you so much both of you.
Received this Victorian PC from Donna M from my group..lovely machine embroidery card, thank you so much.
Received this from Donna M from my group for a jewelry swap. I love bold jewelry and just loved it. thank you so much Donna. It was a fun swap to do.
I have post all these here instead of where I usually do, to lazy to go and find the right place for
Getting Christmas fabric and fibers out to really get ahead of myself and make family and friends their cards..I hate to disappoint anyone this year at Christmas as they do look forward to these fabric cards. I started this before joining any groups in 2005 but had been making the ones that you mail in envelopes with batting in the been at it and have done just about every technique to a card. lol
I have sent hundreds of people their first fabric post card and have been told they still have them displayed. I remember receiving my first card. The joy in my heart was overfilled..


Kim said...

What fun treasure you have! I was amazed with your collection of 2286!
I've "tagged" you - info on my blog.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Yes, I know you tagged me, I do not do tags, sorry, this would be the second time for thank you for thinking of me..I never thought of them at treasures but you are so right..they are..thank you for commenting on my blog. Also glad to know you..hugs, Lorraine

Lorraine's Stuff said...

PS Kim the less people know 7 things about me the better, lol hugs, Lorraine

liz said...

Lorraine, they are really treasures, and that jewellery is beautiful. You work so hard at all your swaps you deserve your treasures. Glad you are feeling better.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Liz, thank you..Not work but fun Liz...if it is was work I would not be doing none of us would I right..hugs, Lorraine

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