Saturday, October 13, 2007

What 2286 Fabric Post Cards Looks Like

This is what 2286 fabric post cards looks like on a 6 ' by 4 ' dinning room table as of today. I need room in my second studio and the 3 boxes that these cards are in has to go up in the attic or in the shed one. One box had 1600 pc and very heavy. I had collected in 13 months almost 2100 cards..That was from January 2006-February 2007..the rest is has been from then on. I wasn't intending on collecting so many but I love doing them so much that at one time I was in 13 groups and doing all the swaps..I love them. But now I am not into them as much but still do a few. I do miss doing them but I really do not have room for them. I used to put all of them all over the house but that was way too much work when I had to finally "dust: a dirty Maybe if I have exchanged with you, you will see your card here. I thank everyone who I exchanged cards with. I do love them all but something has to go. One day about 10 years from now I will review them and smile.


Rose Anne B said...

WOW Lorraine, and not one of those pictures did I see my crazy patch heart I sent to you back in May 06! Oh well really how did I expect to see one in 2286 on that table!

Rose Anne B

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Sorry Rose Anne, lol, Yes there are a lot and found another box of fabric cards, over a 100 of them, Christmas and Valentines. They were not in the I did go through a lot of them and reviewed them again, awesome..hugs, Lorraine

Karoda said...

wow! is an understatement! these are surely destined for a musuem's archives 500 years from now.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Hi Karoda, LOL, thank for commenting on my blog. hugs, Lorraine

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