Friday, October 5, 2007

My Jewelry Swap for my group/and theirs

I received these lovely purple earrings today from my sister Mary Adkins for our jewelry swap. You did great sis, I love them and the extra stuff you sent. thank you so much
Received this set from Phyllis M from for the jewelry swap. It is machine embroidery using soluble and than rinse out. sure wish I was good on my machine..but I can't seem to use unless dh is But do now use the regular part of the It is bit to small but Phyllis said I can add more rings to the necklace..But also though I could take on the earrings and add to it..It looked good when I tried it..we will see. Thank you Phyllis, they are very dainty..

These are the jewelry I made for my group swap. There were 5 of us. I finally have a chance to put them here as they all have received them. I hope you all enjoy wearing them and can wait to post yours in my blog.

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