Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mom's Mini Dogwood quiltlet and chat

This is Mom's mini quiltlet I just finished for her. It measures 11 1/2 by 5 1/2. I am thinking of putting a tiny ribbon on top so she can use it to hang it by. I used sheer fabric with shinny gold and silver glitter things on it to cover over it. Than use lime green and pretty one too, for the borders. For machine quilting I use rayon and Yenmet, green/gold metallic thread in the same needle..what fun it that..
Not sure if she use horizontal or vertical. It is up to her. Her birthday in Sunday, Oct 14, (she reminds every one that her and Roger Moore were born on the same day and that it is also President Eisenhower too) and she will be 79. This is the other half of her birthday, I made a mistake and told I had something really pretty for her birthday and you do not get away with that so I had to give it her early..she wouldn't leave me alone till I she does not surprises if you happen to open your big mouth like I did, lol This the second part and do not know about it.. Remember that huge dogwood quilt that I started for awhile back and she did not like it as it reminder of a so I took it all apart and redid it...
This is what I am doing lately, finishing up some well deserve UFO, Unfinished Quilts. I am working now on my Rainbow Goddess I did in a round robin and had to redo some of what was there as , well you see tomorrow, I plan on putting the borders and binding on it. Not sure how to machine quilt it as with a round robin when sequins or beads are added it is hard to quilt by machine..I am not a hand might just do some simple designs or use beading as my source of quilting it, to keep in tact.
Had my left side of my teeth done yesterday and got another buzz, no more. Monday I go in to have them polish, I will for sure have some pearly whites to smile Than my dentist will fill the 3 little cavities on the 25th and Nov 1st..I am just glad I got to save my teeth..all of them..
I have had my hand on a brace for over a week. I am not wearing it now as it interferes with my sewing machine and typing on this key board, all kinds of screens come up and might do something wrong and than no computer and we can't do that now can we..I can not live without one, well, I could but you would not to be around here totally a

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