Thursday, October 11, 2007

Round Robin quilt top done

This is the first round robin I was in. Finally getting around to finish it.
The bottom is how I received it when it was return to me. I liked everything but the black tree. It just took away the free spirit of life and flow. When you looked at the quilt all you saw first was the tree.
The above quilt I took 5 different colors of chalk and change the color of the tree. Than to add more life to it, I added 3 different sizes of leaves..sometimes when I see others trees with leaves, the leaves are all the same size..needs perspective..
Jenny W received my quilt that was just the Rainbow Hair Goddess and she added the metallic threads in the hair. Than Karen A added the wonderful blue fabrics to add to the freedom of this quilt. Chris P, added the tree, the ground and the stars and Raven E added the pot of gold with stars and hearts sequins. I finished off the other sequins yesterday. I also added gold sequins and beads to the pot of gold .
Today I did the borders and binding. I know you are saying purple borders..well yes. I have tried every color for the borders and binding and this is what I it brings out the purple in her hair anyway.
My problem now is that I am not sure how I am going to machine quilt it. I might just use clear crystals beads for the quilting part...I will put it in here when completely done.

This is how I received my quilt. the above is what it will look like today.

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