Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home made papers received in the mail

I just received these in the mail today. They are homemade papers from Judy Haas..another student and online friend I have made over the Internet...Thank you so much Judy. they are just lovely. They feel great too...
She writes in her note "Paler blue sheet it made with shorter fibered library catalog cards. The rest is abaca with some yucca in it.
Daniel Smith, Inc carries papers like this..made in Vepal/Tibet, India..mine from the basement, lol" I love it ,Judy..Thank you so much..
I have ventured into paper once and of course make silk paper..I bought a blender just for this and still in its one day..

My very first plain star patchwork

Let me tell you I was scared to death to cut the first piece but as I went along, I could not wait till I had them all cut up to see what it was going to look like. I am doing this for my Starting from Scratch class and will incorporate into my Multiple Magic class both taught by our dean, Carol Miller of
I going to add my foot padding to make sure I get a perfect quarter inch seam even though I have the foot. By the way it is not sewn together yet. I love these colors together, smashing..don't ya think? lol

Starting from Scratch fabrics

These are the fabrics I choose to do this class, not sure if I have enough or to many. Hand dyed and commercial. Carol will let me know tomorrow..Hope I can use these together..I love them I get to use a print so choose the one on the left as it has the other colors in them..wish me luck in this class, it reall looks very had to me.

Autumn with 2 borders and mock binding and fibers

I just need to couch the fibers on and than sandwich for machine quilting on my Bargello Season's autumn. Than I will add the thin green binding on. It really, really looks better than this photo.. It measures 41 wide and 26 inches long, give or take after binding is added. Now on to winter after I do a patchwork class that I also am retaking..with Carol Miller, Starting from Scratch. I need to do this for myself, even if I do not understand a lot of the ways of doing I did the Bargellos. It is all Greek to me and makes me nervous..but all I have to do is ask, no matter how dumb I think the question I am up late as I took a nap and shut of the alarm and slept 5 so I will go to bed with a sleeping pill and wake up sometime in the late

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Autumn Finished with mock up borders using

This was a wonderful Bargello to do. I could leave it alone and do something else and come back to it..the others I was afraid too..Probably because of the fracture strips we have in between..I will probably make more but not with the theme of seasons..I can see this in Christmas who knows but all my UFOs have to done and classes before I make any thing new..I am working on a a huge quilt that has techniques with a dozen or more teachers I have taken classes with at QU and other areas..I love what I have done with the Viewpoints area with Susan Brittingham..I will not post any of this till the quilt is completed..a long time but having fun designing and even more fun actually doing have a nice evening..

More dyeing and flowers in yard

This is my all time favorite. I added Bahama blue and tulip red with the velvet cool
These are what I got from the left over dyes in the package and made the dyes accordingly. the third on from left I had to laugh as it looked like I use it as the rag to wipe the bottoms are my tightly squish and and very happy with them..usually the dyes do nothing after an hour of curing with the first batch so am very happy to get these results, thumbs up for the new dyes.

I have surprise lilies all over the place, right now they are more surrounding my birch tree-below

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Dylon Dyes dyeing completed and brother

These are the newest Dylon dyes I bought last week at Hobby Lobby. No one else has them..Using the Dylon dyes are weak in dyeing..but these were vibrant and after an hour of using them, I do a stump and dump and get very very pale colors..but as you can see from the bottom they still dyed more than I am very happy with these..I did motted dyeing as I am not one for solids. Now have to wait till August 21st to get more and I will buy them
In the middle of trying to rinse my fabrics..I receive a call from my sister in law, Sheila, she asked me if someone could be there with Mom when she called. I got all bent out of shape and asked why and what happened to my brother..He has a stint put in his leg last week. the cauterized both legs as the had blockage..and today was suppose to do his neck, which has 80%. Today they told my brother Bob that he has blockage to his heart and needs a triple by pass..and that they will do his neck...My mom's friend went there since I could not. Gloria thank you so much..Anyway Sheila is waiting for the call from the Dr to see when this will happen. I was and still am a nervous wreck...My prayers go out to you Bob and your family.
My twin and younger sister will be there when he has his surgery but also thinking about going myself...Sheila said they told Bob that it might be in a week or two..if two weeks I will be able to make if earlier I can not. He lives in Chipley Fl, and will have his surgery done in Panama City.
Was going to put a photo of my brother in here but can not find one except when he was a I will later when I find one..

No more dyeing today..tomorrow my procion dyes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Strohkirch in Florida

Photo one is my nephew, Ryan with his dad, Bill Strohkirch..
Second photo is Ryan and his wife Carrie.
Third is Bill, Kim, Ryan and Carrie. My dh and I could not figure out the khaki pants and white tops.. No swimsuits...that is what I would be wearing at the beach..

Mock up of what my autumn quilt will look like

I am only half done but wanted to see what my autumn quilt would like with the fabric I bought for the binding..Also added the fiber and beads that I will add to it..I love doing this quilt even it is more work. It is so different. I am doing a few rows at a time as there are 79 to stitch I have busy searching for items in between...What do you all think..

What's Up

I haven't done much of anything but organizing against my I have been searching for some recipes that I did for skin tones and for the life of me can not find it...So back to the drawing board..probably more fabrics that I do not need but will always find some use for them.
I need pinks and peach tones but did not get it in my dyeing class I am in now..oh well..
I have not done any dyeing at all either..dh did not want that 6 foot long table up so when we took Mom shopping yesterday we stopped by at home depot to buy a 4 foot, with plastic top, very heavy plastic, just hopes it will least we can put it on the deck and worry about the top getting So today it will be dyeing and working on my autumn quilt..
The photo above on the designing wall is so is nothing like it...It is really pretty going together and behind smaller I should get a great photo..
Went through all my spiral binders looking for my recipes..I had them in a journal but then retyped them and put them in spiral binder so I could work with them easier..all of my recipes..So at the same time I just typed all my classes that I have taken at QU and put in Microsoft Word..Now when I sign up for a class I know if I have taken it or not..I am a few classes off and of course can not fine of them..It was great to do it... than it lead to another and now shelving is looks a lot neater
Over the weekend I spent my time in the kitchen in between searching..Dh has a awful week coming up and I wanted to be sure I wasn't cooking late at I made a double batch of lasagna, double batch of spaghetti, baked some chicken breast, two different meals, made a cake and brownies.. all day thing on Saturday..yesterday took some to my sons and they have some time on their hands and just have to warm it up..I will have to cook for I do not eat Italian foods..yuck!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Autumn on Designing Wall

Here is my Autumn on my designing wall. It measures 48 inches wide without any sewing..we are working with fractures this time..I love this the totally filled the wall. I forget how long it is it but now very. Today in between dyeing with Dylons I will start sewing. Today I am using my Dylons dyes as I do not have my table up and will do it a little at a time..after all I have all day to do I bought 5 new colors that are out and they are nothing like the others that they came out very anxious to see if they will be more vibrant. I am way ahead of the class as I am retaking it and won't put anything in the gallery but will on my blog..I will work with winter next week.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff/long chat

I found these pretty fabrics at Hobby Lobby yesterday, they will go into my winter Bargello..going to a winter 30 percent off..
Most of what I bought at Hobby Lobby. I bought some fabric glue that I might give it try on doing some binding on these quilts after they are machine quilted..the swirly thing is a flexible ruler to help me make my designs I have planned on my quilts..they stay in place while you mark your fabric. I bought that pretty autumn yarn to put on my autumn quilt either between the border and binding or inside the border..not sure yet..I have to put something on one of my
I bought a little something for myself or shall I say I thought it was on of those fitting forms but dh told me he thought it was for jewelry..oh well, I love it and it will go with the others in my
I had a 930 apt..left he house at 845..did not get out of the Dr's office till noon. we had so much planned and we end up hurry up doing it all. It took an hour and 15 minutes to see the Dr and another waiting in room number one for him to give me a shot..than found out there were suppose to be two Dr's. and he was the only took another 20 before he came in and gave my shot..he is a busy Dr. for sure..and of course I had no book to read.. I just hate this when it
We than went to the Petco to buy some new things for Suzie, a new bed and a new bowl set that does not move and spill water all over the floor..but we bought spent about 66 dollars my little one.. Than we had lunch at IHOP..I love to eat there, I do not have to eat a sandwich if I do not want to..We than proceeded to Millington which was another 30 minute drive and went to the bank.
We than went to the Driver's license place, and OMG they had about 50 people there, I just could not believe it..Dh said you want to do some other day and I said NO. I will wait..went up there and the woman said since I had my paper work already and if I was paying with a debit card I could to the machine in the corner and do all of that there and I was out of there in 20 the new system..I received my driver license renewal, saying since I was gong to be 60 I did not need a photo..I thought how neat..well dh told me that I should..
Than we went to eye Dr's and had a few words to say to them as they never did send in my sunglasses..trying to blame it on me..Dr Reed said he was going to send it in to fix the chip and take care of the bifocal area..and the receptionist was to call me when they came in..she was telling me that I never came back and told her she never called..let me put it to you this way, I was raising my voice by now and she said she liked me better in the mornings and told I was not going to change my feelings any better in any mornings coming here with the service I have received and told her she is the one that chip that glasses not me..when she was dipping into the tinting thing with those clamp is under my lenses, now how am I going to chip it when I had them on for one or two hours and put them in the now I have to wear them after he did some adjusting and that is all I wanted him to do a month I have to go back Friday and return them for them to fix the how long will I have to wait for these to come know she has never called me when any of my glasses came in, I ended up calling her..
Than we went to NEX and I stayed in the truck I was so It was 97 degrees yesterday.. So we did manage to get everything done on my list..Dh took the day off so we could.
Next week he has to work 12 hours shifts for 7 days and no time off and go back to work on Monday and hope he does not have to work over time..yes the pay is nice but not at this time of the year when the heat is unbearable..and than do this again in Sept..he can take any time off when they have a shut down..I told him to remind them that I come but as it goes my apt is not during the shut down..
I will spent the weekend doing my first dyeing batch and at the same time will cooked up a lot of meals so that we just have to reheat them..Spaghetti, Lasagna, and meals that I can freeze for a week or so..have a nice tomorrow..

I Do Not Have Lupus

I do not have any signs for Lupus..I asked the Dr why was I there then..He said it is because of the auto immunes is related to many diseases and they want to make sure to rule it out..He even mentioned fibromyalgia, which is almost like Lupus..all you joints and parts of you body aches just to touch them..He said I do not have that either..What I have is Psoriatic Arthritis, .. A pretty bad case too but also said I was still a puzzle to He said he studied my chart with the blood work and x-rays. He thinks the psoriasis is causing all the pain in my body. He never did see such a bad case of psoriasis. He did not give my any medication. He is still surprise as what the banana skin is doing..just in the 3 weeks since I have seen what he wants me to do is do the banana skin treatment and take Naproxen for a month..and than see him again. He is taking baby steps..He did not want to give me anything harmful and in my booklet every one of the pills to help has really bad side bleeding ulcers, which I already have a stomach problem.
I have bursitis on my right shoulder and right hip. He gave me a shot on my right shoulder and did not on my hip. He said the shot should help the hip too, well it is did not but just having my arm free of pain is great..its been like this since Oct or 06..It was almost instant relief..I was so thrill on this. I am guessing that if the psoriasis goes away I will not have the pain from the arthritis..My bil has this, he was so bad he could not straighten up his fingers and he had spots of psoriasis. Taking that pill he takes got rid of the psoriasis and the he only takes it when he sees an outbreak because of the side effects...
He also checked my hands very well. He know I am having trouble with them especially my thumbs. He held my right thumb for the longest thumb at the same time feeling around in their..He said something and I said I am double jointed and he said that is what he was referring not know any medical terms at all.. As he was talking to me I laid my hands in the back of me for support and he just chuckled and said if he did that he would be He said next month we are going to be taking a lot of xrays around my thumb that is good. I do not like going in every month but if this is what it is going to take to get rid of this problem I would go every week if I have to hire a

Monday, July 21, 2008

Here are my autumn fabrics I choose

Here is my autumn fabrics that I choose for our next Bargello. we have a week extra after each lesson, spring, summer, autumn and we can finished the seasonal now I wait till about 2 weeks to work on it..
I wanted to get all my done right away for this week as I want to dye for the next two weeks..I have a lot of experimenting to do plus Marjie's Palette class..I am all lessons behind, 5 right now..but am an experience dyer so I am not worried about it and if I make a mistake I will know how to fix I will put all of the samples in her gallery at one she will love it..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Bargello Top done

I had taken a nap today, a much to long one that left me up all night..I had finish the top and was going to send photos in to the gallery after my nap. I have been up all night so decided to do the borders..I have tried 4 different colors for the first border..and what a difference it makes on a quilt..the lime green brought out the purples and green, the turquoise brought out the blues and oranges..the purple did nothing for it really, as it a light purple..I knew when I pinned it on the board it was gong to be red, I did not want to use red..but it was the best choice for the fabrics used in my summer..Now I am not sure what color fabric I will use for the binding but that is after machine will probably be awhile yet..I have a pile right now of 5 quilts counting this
This is my sizzling is what summer is to me..

Friday, July 18, 2008

On the larger board

I just updated on this post. Here are all 29 strips on my board, I over lapped them so they would fit..they were on there right..except number 15 was upside down but it still looked wrong so I sew the ends together and match it where there would some sort symmetry and not chopped I am pleased and can sew..
I re sewed the strips and they came out the same even number 15, time to take a break from before it ends up in my garbage pail..will work on it tomorrow after teacher help..I had to put it on the large designing wall as it is still going to be a tight fit..on this one

My Summer Bargello Strips with errors

Here are the strips all cut into their desinated sizes..
Here are my summer strip on the designing board I made for just my Bargellos, it is an old fold up cardboard that you can lay on a table or a things lay flat..I just double it and put batting on both is really not wide enough..I just got tired of moving my zodiac art quilt and did not want to put large pin hole in from these strips..the bottom is kinda hanging in their as there a bend in the Anyway as you can tell or maybe not..I have errors to correct..the last 4 rows are not in order and have to sew them back and do them again and I still have the other half to do..want to get this done by Sunday, as I will be gone most of the day and will be or planning of doing nothing but dyeing fabric and reading my online class notes..or maybe if I get bored machine quilt one of the Bargellos but need to find a design as I am not stitching in the ditch with any of them. Now that is to me anyway..but sometimes that is what will make a quilt too..Now to go and fix those mistakes..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dyed T-shirts for Mom

Here are 5 t-shirts I dyed for month a few weeks ago. They are dyed with Dylon dyes. They come in a package and you can buy them at Wal-Mart, Joann's, and Hancocks. Wal-Mart only sells about 6 or maybe 8 not sure, the other two stores sells over 20 different brands. If you not want to Procion dyes and want to get into dyeing, this is so simple to do and takes one hour. You use the package dye, SALT and warm water and of course your pre-soaked muslin..or t-shirts..I think the t-shirts come out in brighter colors than my muslin. As you can see above, which is the true colors of the shirts..Mom will love them..she is allergic to Procion so I am glad she can wear dyes such as Dylon. I also like using these dyes for stuffing and dumping with large yardage for the backings of my quilts..So if you have not tried this method, get a package and give it a shot, you will be addictive for sure..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Summer fabrics

I like this a lot better, the first blue is a greenish blue and thought is would go great there as it introduces the turquoises.. I am glad this is done...but in making these Bargellos, my stash closet is neat again well, except for the last shelf which has all my fancy fabrics..and I will get to one day, or when it decides to fall on the floor and than I will have no
Sis is home and doing good so far, I will call her tonight if she is awake. We finally received our tax money from the govt...sure took long I can buy some goodies and get a few more classes..I have 3 in mind right now..but have to make a chart to see when they end as I now decided I like doing the class with the teacher..after all a few of the classes that I never got around to doing or half finished, the teachers are no longer there and not obligated to help if they do not want I will do my classes like this..I have my computer class this weekend so do not have to worry I take the break from the computer, I can just turn around and get these quilts quilted and also maybe work a little of 2 quilts I want to get done, my son's quilt and my zodiac. I am keeping busy and out of trouble...
I am still a bit, no a lot, nervous with my apt a week from today..I do not want to have anything serious like Lupus..and I still think I do not have it..but
I made a decision also to give my car, a Lumina, to my oldest son, so we will sign it over to him..I will get a new car in October, I know I know, I do not drive, haven't in 3 and half years, but I have tried a few times lately and my eyes did not run. So this is an improvement I have been waiting for...I am thinking of getting a Malibu..with that star thing in it..I made a list that I want in my car..going in and ask them if it have all that I want and if they say no, I will not buy it from them..I realize as I get older, I am tired of just taking what they have only, I am getting what I want, as this probably will be my last car I get..and I want everything in the comfort of life as the saying if i could start again on a new but not so.
Update, just realized I have one to many fabrics I will take out the turquoise next to the green.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bargello Summer Fabrics

Here are my choices for the Summer fabrics for Bargello Season..all hand dyed but the yellow and the theme fabric..The turquoise are a bit darker and I do have a light, med and darker one but it does not show it here..I can not wait to start it...We use 9 fabrics in this one.
I have been a nervous wreck all morning and getting nothing done as I am worried about my twin, she is having her bio/surgery on her right breast..they had to do something different and use an ultra sound and some tool to get to her tumor and be able to remove was or going to be as simple as mine where..mine where right there, hers is under the bone. Wish you speedy recovery sis..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bargello Spring Top Finished with Borders

I went ahead and put my borders on and will bat and put the backing on tomorrow..Since I am retaking this class I already know that I want all the seasons to by that is why I went ahead..I am not sure what fabric to use for the binding, as I thought I would use one of the fabrics in the quilt..not sure now..we will see... Sorry, cockeyed as usual..I have never yet mastered my designing board on putting the quilt up straight, even with a ruler..It is high to reach the top and I think that could be a with my back pain and not know why before
Good Luck, Mary, on your breast surgery/bio tomorrow morning, prayers are with you.

Bargello Spring Top Finihsed

I finished the Bargello Seasons Spring lesson one this evening. I worked on these since yesterday, with a lot of breaks.. I love my lime and will use a darker green for the borders and one of the prints for the binding.
Was suppose to go shopping but it looked like rain and I sure did not spend all day dodging the rain..I will go next weekend...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bargello Sprint Positioned on Designing Board

I had fun doing this part. It was something again different for me. I won't be able to get to sew them till Monday or Tuesday..Dh is taking me shopping every where from what I gather..need to get out even if his truck hurts my hip and shoulder..I need break, or my eyes need a break..It looks so big but that is because they are sewn yet..Since this class is called Bargello Seasons, we are doing the seasonal theme but you do not have too..we can make it as one whole quilt after the winter Bargello or make individual quilts which what I will be doing.

My New Learning Bargello Seasons Spring Project

I had changed the colors with different greens as the ones that I had just blended to much together after cutting them and putting them on the designing board..these are the new color fabric..much happier.
I was so mixed up with this but re reading and re reading, and help from dh I it finally clicked and here is my tube...really neat too...
Here are the strips from the tube and on the left is what is left over, 3 and 1/2 inches..whew, made is to me much better using the 45 width than fat quarters..
Now I will re read to see what I do now to make my bargello and am very excited about it..look for a photo of it on the designing board..this will be fun..
The awning people came on Thursday, 6 men, and fixed the awning but just the way it moving over the post that is off centered or putting another where the bugle was..I was so angry..that I slam my door and about a half hour later, there is a light tap on the door..He said he was going to if the contractor, Mr. Reed, would foot the bill for another you know the bugle will come can see it and only common sense you can tell...Well he called Friday and told he would and they would be out this coming week to put up the other post...probably because they do not want to hear from us again and I do not want any more problems either or they will get a call..again..
No word on my sunglasses..none..
Has everyone received there tax money, we haven't a notice on Thursday and said it would be here on the did not come and neither today, I just want money to play
Linda Schmidt has a new class at called Waves and Waterfalls..I signed up right away, and I bet I was one of the first..I always check early Fridays till I see the new classes..I can not wait..I have been waiting for her to come up with I do know she is a very busy woman.. Carol said they were going to be about 5 or 6 new classes, and I think that is it..I have taken all new classes, 4 of them and plus there are 3 EQ6 classes which I did not bother with this time around..but there is always still hope that one of the teachers will come up with something new..I am thinking of taking Pineapple Plus with Illa McCullum..she is a very patience teacher like Ruth and I believe she will help me get through the paper piecing so at least I learn this technique...not for sure..yet..
We were going to take Mom shopping tomorrow and you can not believe this..they are waxing the hall ways and were told not to go in or out of their apts..only in emergency..I was so upset that I am calling the head company, something like this in a retirement home should be done late at night like it use to be and also more often than years in between..I can not believe how dirty the floors are and Mom did not want me to do or say anything but I am not now...Mom wanted to go shopping but they can not give her a time on when they are going to doing this either so we could not even plan around that...what about the people that go to church..this is not right at all..I told her we would pick her up at 10am and she said she could not in case they were cleaning and we will do it next week..I just do not want her to run out of food..Let me tell you what I would do..walk on the damn floors!!! Get some skate boards to go up and down the hallway .. you get the Have a good tomorrow as I know about 24 people wont' be able too..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Zodiac Pillows received

I heard from both Patti and Mary that they received the pillows above that I made them..with joyous comments..
Mary's daughter, Joycelyn, had asked Mary, where did you buy them and Mary quoted, I did not, Aunt Lorraine made them and she was she was in thank you for the compliment. Mary said she has not done machine quilting and is afraid of the thread breaking on her..told her it takes practice and if you set you tension and settings, make a note of the different types of threads so it doesn't..When my threads started to break I knew something was wrong with my machine, after it was fixed it is like brand knew and still sews any type of thread I have thrown at it..not saying that for the newer machine. The Futura I haven't even tried, who knows I might like it..or it likes the threads..some other day when I am not preoccupied. lol Now back to cutting fabrics for Bargello Season-Spring..than off and on I will work with my son's quilt and zodiac quilt..have to keep my mind busy..

Borders added to Bargello Twist quilt

You all probably never seen a awful quilt put together like this one, with all the work and checking to make sure every thing right and not going together I did the best I could..I realized what the problem was..When I first started I was using a foot padding to measure a quarter of an inch found out I had it at 3/ surely did not measure But it is pretty to me and I love it..
I have done a mock of the black binding I am using..going to bead outline or either dragonflies or butterflies in the black area...haven't decided how I will quilt it.. It of course is cocked-eyed on the designing as usual..have a great will go back to bed..I do not know how my dh works these hours and the heat he has to work yesterday it registered 130 degrees..I like getting up with him so I go to bed early but I still need to back to

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bargello Twist Units done

I finally finished the units all 4 this morning and tonight I put it together after cutting a square out of the units...It is not straight and has many mistakes but this is the first piecing I have done and stayed with it..another teacher I may have just did not do it..Ruth is a very very patience teacher..I am auditioning fabrics for the border..which ones do you like the best..dh likes the purple, I like the bottom..the binding will be black..
Now I hope Bargello Seasons is much easier, but it calls for making tubes and of course I never have done that either..all I can imagine is those tube stretch knit fabric you put on sweatshirts when you make them, I have done was already done..we will see..taking a break and also going to bed now as dh has some horrific hours for now..he has to be at work at 3 am and work 10-12 hours for now..I went to bed at 8:45 last that a record for me..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Collection and little lite

This is my dh collection of key chains...when we first met I had about a dozen of them, as I collected them from where I visited...than after we were married he took over and now when anyone goes somewhere they buy them for him and he picks them up here and is a very interesting collection when you start to look through them.. We are for sure is no need for key
I was telling my sis about this little lite I bought at Hancock's that I needed for the dinning room table..with my eyes I need one in front and one in back. you barely see the other lamp above the pin cushion.. You also can see that it really does not put out that much, just a circle where I need it..I will also use for reading is it is not heavy on my has a large clip on the top that I put on the handle of the sewing machine.. battery operated...glad it came in
The awning guys were her did not do anything but bring in the huge replacement thing and said they did not have what they needed to hold up the awning while they remove the pole...gotta see this..I am not signing any paper work till the next big storm we have...they will be here in the morning...the guy told me that the warehouse would give them the warranty on the thing and he had to eat it..I did not care one bit..but what does that mean for me later on when this awning has a warranty for 30 years well that what the owner said to me nothing in wish me luck that this awning will last as long as the other one..17 years..
My husband, Terry, told me this evening, after I had to install something from windows, updates..that they, Microsoft will not support us any more after this month because they want everyone to go to Vista...has any one heard of this and is it true...we sure do not get want we use to in the old we?

Chopsticks or a Grabber?

I had to show you all my newest item I bought the other day at a very old Drugstore called Boatwright. It has been in Memphis since I was here in the late 70's...They have a Hallmark area in there and all these different stuff/knick knacks/things...whatever you want to call them..I have not been in a store like this in a very long time...I found this chopstick, as this is what I think it is but than could be a grabber?? I thought is was so neat...for those who did not know how to use a chopstick. this photo is how it came.

this what it looks like opened up but than I saw ridges on the bottom inside so not what it is..but it will go into my collection if different chopsticks...a lot of them from Hawaii..some are missing as I used them in my to keep it up in the back..the long ones anyway, have a few that are only 6 inches long..they are some that are lacquered, some with enamel designs you know it more than likely for
I had to go to this Drugstore as the nurse from Dr Adams office told me about BioFreeze cream for pain and has no the other I have using like the blue ice and even the pads that cost a fortune do have an odor that keeps me from sleeping at night. I did use this once and it is very expensive it had a little odor but it dissipates after awhile.. They have a website
I am doing so much better on the second Bargello Twist, haven't had to take any stitches out and almost done with it and can get onto the third one..I will admit I am not having fun with this type of quilting but it is rewarding to see you finish each strip without any mistakes......I am not going to do anything by dye fabrics and work on my zodiac quilt for the next few more stitching like this for a few is for sure not boring, you do not have a chance to get bored there is so much precision work Now I am trying to think of the colors of the border and binding and what will I do for machine quilting..I was thinking of echoing hearts over the whole thing, starting with a little one and end with a huge towards the outside..but still have time to figure this out...Have a great day...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bargello Twist and Seasons

This is where I am so far..I have been working on the bottom strips for a couple of days and would have been more than likely sewing my third but tooo many interruptions from family members.Any way did get to do them this morning. Number 4 is on the table and the 3rd on top just needs the smaller pieces added to the black that is already sewed, not enough room to open it up so I have them On the lower left is wthe finished one..I reallly can not wait till it is all sewn together..I haven't decided if I am right now having
Chat: Yesterday should have one of the days I thought I was going to be to do put the strips and start sewing but no..dh decided to do all the carpets, as my Suzie in the last month has really badly gotten fleas, we bath every Sat and sometimes twice and that is how bad they are..I have heard the ants and fleas are all of sudden been really bad around there one inform us..Than son number one decided he wanted the stuff from my shed to sell at the garage sale and needed not known to me..I was very very angry..we fought most of the time..but is seems he got his way..We clean all the carpets, I washed all the throw rugs. one by hand...clean the wool rugs in the kitchen and dinning room and put new padding down..with the help of my dh, son and his friend...when all this was done I still had to prepare for dinner and took a shower..let me tell you I am so sore in my shoulders and hips..I could have killed them all last night when I could hardly more of this...told them they will let me know what is going well it is done and I have a clean floors..and

I am retaking Bargello Seasons as I never got to any of it due to the hospitalization of mom and my dh at the same time and right after they were I had knee now I am on the first lesson which is spring..these are the colors I choose.. Ruth told me to change the number 2 and 3 and all is calls for making tubes, well I do not know how and I guess I will learn...When I am done with both classes I will be ready for Bargello and I will sign up for that one..or what ever classes the Ruth had to offer online or her website..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bargello Twist first quarter done

It is not perfect that is for sure, but did get through it will no lost of I started this the other night and worked on it all day yesterday between breaks..and about an hour and half this morning. I still have some triangles to add to them..but that will come
I believe the next three with be much more relax for Like I said this type of thing is not what I normally do..
I had to take out I do not know how many stitches and strips..and re sew them..I praise all you that do piecing hats to you all...all that sewing, than all the IRONING..My ironing board is about 15 feet from where I sew so I do hope I lose some I have to iron those strips flat after sewing them...back and forth...after awhile I did get use to it..not much room in the dinning room or my other studio for my ironing board so I iron in the wet/dry studio..use to be my mold my former business...
I am going to take a photos of all my UFOs unfinished quilts. This way I can visualized what has to be done...and than put it in a folder that I keep for all quilts I make..a special folder is added to my classes on my special notes and etc...I also have some fabrics that have designs traced on them and few fabrics added to them, more than I want to think of and will also add them..Than I have some just a possibility of design on poster boards..will go through these and see if I can spark an interest, if not in the trash it goes.. I now just want to finished these a little at time..and also have many designs that are sketched that I would like to that I do not do PC, challenges and so forth..I just might get some of these done...
I hope you all had a wonderful 4Th of July, it was quiet except for a few "bangs and Pops" out there...we know now that my precious dog, "Suzie" is not quite deaf but getting there...At this of the year, she is so afraid of the fireworks and the noise it makes, last night we kept on watching her and she was laying down and did not bugle at all.we felt sad for her...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another report of heart specialist

Today my dh and I both had an appointment with Dr. Gordon. He is our heart specialist. He would have seen us both together but told dh I wanted to see alone and not with did he..there is just something about being with your Doctor by yourself..
Remember when my family Dr told I had more abnormalities with my heart and I told him I had PVCs and he said he knew that from the EKGs reading that they have...I forgot to ask on Friday last week but than I knew I was seeing Dr. Gordon today.
Dr. Gordon told me today, in a medical term and not good at remember them..the I had leaks in my heart value..but he was not worried about it as many women have it OK..but than he asked me some questions about how I do things, do I rest when I am tired, do I stop when over exerted..well, you all know me.I told I never did till last 2 I will rest and stop...and not keep on doing things anymore..I do take naps when I am very I have chest pains. no...tightest in the chest, no I do not..than he told me he wants to do a probe like he did on my husband 3 years ago June (dh had a stint put at that time)... and that he is going to wait for another 6 months, with that visit he will see if he thinks I need it than...He is worried I might have a blockage like my dh because of my diabetes and weight problem..would you believe never once did either Drs bring up my anyway, I told him that would be fine..but he want me to take it easy and to take my nerve pill, tonight, as he said when I left..told him I was really stress out over family matters and all and he wanted to know the details and I told I will take one tonight to take the edge off...Gosh I am taking 2 pain killers a day and a sleeping at night..I just do not want to hooked on any of these pills..
I forgot to say in my long posting..that Dr Adams (Lupus Dr.) told me that when we are young, strong and vital, we think we can do any thing and abuse our bodies..but what we as young adults do not know that it comes at you when you are older...and also that I was loaded with arthritis..which I knew already...
After the Drs we went to my eye dr to see if my sunglasses were ready, he was closed..than we went and paid our dentist bill...but get this than we went to Reed Construction about my awning...I went in with dh because I wanted to say what was on my mind about all this work not being done..We saw the guy that was suppose to come about a month ago and never showed and he saw and apologized for not coming...well, I ignored him..the sectary asked Terry, dh, why we were there, he told her.. Mr Reed was on the phone and than the other guy said to me and Terry that he can come today, and that we can follow him..I told him we had other plans and won't be come next mean time Mr Reed is listening and than says to both of us..your awning is not fixed yet? I said no, that is why we are here in person to confront you with it..after all they are your sub contractors...He said he did not know this..I said we also wanted to let you know that we do not want to really take this in other hands but will do so..He said you don't have we will see, it was like getting things finished and let things drag on ..if you all know what I mean...
I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of will a quiet one for me and Terry but will have sons and mom over Sunday evening...

My Dr thinks I am a challenge-long post

I will start from the beginning of seeing Dr. Adams. You will go through what I went through..the only way I know how to tell you what I know..
I had a 12:45 apt. I got there at 12;30 and had to wait for a good half hour before being seen...thank goodness I brought my book. First they took blood...a LOT of it. the vials where a good 5 and half inches and an inch and half wide..6 of them..This nurse was good, she got my vein right away, usually they take two and miss and I have to tell them to get someone else that can do it..and than I come home all kinds of bruising...On the third vial..she taps where the blood is coming out from my arm..than I look at her and ask her, "do I have enough blood" she laughs and than I begged her to please "save me some blood" I had her really laughing this time..I asked her "what are taking so much blood" she says to me " Honey, we are checking your for everything"...all I could do is just sit there and wonder what is everything!!
Than she puts me in a room and I asked her, is this going to take long, she said yes. I asked her could I go and get my book she said yes..I get in the room and another person, nurse, I guess has all these pages of something with her..than she started to ask all kinds of questions...a good 15 minutes..when she get done she makes me lay on the table..which I can hardly get on because of my hip area is really bad, had to get in that truck of my husband, she was really sweet and helped me up..than she said she was going to be touching different places of my body and I was to let her if it hurts..she started with my toes, feet, and all the way pain or she makes me stand up and do a few things, the only thing that hurt was when she told me to put both arms around my back like I was putting a bra on..and my right shoulder is hurting..she thinks I have bursitis in both hip and arm..and they can give me cortisone shots.. when she is done..she was puzzled because I was not in pain but the tow places..they are going by the records my Dr sent them, my knee and hands...I told her I am not here any pain but here because my Dr sent me here because he thinks I have LUPUS and I know I do not have it...end of this..and than I was to have x-rays done...
I waited another 20 minutes than Dr Adams comes in and see my psoriasis on my legs..I no longer hide it, and he said I believe you have Psoriatic Arthritis..have you heard of it and and said no and than I remember I had, my Lil sister has it...he give me a pamphlet to read...he said you did have your X-ray and I said no sir been waiting 20 minutes for it..he cocks an eye, like he did not like it...he leaves and I continue to read my book, what a god send this book I can not stand is to be in room where it nothing to
About 5 minutes later a woman comes in and this is where to me, Hell begins...she took about a dozen or more x-rays, from my hands, my lower hip and both knees...god when I was done I was in so much pain from every where...she for sure had to help me out of the table..I also could have killed my family Dr for sending me here!! With pain from the truck and now this...
Than I was put back in room #3..waited about 15 minutes or more and Dr. Adams comes in. He has my x-rays..He lifts the first one and it is of my lower back..He says to me " Your back is a mess!" I said what?? How? He points out to me that I have on the left side of the, excuse me, but I do not know medical terms here, as he did not use them..but lower part of my back bones..on the left side the two disc were compressed and on the right side I had a missing and looked like this < as the empty space with the has deteriorated over the years..He asked me if I had hurt my back, I said the only time I did was in Hawaii when I stretched my arms out and picked a desk raising it about 2 inches off the floor and took one step and dropped it..and than I was laid up for 4 months or more in bed not being able to even talk without pain and I was 32 years old..well, he than it has to that long and he asked if they took x-rays at then, I said no they said I had pulled all my lower muscles..and than he asked me if I had sore back..I said yes ever since but I figure what ever I was doing and that the lower muscles turned to arthritis as that is what I was told in 1987 at the Naval hospital and they took x-rays and did not say anything about my there you go..
Than he brought out my knee x-rays, about 4 of them..and told me they looked fine and why was I in pain..I told him, I am not in pain all the time, only when I exert myself in what I am doing and than I also told him that I was not there for any pain in my body and that I was there because my family Dr thought I should be checked for Lupus...which I do not have I told him..than he said that I might but he wasn't going to say anything at that point...I told him I use a cane to help me walk longer distance because my knee and lower back starts to hurt and can not stand he under stood...and also told him that I do not use the cane in my home unless I am in really bad pain...
Than he brings out the hand x-rays...same thing but he shows me on both of my thumbs..I have a white spot just about the knuckle, where I hurt a lot when working with anything..reason for braces I use...and said I see this is where you must have some pain..I told him yes and also I believe my carpel tunnel is back because my hands are going numb on me again at night when I am sleeping..he notes this on his papers...yes, people, its back..but told him that I had surgery on both hands and plus two ganglion's removed of the right wrist, he makes another note...Than I said do you think I have Lupus...He said he thinks I might..but than he said "you are a challenge to me and I won't make any statements at this time till I have your blood work and x-rays in front of me together...I want to see you in 3 to 4 weeks, the sooner the better..than he said you really have a bad case of psoriasis and I have medication that will make it go away..I said that would be so now I go in on July 22 at there you have...I have just relived my Dr's apt and you right along with there you have it...I am a CHALLENGE to my Dr..go
My dh said the patients were saying how great Dr. Adams is and so I am glad to have him as mine..Really glad..On the 22, I will find out the results and come home knowing what I have plus probably have a couple of shots and my prescription for my psoriasis...the banana skin is still working on me but very slowly...psoriasis also is brought on by stress and being nervous and I have been lately and I think this is the reason it has not gone keeps on growing on me..but it still helps the itch and stops the growth from getting really bad...
My twin went in today to find out how bad her nodule on her right breast is..well, I can say this had me in tears and fearing my sister life...The Dr told her today it was 8% cancerous and she is getting her bio in the hospital on Monday, her nodule is where they can not get to it so it has to be done in the hospital..We are so relieved...thank you, God..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blooms galore and a gladiola

Dh came back in from going to work to let me know there were quiet a lot of blooms on my plants and they sure were..wish these were where I could view them all day today.
My only gladiola out of 3 that I planted about 3 years ago, over 2 dozen..the south side where there is too much shade...I bought some about 2 months ago but will have to wait till spring to plant them as I think it is too late now..A little on the blurry side..
I went to the Dr's yesterday and I will later today tell you all about it...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Large Hibiscus Blooms

Here is 5 bushes of these large hibiscus, I am not sure but think these are called "Rose of Sharon" but than I might be wrong as I have another bush, but now looks like a tree that could be my "Rose of Sharon..It's been so long..but will find the right name for them

Dh woke me before he left for work so I would not miss all these blooms..and looks like there is going to be a lot more..with all the rain and me or dh watering every day helps a lot this year with all my flower plants and bushes...I am going to make a small quilt out of this for sure, it is so pretty and might have the while one below some how in the same quilt...they are hugs...this one is taken farther away than I normally do but got a real dark photo so I had to back a is about 6 inches..but my real hibiscus on the deck isn't that much smaller..they keep on producing flowers every red and peach hibiscus.
Here is the white one and it is starting to open up..but had to get a photo..just lovely..Only one left and that is the "Rose of Sharon bush and that I wait to fall to see what might surprise me and come up again..maybe

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