Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Collection and little lite

This is my dh collection of key chains...when we first met I had about a dozen of them, as I collected them from where I visited...than after we were married he took over and now when anyone goes somewhere they buy them for him and he picks them up here and there...it is a very interesting collection when you start to look through them.. We are for sure is no need for key chains..lol
I was telling my sis about this little lite I bought at Hancock's that I needed for the dinning room table..with my eyes I need one in front and one in back. you barely see the other lamp above the pin cushion.. You also can see that it really does not put out that much, just a circle where I need it..I will also use for reading is it is not heavy on my book..it has a large clip on the top that I put on the handle of the sewing machine.. battery operated...glad it came in purple..lol
The awning guys were her did not do anything but bring in the huge replacement thing and said they did not have what they needed to hold up the awning while they remove the pole...gotta see this..I am not signing any paper work till the next big storm we have...they will be here in the morning...the guy told me that the warehouse would give them the warranty on the thing and he had to eat it..I did not care one bit..but what does that mean for me later on when this awning has a warranty for 30 years well that what the owner said to me nothing in writing...so wish me luck that this awning will last as long as the other one..17 years..
My husband, Terry, told me this evening, after I had to install something from windows, updates..that they, Microsoft will not support us any more after this month because they want everyone to go to Vista...has any one heard of this and is it true...we sure do not get want we use to in the old days...do we?


birdy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Regarding windows not supporting your software. You must have wdws XP?? They did the same thing with wds 98 and I knew they were going to quit supporting XP but wasn't sure of the date as they had changed it to a later date last yr. That doesn't mean you can't still use it only they will not issue updates or help. I went to Vista and have no big complaints.

LorraineS said...

Thank you Birdy I do not think my dh told me everything and if he did well, my mind was elsewhere more than likely...lol love and hugs, Lorraine

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