Monday, July 7, 2008

Bargello Twist and Seasons

This is where I am so far..I have been working on the bottom strips for a couple of days and would have been more than likely sewing my third but tooo many interruptions from family members.Any way did get to do them this morning. Number 4 is on the table and the 3rd on top just needs the smaller pieces added to the black that is already sewed, not enough room to open it up so I have them On the lower left is wthe finished one..I reallly can not wait till it is all sewn together..I haven't decided if I am right now having
Chat: Yesterday should have one of the days I thought I was going to be to do put the strips and start sewing but no..dh decided to do all the carpets, as my Suzie in the last month has really badly gotten fleas, we bath every Sat and sometimes twice and that is how bad they are..I have heard the ants and fleas are all of sudden been really bad around there one inform us..Than son number one decided he wanted the stuff from my shed to sell at the garage sale and needed not known to me..I was very very angry..we fought most of the time..but is seems he got his way..We clean all the carpets, I washed all the throw rugs. one by hand...clean the wool rugs in the kitchen and dinning room and put new padding down..with the help of my dh, son and his friend...when all this was done I still had to prepare for dinner and took a shower..let me tell you I am so sore in my shoulders and hips..I could have killed them all last night when I could hardly more of this...told them they will let me know what is going well it is done and I have a clean floors..and

I am retaking Bargello Seasons as I never got to any of it due to the hospitalization of mom and my dh at the same time and right after they were I had knee now I am on the first lesson which is spring..these are the colors I choose.. Ruth told me to change the number 2 and 3 and all is calls for making tubes, well I do not know how and I guess I will learn...When I am done with both classes I will be ready for Bargello and I will sign up for that one..or what ever classes the Ruth had to offer online or her website..

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