Friday, July 18, 2008

My Summer Bargello Strips with errors

Here are the strips all cut into their desinated sizes..
Here are my summer strip on the designing board I made for just my Bargellos, it is an old fold up cardboard that you can lay on a table or a things lay flat..I just double it and put batting on both is really not wide enough..I just got tired of moving my zodiac art quilt and did not want to put large pin hole in from these strips..the bottom is kinda hanging in their as there a bend in the Anyway as you can tell or maybe not..I have errors to correct..the last 4 rows are not in order and have to sew them back and do them again and I still have the other half to do..want to get this done by Sunday, as I will be gone most of the day and will be or planning of doing nothing but dyeing fabric and reading my online class notes..or maybe if I get bored machine quilt one of the Bargellos but need to find a design as I am not stitching in the ditch with any of them. Now that is to me anyway..but sometimes that is what will make a quilt too..Now to go and fix those mistakes..

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