Friday, July 11, 2008

Borders added to Bargello Twist quilt

You all probably never seen a awful quilt put together like this one, with all the work and checking to make sure every thing right and not going together I did the best I could..I realized what the problem was..When I first started I was using a foot padding to measure a quarter of an inch found out I had it at 3/ surely did not measure But it is pretty to me and I love it..
I have done a mock of the black binding I am using..going to bead outline or either dragonflies or butterflies in the black area...haven't decided how I will quilt it.. It of course is cocked-eyed on the designing as usual..have a great will go back to bed..I do not know how my dh works these hours and the heat he has to work yesterday it registered 130 degrees..I like getting up with him so I go to bed early but I still need to back to


Wanda in IL said...

Lorraine - I just typed a lengthy reply and then had to register with google so I lost it. I wanted to tell you that you will find the Seasons Bargello class much easier. I took the Bargello Blues because I wanted the pattern. I have made 12 - 15 bargello quilts or wall hangings. I have taught bargello at least three times. I just finished teaching the "cover" quilt from the Bargello Quilts by Marge Edie book. I have made that three times! I am also a fan of Quilt University, but haven't taken as many classes as you have. I'm taking another for EQ6 beginning the end of this month. I find these much cheaper, with all of the information we get, than buying books. Enjoy your quilting and take care of yourself. I've had two stents put it, so I know what that is also. Wanda

LorraineS said...

You are such a doll..and thank you for the info about the stent..dh is doing great and was told he may not have to have this one replaced..
I am starting on the Bargello Spring today and yes by reading the directions it looks a lot So you are a teacher...I have done that and do not care to do anymore..but not in quilting but in ceramics and pottery..
QU is so additive huh? lol As lone as new classes arrive I will take them if it fancies I might start taking some traditional classes after doing this twist..lots of hugs to you, Lorraine

Ann O'Donovan, Devon, UK said...

Well, as a non quilter I think it looks amazing! Love the colours and I think you should be proud that you stuck at it.
Well done!

LorraineS said...

Ann, thank you for you comments..I am proud that I did stick to it..but there were times it almost ended up in garbage It can be so frustrating when you are not sure what you are doing...I do love it and now have it batted and the backing on so now to find the time to quilt it and the rest will be again thank so much for posting, hugs, Lorraine

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